The Aldi February Exercise Equipment Roundup

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

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Everyone knows that, come January, the world collectively decides to get in better shape. Everyone also knows that, come February, the world is not as committed to collectively getting in shape as it was in January. The gym crowds of the new year are considerably smaller a month later.

In January, Aldi sells a range of exercise equipment to get people into better shape. In February, Aldi does a second round, with more equipment for people who are either amplifying their January workouts or are looking to finally jumpstart their exercise routine.

Crane Hand Grips, Jump Rope, Push-Up Bars, or Ab Wheel

Cost: $3.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Aldi is selling four different pieces of exercise equipment under this product code (product code 99522). Each one of them is the same price. Keep in mind that they do not come as a full set: in other words, to get all four will cost you $16.

The hand grips come in a two-pack and are available in light, medium, or heavy resistance. The handles claim to be anti-slip, lightweight, portable, and ergonomic. The grips come with exercise instructions.

The speed jump rope has an adjustable length, up to 9.8 feet. The rope has ball bearings that allow it to turn, as well as nonslip handles. The jump rope comes with exercise instructions and a carry bag.

The push-up bars are designed to add to a push up performance in the chest, shoulder, and arm, while minimizing hand, wrist, and elbow stress. The handles are soft foam and the base is anti-slip. The handles come with exercise instructions.

The ab wheel is designed for supporting and strengthening the upper body, belly, and core. It has a wheel diameter of 5.7 inches and has two nonslip wheels, plus an ergonomic grip, to keep things more stable.

Full review of hand grips: here

Crane Sit-Up Bench

Cost: $39.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: The sit-up bench (product code 99457) measures 53.1 inches long, 22.4 inches wide, and 31.5 inches high when fully assembled. It is foldable for storage. It comes with two latex exercise bands with handles and an integrated push-up bar with padded handles for different exercise options. It has a maximum weight of 330 pounds and come with an exercise guide.

Crane Adjustable Dumbbells

Cost: $49.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This item (product code: 12781) comes in two varieties: a pack of two 12.5-pound dumbbells or a single 25-pound dumbbell. They each cost the same, so getting both sets together will run $100 (or $150 if you want two of each weight.)

The 12.5 pound dumbbells are, as mentioned, a pair, and includes 8 individual steel weight plates. The weights can be adjusted to 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, 7.5 pounds, 10 pounds, or 12.5 pounds. The weights have cushioned handles and the set comes with a storage tray.

The 25-pound dumbbell, like the other version, comes with eight individual steel weight plates. The weight can be adjusted to 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, or 25 pounds. Like the other set, this dumbbell comes with a cushioned handle and includes a storage tray.

Also, in 2022, Aldi sold an adjustable dumbbell set that went up to 50 pounds, which you can read about here.

Crane Fitness Weights or Weighted Vest

Cost: $14.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This item (product code 99371) comes in two versions — a fitness weight set and a weighted vest. They both cost $14.99, so getting both would run you $30.

The fitness weight set is a six-piece set that includes a pair of soft 2.2-pound dumbbells, a pair of 1-pound ankle weights, and a pair of 1-pound weighted gloves. They’re made from Neoprene, and the ankle weights and gloves are adjustable. In addition, the dumbbell foam is removable and can be hand-washed.

The 12-pound weighted vest includes a total of nine removable weights — six in the front and three in the back — allowing for customizing various weight levels. The weights are all filled with iron sand. The vest has reflective detailing and a click lock for closing and adjusting, and it can be hand-washed as long as you remove the weights first.

Crane 3-Lb. or 5-Lb. Dumbbell Set

Cost: $7.89

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This item (product code 99496) comes in two variations — a 3-pound dumbbell pair or a 5-pound dumbbell pair. Getting both pairs will cost just under $16. They have a soft ergonomic grip.

Crane Stretch and Tone Bar, Thigh Toner, or Tummy Trimmer

Cost: $7.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Aldi is selling three different items under this product code (product code 99672). That means getting all three will cost about $24.

The thigh toner is designed to tighten and shape thigh, arm, and leg muscles. It measures 17 inches x 17 inches wide x 6.7 inches when unfolded, while it is 10.6 inches x 4.5 inches x 6.3 inches when folded. It has padded handles.

The tummy trimmer measures approximately 18.9 inches x 10.4 inches. It is designed to train and strengthen the abdomen, legs, arms, glutes, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and the back. The trimmer contains foam handles and anti-slip foot straps. It comes with exercise instructions.

The stretch and tone bar has both a bar and a band with padded foam handles. It is designed for both body shaping and Pilates. The bar is approximately 36 inches, while the bands stretch to approximately 30.7 inches. Some assembly is required, although it is tool-free. The package includes exercise instructions.

Full review of tummy trimmer: here

Crane Interlocking Floor Mats

Cost: $9.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Each set (product code 55118) comes with four mats and eight finishing borders, and it is available in two color sets: gray and primary colors (red / green / blue / yellow). Each mat measures 24 inches wide by 24 inches long, but mats can be cut to fit as well. The mats are shock absorbing, easy to clean, and expandable by adding more mats.

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  1. Are the bands in the stretch and tone bar + tummy trimmer latex?

  2. But where can we buy any of these things, since they rarely show up at Aldi’s?

  3. How do I order missing parts? I can’t want to return it, I already threw out the packaging.

  4. I purchased the 25lb dumbells a while.ago. two of them. The adjustable from crane. Just got.arlund to using them and one is broken. It won’t adjust because the adjusent piece is broken so the weights just fall off.

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