When People Think We’re Aldi, 10th Edition

When People Think We're Aldi

How we feel when someone tells us “I’m disappointed in ur isle of shame.”

Since we created Aldi Reviewer, we’ve received a steady stream of emails and comments from people who think that we’re Aldi. We’re not, and we say so all over our site: on our about page, in our disclosure policy page, and at the bottom of each and every page on our site. We even have a checkbox in our contact page that people have to check acknowledging that they know we’re not Aldi.

Doesn’t matter. We still get emails and comments. So we collect them. And occasionally, we publish them.

Here are the links to previous editions:

Once more, we showcase some of the messages and comments we have received. As always, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every single typo.

From Karen:

Very deceptive description. Picture shows different to product. all sauce . I will be reporting you for false adverting. also you can refund me

From a comment on our Facebook page when we asked readers what they ate for Thanksgiving: 

Aldi turkey , I’m disappointed in ur isle of shame , no ceramic trees or other Christmas decorations !

From an email (We’re not sure what website this person was on, but Aldi does not offer you a free product if you fill out a survey.):

I Am Very Confused, as I Have taken your Survey & it Keeps Stating Only Two More Steps–but Your Company Continues to State–ONLY TWO MORE STEPS. Is this an Error in Asking More Questions. Please Let Me Know as I would have really Liked to get Your Free Product, but the continuation of ‘Just Two More Steps,’ seems to be Misleading. I decided to not finish the Survey. I have 5 Relatives who also shop @ your Wonderful Store, & they are also disappointed.

From a comment on our Heart to Tail Cat Warming Mat review: 

I have two cats and only one mat. Now they fight over it….ugh. I hope you get them back in stock soon!

A random, off-topic comment on our post about an Aldi turkey kielbasa recall:

Still haven’t gotten an answer on the Specially mini scones Alda sales but love to order some. If possible . Please let me know.

Someone emailed our staff writer Elizabeth and asked if she could sell them some potato chips: 

i have been back to the aldis store in akron ohio several times to get the clancy kettle corn chips and the clerk said they will no longer carry when can you tell me why and if you dont can i order them from you

From Ron: 

Sunday morning. My wife expressed her great experience shopping at Aldi ‘s. I ran Corporate Grocery store (100 plus employees along with purchasing my own operation with 46 employees and support small Business). I sold my operation and retired as of now. She purchased your Appleton farms reduced BACON. I can’t believe that I am texting message like this! Bacon was sliced so thin and hard to peal from the rest of package. It fried up horribly along with poor taste (you can’t screw up BACON)! Will think TWICE before I shop there (not going back)! If Your BUYERS in CORPORATION purchase this type of PRODUCT. They will bring your COMPANY DOWN. I don’t want a REFUND. As you and Appleton manufacturer needs the money more than This family! 🎯 😠😠

From a resident of The Villages: 

I tried the SOURCE moisturizer bar soap and LOVED it !!!

Now our store on St Rt 441 in The Villages, Florida no longer has it.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make a shipment to that store. I would by 50 bars if necessary.

From a random, off-topic commenter on one of our pizza reviews: 

Please, please, please, return your keto bagels to all your stores. I have been eating keto for three years and probably will do so the rest of my life. All these keto bagels were a substantial part of my diet and now I can’t find them anymore anywhere please consider putting them back into your regular lineup. I love all your other keto products too and your bagels were one my most. Please please please put them back in your stores.

From a comment on our Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken review: 

I recently purchased a bag of your “Popcorn Chicken”. My verdict: This was perhaps the worst frozen chicken I have ever had. Popcorn chicken it was not. It looked more like chicken nuggets. I cooked it in an air fryer. It came out hot enough. The taste was not good. The best used buy date was 08/20/2024 so it wasn’t old. I will never buy this product again. YUCK!

From a comment on our post about why Aldi doesn’t sell some products all the time: 

Please bring back the LF cinnamon swirl bread to my store in Bloomsburg, PA 17815. It is the best and a lot of people miss it. I visit my store 2-3 times a week and while I look for it I talk to people at the bread aisle and many times people there comment wishing it was on the shelf.

From a comment on our review of L’Oven Fresh Apple Strudel Breakfast Bread: 

Why did you stop selling the Apple Strudel Bread, it was so good , I had this for breakfast every morning. I miss it on the shelves. I have one loaf left in freezer. It hasn’t been on the shelves since the end of December. Please bring it back.

From a comment on our Mama Cozzi’s French Bread Pizza review: 

i feel your french bread pizzas are good but on yiur packages
you explain how to cook them all except in a fryer oven can
you tell how that is done thank you

From a comment on our Casa Mamita Stuffed Nachos review: 

I just found the stuffed nachos. My family loved them ,went back to stock upon them to find out you no longer have them. Never had anything that tasted that good to be frozen. Could you please bring them back ? The cheese ones. I know everyone in my family would buy them. Thank you.

From a comment on our post explaining how you can’t order Aldi products online if they’re out of stock in stores: 

Love that store, but looking for the Ambiano
12 cup coffee maker ,do you still have it.

From a comment on our review of the Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad: 

Do you sell the sweet onion vinaigrette dressing in a bottle by Little Salad Bar? If not could you carry it?

From a comment on our review of Specially Selected Green Beans with Cashews and Miso Sauce: 

I bought the Green Beans with Cashews andMiso Sauce last year and it was GREAT! But this year I couldn’t find it at any of my Aldi stores in South Holland, Calumet City, Lansing Illinois or even in Indinana. Did you guys discontinue it?

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