Serra Ladies 2 Pack Infinity Scarf

Aldi rolls out an array of Special Buy clothing items in time for spring, including a women’s infinity scarf. These infinity scarves are lightweight, not like the heavy yarn-knit scarf Aldi sold last winter, so they’re great for warmer weather, and you can’t beat the price.


These scarves come two to a package and are offered in a variety of colors, including red, blue, and gray. I bought a pack that included a solid light blue-colored scarf and a scarf with various blue tones in a swirly, vaguely floral pattern. They go well with t-shirts and dress-up clothes alike, and if you have daughters who are tweens or older, be prepared to share one of your scarves with them because they will probably ask. At least they come in a two pack and are easily shareable.

These scarves are soft and lightweight and comfortable. I hardly feel them when I’m wearing them. Unlike the scarf Aldi sold last winter, these lightweight infinity scarves do not come with any directions on how to wear them, but they are fairly simple to figure out. Make a figure 8 with the scarf, then double the two circular sections over each other and place the scarf around your neck. Like this:

The scarves are 100% polyester, with a 58-inch loop. They can be machine washed using cold water and the gentle cycle. Do not bleach them, and do not tumble dry them. Lay the scarves flat to dry, and iron them on low heat if necessary. But really, who irons scarves?

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Special Buy Serra Ladies 2 Pack Infinity Scarf set is a nice, inexpensive addition to your spring wardrobe. If you have teens or tweens or other females besides yourself in your household, they will probably ask you to share these scarves. Fortunately, there are two, so sharing is easy. Recommended.



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