Park Street Deli Black Bean Salad

Last Updated on June 19, 2024

Aldi offers a range of ready-to-eat salads, dips, cheese, deli meats, and other foods in its refrigerated deli aisle. I’ve got some personal favorites in this line, including street corn dip, cheese curds, lunch meat, salami, spinach and artichoke dip, and Lunchables-style lunch kits. These are great for packing in school or work lunches, picnic lunches, or enjoying any time.

If you’re trying to eat a little healthier, with foods that are minimally processed and contain more fiber, protein, and nutrients, Aldi sells some little bean- or herb-based salads that make good side dishes alongside a meal, or you can make a complete lunch out of one of these. Specifically, Aldi sells a mixed case of salads that includes taboule salad, chickpea salad, and black bean salad.

Here, I’m looking more closely at the black bean salad. The label states that this features “black beans & kidney beans with a mix of green pepper, cucumber & corn.”

Park Street Deli Black Bean Salad

At the time of writing, Park Street Deli Black Bean Salad is a Regular Buy. That means you ought to be able to find it at Aldi all year.

This cost $2.99 for a 10-ounce container at my local store at the time of publication. That’s about 30 cents per ounce. With about 3 servings per container, that comes out to about $1 per serving.

This is sold under the Park Street Deli brand. There is no company called Park Street Deli. Instead, that’s the private label Aldi puts on its deli products that it sources from various suppliers.

Park Street Deli Black Bean Salad

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

This has a small amount of preservatives and 1 gram of added sugars but otherwise has a wholesome ingredients list. Ingredients are black beans, kidney beans, green peppers, cucumbers, corn, onions, sunflower oil, olive oil, vinegar, sugar, parsley, salt, garlic, citric acid, black pepper, and 1/10th of 1% of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness).

One 1/2-cup serving has 100 calories, 3.5 grams of total fat (5% DV), 540 mg of sodium (24% DV), 14 grams of total carbohydrates (5% DV), 3 grams of dietary fiber (12% DV), 3 grams of total sugars, 1 gram of added sugars (2% DV), and 4 grams of protein. This also has 6% of your daily value of calcium, 15% of your daily value of iron, and 4% of your daily value of potassium.

Park Street Deli Black Bean Salad

Ready to eat.

This is a good salad. It has a good balance of black beans and kidney beans and other veggies. The diced cucumbers give it a little crunch, which I like, and the seasonings in this help to complement the flavors of the beans and veggies. This is fine to enjoy on its own. It might also be good served like a dip with pita bread or tortilla chips.

The Verdict:

Park Street Deli Black Bean Salad features black beans, kidney beans, green peppers, cucumbers, corn, onions, and a few seasonings. This makes a nice side dish or a good light meal, or you might want to serve it with pita bread.

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