Relieve Sore Muscles with the Crane Fitness Massage Gun at Aldi

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for December of 2023. 

Aldi is a great place to buy exercise equipment and fitness gear. My family regularly uses an Aldi exercise bike, along with an Aldi fitness mat, Aldi kettle bells, an Aldi hand grip strengthener, and Aldi soft weight plates. Last year, my parents bought a treadmill on clearance from Aldi.

All that exercise can make for sore muscles. Aldi also occasionally sells something to help with that: a massage gun.

What is a massage gun? A massage gun or percussion massager is a handheld device with a pulsating tip that applies targeted pressure to certain muscle groups. It performs some of the same motions that a physical therapist or massage therapist might do, but it does those things faster and for a longer period of time. These devices might assist you in recovering from an injury, help you unwind tense muscles or ease various aches or pains, or even help prevent sore muscles (due to buildup of lactic acid) after a workout or other athletic activity.

Massage guns are not for everyone, and they aren’t generally recommended for people who take blood thinners and bruise easily, or for people who have arthritis or osteoporosis.

However, if you think you might benefit from one of these devices, Aldi sells one from time to time.

What We Know:

Crane Fitness Massage Gun

The January 2023 model.

The Crane Fitness Massage Gun cost $29.99 in December of 2023. That’s $10 less than the $39.99 it sold for in January of 2023. That’s also less than what Aldi has previously sold massage guns for. This massage gun cost $59.99 in April of 2022 and $49.99 November of 2022, so Aldi has been steadily reducing the price on this particular product. Massage guns like this one start at around $39 on Amazon and go up from there, so the Aldi massage gun appears to be competitively priced.

This massage gun is an Aldi Find. That means that this is only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and once that sells out, they’re gone until the next time Aldi sells them, which could be a year later or possibly never. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not in stock at your area store.

Crane Fitness Massage Gun

The January 2023 massage gun with attachments.

Crane is an Aldi private label for various fitness products such as fitness weights, slam balls, and crosstrainers. It is not a company.

Here’s more information about the December 2023 massage gun:

  • Offers soothing self massage for relieving tension and aches
  • Suitable for different parts of the body: shoulders, legs, arms, and back
  • Offers variable intensity with 30 speeds
  • Easy to use with touch display
  • Includes built-in rechargeable battery
  • Includes 8 different massage heads for different applications
  • Includes case for storage or transport
Crane Fitness Massage Gun

The January 2023 massage gun with carrying case.

We don’t know if this year’s model comes with a warranty, but the 2023 massage gun at Aldi had a two-year warranty with service provided by Aspiria Nonfood. Aspiria is a German-based product supplier that has done warranty service for other exercise products from Aldi, including the Crane Adjustable DumbbellCrane Fitness Tummy TrimmerEasy Home Portable FanCrane Exercise Balls, and the Crane Kettle Bell Set.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried this massage gun, so we don’t know how easy it is to use or how well it works. We create open threads as a space for readers to talk about Aldi products.

Have your purchased the Crane Fitness Massage Gun? What do you think of it? 

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  1. I picked up two of these yesterday at $15 on clearance. The one I have opened came with a manual in non-English so I am not able to read through it and was hoping you may have a link to the manual for this model (2023). It worked fine last night and this morning after fully charging the battery but just tried to power it on and after it comes on and I select the intensity and touch power again nothing happens and then I get Er where the intensity value is typically in numbers.

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