Specially Selected Brioche Buns

Brioche is a flaky, buttery bread that originates from France. While not sweet in its own right, its buttery composition makes it a nice complement for sweet foods. In its home country, for example, brioche is a popular bread for pastries.

In the United States, meanwhile, brioche has become a popular bread for sandwiches and burgers. While some foodies thumb their noses at this kind of heresy, the American populace seems to think differently: brioche burgers are everywhere. Once the domain of upscale restaurants, even fast food establishments like McDonald’s and Chik-fil-A have employed brioche buns.

Grocers, too, have started carrying the buns. Aldi is one of them.

Specially Selected Brioche Buns

Specially Selected Brioche Buns are a Regular Buy, meaning they’re in stores all the time. In our stores, we find them with other specialty rolls and breads, including Specially Selected Brioche Rolls. At the time of this post the brioche buns run $3.69 for a package of six buns. This costs, unsurprisingly, more than a standard hamburger bun.

The bread comes in a (rather unhelpful) sealed bag. If you don’t use all six rolls in one sitting, you may want to package them in something of your own to keep them from going stale.

According to the back of the packaging, the bread contains wheat, egg, and milk. It is sourced from Canada.

Specially Selected Brioche Buns

Nutrition and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

These buns are excellent. They have a buttery taste and a lovely texture. We’ve used them to make the likes of Italian beef sandwiches and chicken sandwiches, and they work well in each case. You can lightly toast them if you want, but they also taste great just as is. Depends on your preferences.

The Verdict:

If you’re looking to bring a little more upscale vibe to your burger or sandwich, these brioche buns are the real deal. They taste great both toasted and as-is. Because they cost more than regular buns, they might not be ideal for large gatherings, but if you’re looking to mimic a restaurant in your kitchen, these are worth a look. Recommended.

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  1. These are absolutely delicious. I buy them every time I go to Aldi.

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