Buff Up with the Aldi Crane Adjustable Dumbbell

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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Aldi is a surprisingly good store to buy exercise and fitness gear from, whether you want simple aids such as a tummy trimmer or hand grip strengthener, or you want something like a yoga mat or resistance tubes. Occasionally, Aldi sells even bigger exercise items such as indoor bikes, ellipticals, and sit-up benches.

Most recently, Aldi sold an assortment of weight-lifting gear that included an adjustable workout bench and an adjustable dumbbell. Here, we’re taking a look at the adjustable dumbbell.

What We Know:

Crane 50-Lb. Adjustable Dumbbell

The Crane 50-Lb. Adjustable Dumbbell (Product Code: 706090) cost $169.99 in March of 2022. That price is competitive compared to other adjustable 50-pound dumbbells on the market.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. You can’t order it online if it’s not in stock at your local store.

Aldi has sold some similar adjustable dumbbells over the past few years and most recently in the spring of 2021 for $49.99, although those were lighter sets that only went up to 12.5 pounds or 25 pounds maximum. This is the first time in our records that we’ve seen Aldi sell a dumbbell that went up to 50 pounds.

Here’s more information on the 50-pound adjustable dumbbell, according to Aldi:

  • Select-a-weight adjustable dumbbell
  • Adjustable training difficulty; adjust weight from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs. in 5-lb. steps
  • Includes ten individual weight plates for training (eight 5-lb. plates and two 2.5-lb. plates)
  • Comes with a storage tray
  • Features a comfortable handle
  • Features steel weight plates
  • Great to tone and strengthen chest, arms, back, triceps, and shoulder muscles

The dumbbell comes with a two-year warranty serviced by Aspiria Nonfood, a German-based product supplier that also provides service for Aldi products such as the Crane Fitness Tummy Trimmer, Easy Home Portable FanCrane Exercise Balls, and the Crane Kettle Bell Set.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t yet tried this adjustable dumbbell, so we don’t know how well it works or how durable it is. We write open threads so readers can share about their experiences with a product.

Do you own the Crane 50-Lb. Adjustable Dumbbell? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. These are awesome, just bought two at clearance for $50 each!!!! they work smoothly so far, I’m just glad I saved probably $100-$200 (compared to other dumbbells).

  2. These are a unbelievable deal, found them on clearance for $60. Easy to change/select the weight and not too long when doing overhead presses. Also the locking mechanism looks sturdy, no small tabs that could fall out. As long as the lock spring to change the weight holds up, these should be last a long time.

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