Pembrook Student Planner

Last year, my middle schooler started using a student planner after seeing some of her classmates using them at school. Planners can be helpful for jotting down assignments, planning the school week, setting goals, keeping track of important dates and events, and more. With a new school year approaching, it was time to get a new planner, and Aldi always seems to stock exactly what we need exactly when we need it, so I picked up a student planner for my daughter during a recent shopping trip.

Pembrook Student Planner

The Pembrook Student Planner (product code 701257) cost $7.99 at the time of publication. That’s cheaper than planners at Walmart. This is an Aldi Find (Special Buy), which means it’s only in stores for a short time.

It was available in several designs: Vintage, Pineapple, Unicorn, and Black. Aldi also sold at teacher planner at the same time, and its designs included Succulents, Best Year Ever, or a Blue striped pattern. I didn’t purchase the teacher planner, and this review deals only with the student planner. The planner was made in China.

Pembrook Student Planner

Inside cover, ruler bookmark, and sticky notes. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

Vision board and annual goal-setting page. (Click to enlarge.)

In short, the student planner’s features include:

  • 12-month format
  • Tabs for quick reference
  • Monthly and weekly formats
Pembrook Student Planner

Class schedules. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

A month at a glance. (Click to enlarge.)

My daughter chose the Unicorn planner, and she is happy with its format and how it looks. It measures about 8 and 3/4 inches by 9 inches.

Pembrook Student Planner

Weekly planning page. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

Monthly planning and goal setting. (Click to enlarge.)

Besides weekly and monthly calendars, the planner includes:

  • three sticker sheets for marking birthdays, special events, exams, sports games, school breaks, holidays, and more
  • tiny sticky notes
  • a small removable ruler bookmark
  • dry erase surfaces on the covers for notes
  • a space at the front to write personal contact information
  • space for writing contact information for friends
  • a small two-year reference calendar
  • a space to fill in class schedules for four semesters/quarters
  • a vision board to paste, draw, or write things to help inspire goal achievement
  • space to write annual goals
  • space to list and prioritize monthly goals and “ideas to explore”
  • some blank space for notes
  • pages to record grades
  • project planner pages
  • pages to record passwords and user names (perhaps not a good place to record these if the planner goes to school, where it could fall into other people’s hands)
  • space to list “collections” such as books to read, places to go, movies to see, and foods to try, along with space to make your own customized “collections” lists about whatever you want
  • a time zone map
  • a reference section at the back with lists of commonly misspelled words and commonly misused phrases and words, common conversions and temperature conversions, common formulas, weights and measures, the periodic table of the elements, geometry formulas, and holidays
Pembrook Student Planner

Collections. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

Space for notes. (Click to enlarge.)

My daughter immediately began filling in some of the boxes and blanks for recording goals for the year as well as goals for the current month and week. There appears to be plenty of space for writing down everything you may want or need to write.

Pembrook Student Planner

Project Planner page. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

Space to record grades. (Click to enlarge.)

My daughter also likes the pages toward the back that allow the user to list “collections” and she especially likes all the colorful stickers.

Pembrook Student Planner

Space to record passwords and login information. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

One of three sticker pages. (Click to enlarge.)

The planner has a hard plastic cover that seems fairly durable, and it looks like it can take the kind of beating that school supplies often take throughout the course of a year.

Pembrook Student Planner

Common conversions and formulas. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

More stickers. (Click to enlarge.)

Pembrook Student Planner

And more stickers. (Click to enlarge.)

The Verdict:

The Pembrook Student Planner costs less than other planners on the market, looks nice, and has plenty of space to record weekly, monthly, and annual assignments and goals. It also has fun features such as stickers, colorful sticky notes, a vision board, and much more. Great for any student looking to get organized.

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