Trader Joe’s Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

Whenever I go to Trader Joe’s, I make a point to take a look at their small personal care products aisle. Some of the products there feel a bit luxurious or are simply really novel. I’ve found all kinds of interesting products there, including facial lotion with SPF, 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash, daily facial sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, watermelon facial mist, and even a hair mask. Some of these items are sold all the time, while others rotate in for just a season.

One of my favorite Trader Joe’s personal care finds in recent years was an ultra moisturizing hand cream. This cream comes in a metal squeeze tube, and the hand cream is thick and really helped to heal my dry hands during the winter months, or any time I needed some extra moisture for my hands. It’s a dupe of the pricey L’Occitane brand hand cream made in France, with many of the same ingredients and similar packaging.

When I recently visited Trader Joe’s, I found a similar ultra moisturizing hand cream. It comes in the same type of metal tube, but this time, it features rose oil and has a pleasant, light rose scent. I love rose-scented hand lotion, which Aldi sometimes sells in small hand lotion variety packs. So of course I had to buy the rose oil hand cream from TJ’s.

Trader Joe's Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

Trader Joe’s Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream cost $4.99 for a 3-ounce tube at the time of publication. That comes out to about $1.66 per ounce. As mentioned above, this comes in a metal tube. The tube is packaged in a pretty little box that TJ’s says is “attractive and highly giftable.”

Just as Trader Joe’s regular ultra moisturizing hand cream is a dupe of L’Occitane, this rose oil hand cream looks similar to L’Occitane’s Rose Hand Cream. The L’Occitane Rose Hand Cream sells for $26 for a 2.6-ounce tube at the time of writing, which is about $10 per ounce. That makes the Trader Joe’s version a great deal.

Trader Joe's Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream 2

Ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

This Trader Joe’s hand cream features moisturizing damask rose oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil, along with soothing marshmallow root and sweet almond extracts. It also contains rosemary leaf extract and linseed extract. Trader Joe’s describes this as “highly emollient” or skin soothing and softening. It’s good not just for hands but also feet, or anywhere you need some extra moisture.

This was not tested on animals. The instructions on the box state to “apply day and night as needed.”

Trader Joe's Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

This hand cream is excellent and smells lovely. It’s some of the thickest hand cream I’ve ever used. It goes on smooth, and I can feel it working to hydrate and soothe my skin. It has a nice rose petal scent that isn’t overpowering. In fact, I like the scent of this hand cream better than the other L’Occitane hand cream dupe Trader Joe’s sells, which I thought had a borderline too-strong scent. This rose oil hand cream smells lightly sweet, almost fruity, and lightly floral. The scent is not overwhelming at all.

I like keeping this next to my computer or on my nightstand for times when I need a little extra moisture. You can bet I’ll be picking up more of this hand cream on my next Trader Joe’s run.

The Verdict:

Trader Joe’s Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream is one of the best hand creams I’ve used. It smells lightly floral, somewhat fruity, and rosy, but the scent is not overly strong. This is a thick hand cream that feels great as you rub it in, and it really works to moisturize and soften skin. Besides being good for your hands, it’s also good on your feet or anywhere else you have dry skin.

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