Park Street Deli Layered Dip

I’ve come to expect certain things whenever I attend a potluck or large family gathering. Meats, like chicken, hot dogs, or burgers. Pasta salad. Macaroni and cheese. Chips. Cookies.

One thing that I sometimes see? Something related to nachos. Maybe it’s a queso dip. Maybe it’s just salsa. Or, just maybe, it’s something more exotic, like a taco salad.

Every once in a blue moon, I’ll be at a function where a layered dip is served. It’s hard to miss, with a generous helping of shredded cheese atop layers of other things, like beans, salsa, sour cream, and the like. There’s something unique about spooning that dip into a bowl and seeing all the different components in profile.

It’s also a trap, because I find myself in an endless cycle of wanting more chips to finish the dip, and more dip to finish the chips.

You can make your own layered dip, but if you need to you can buy it premade. Aldi makes just such a concoction.

Aldi Layered Dip

Park Street Deli Layered Dip is an Aldi Regular Buy. That means you can find it in stores all the time. The dip comes in a clear plastic 15-ounce tub and currently costs $3.29, or about 22 cents an ounce.

The dip is sold cold and is designed to be eaten cold, although I suppose you could heat it in a small microwave-safe container for a few seconds if you really wanted to. Just don’t microwave it in the plastic container it comes in, and keep a close eye on it if you do microwave it.

Aldi Layered Dip

This dip is good dip. Everyone in our family liked it. It carries a nice combination of flavors, with beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa all mixing with other ingredients to create a dip with a great taste. It scoops out easily, and it stays on the chip, too.

Nutritionally, it has some calories (30) and a fair amount of sodium (170mg) per 2-tablespoon serving. (Good luck sticking to just two tablespoons.) It also contains milk and soy, for those with allergen considerations.

Aldi Layered Dip

Nutrition and ingredients, part 1. (Click to enlarge.)

Aldi Layered Dip

Nutrition and ingredients, part 2. (Click to enlarge.)


The Verdict:

While you could probably make a layered dip yourself with enough time and effort, it’s nice to know that Aldi carries a premade one. Our family liked it, and we would buy it again.

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  1. I tried this a few weeks ago. I love the concept of it but I didn’t eat much because the salsa was way too hot for my taste. I like spicy food but this was too much and I couldn’t taste any of the other ingredients.

    • Agreed. My dad hated the heat and wouldn’t eat it. I found it overwhelmed everything else.
      Also, it has a thin texture and is low on any other taste than heat.

      Definitely wouldn’t buy this again.

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