Pembrook Assorted Cards with Envelopes

I try to always keep a stash of blank cards in my house. They’re great for almost any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous, or any time you need to send someone a brief note or word of encouragement. Buying blank cards in a multi-pack or bulk box is better because it’s cheaper, and it means I have a ready supply of cards for almost any situation that may arise.

Aldi sometimes sells blank cards like these.

Pembrook Assorted Cards with Envelopes

The Pembrook Assorted Cards with Envelopes cost $4.99 for a box of 50 cards (10 cents per card) with envelopes at the time of publication. They are an Aldi Find (Special Buy), so they are only in stores for a short time.

At the time when I purchased these cards, Aldi offered several different boxes, each containing different card designs. Within each individual box, there are five unique card designs. I opted for a box of cards with floral designs. Other boxes had cards featuring fruit and vegetables or geometric designs. One of my card designs had a small amount of glitter on the front. Some of the cards say “thank you” or “thinking of you” on the front. One of my cards says “hello” on the front, and another says “thanks for everything.” Most of the cards, though, have no wording on the front, and all of the cards are blank inside.

Pembrook Assorted Cards with Envelopes

The back of the box my cards came in, with pictures of the card designs. (Click to enlarge.)

That makes these boxed cards ideal for keeping around for those times when I need to send a little note to acknowledge a gift, special event, or holiday. Within a few days of purchasing my cards, I sent several to relatives and friends for Mother’s Day, and I sent another one for someone’s birthday.

The cards and envelopes measure about four inches by five and a half inches. The cards are a good thickness, and they don’t feel thin, flimsy, or cheap. The envelopes seal shut by licking them, and they seal easily and stay shut.

Overall, they seem like good cards and envelopes for the price. Since they come in several designs, I might pick up another box with different designs the next time I’m at Aldi, if there are any still left on the shelves.

The Verdict:

Pembrook Assorted Cards with Envelopes are good general-purpose cards for a variety of occasions. The cards are thick enough that they don’t feel like they came from a discount store, the designs are eye-catching, and the envelopes seal well. Recommended.

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  1. Every so often Aldi carries Pembrook greeting cards, particularly birthday. They are beautiful in detail with gold embossing on the envelope. The cost is $.99. I would love to purchase more of the Pembrook cards but it is so rarely in the store. Can you advise where I can get this product on a regular basis.

  2. I run a small business and send thank you notes every day. I’m also picky about paper quality especially cards. These cards are such a great value for the weight of the cardstock. I’ve definitely paid more for lower quality cards in the past. I always stock up on these when I see them. I was disappointed because I haven’t seen them since spring, but I will stock up again next time I see them.

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