When People Think We’re Aldi, 7th Edition

When People Think We're Aldi

How we feel after we get a message saying “could you ship this to me?”

Since we created Aldi Reviewer, we’ve received a steady stream of emails and comments from people who think that we’re Aldi. We’re not, and we say so all over our site: on our about page, in our disclosure policy page, and at the bottom of each and every page on our site. We even have a checkbox in our contact page that people have to check acknowledging that they know we’re not Aldi.

Doesn’t matter. We still get emails and comments. So we collect them. And occasionally, we publish them.

Here are the links to previous editions:

Once more, we showcase some of the messages we have received. As in years past, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every single typo.

From a comment on our post about whether Aldi sells gift cards:

I am displeased to find out I must go to your store to purchase a gift card. I do not shop at your store (and never will) and refuse to enter one just to buy a gift card.

From a comment on our Baker’s Corner Cherry Pie Filling and Topping post:

i bought 2 cans of your cherry pie filling 21 oz. the cans say MORE FRUIT, what it should say is MORE GEL!!! PLEASE tell me that you are not cutting back on product quality like EVERYBODY else is!! Your company is better then that, or I thought it was! You got to be better then this, C’ mon. Disappointed in New Jersey! I purchased these cans in Brick, New Jersey. [Full address and phone number redacted] Awaiting an answer in my E Mail

From a comment on our post about Who Owns Aldi Stores:

You all need to stay out of the frozen pizza game and the fresh bakery products they absolutely suck your pizzas have no flavor and all your knock off little debbie is disgusting.Your reeses cookies and your breakfast Danish are awful the Danish is about 90% dry dough and about a 1/2 teaspoon of filling .I bet you all dont serve them in a staff meeting???? But expect for someone like me to spend $26.00 on them for a drivers meeting i held and o get teased about it now very embarrassed I’m not saying Aldi is all bad I love the Bremer corndogs and the pretzel bread and the dairy.Id love to have gotten a refund for my 26.00 worth of Danish. 98% went in trash. All 8m saying is maybe let little debbie sell all there products in your store and stay out of the fresh bakery items I’m not exaggerating they are awful.

From an email:

I am from the Midwest.I have been in Naples the last two Thanksgiving.,LAST YEAR, 2021,  after 50 years of cooking, I made my best ever turkey.It was a Honey Suckle White BONE IN Breast.  IT WAS SUPERB!  Moist, Tender and tasted like a turkey.MOST UNFORTUNATELY, I could not find a bone in Turkey Breast HoneySuckle this year.I bought a dreadful off brand, KIRKWOOD  at ALDI’s. Made it exactly the same way as last year and it truly was inedible.Did not taste like turkey.  Meat looked grayish. Meat was hard and inedible (after 24 hrs of brining and basting in butter and wine! ) YOU RUINED  MY THANKSGIVING!  nearly $15.00 and a ruined and embarrassing Thanksgiving dinner for 4.(I did not include packaging info as I thought wrapper on Thursday evening when I put turkey in fridge with brine.)Please forward to whomever for a refund.  I tried to send to customer service but without wrapper, was unable to process complaint.

From a comment on our L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Buns post:

I hope you consider keeping the hamburger buns all year round. Love the flavor and there is definitely the market for them. Have not been able to get them at several stores. But do buy the bread and now you have bagels. Love all of your products

From a comment on a post about Benner tea:

Benner Tropical Flavored Green Tea. There were only a few boxes at my Aldi’s in Rehoboth Beach, DE I hope they come back eventually, this Tea was delicious and I WANT MORE!

Thank you for sharing all these New Products you carry.

From a comment on our Park Street Deli Artichoke Stuffed Chicken post:

My wife and I were very disappointed in your Broccoli Stuffed Chicken bought this week 11/3/22. Although it was tasty and well cooked we were hard pressed to find any trace of broccoli. This was our first time purchasing your product I think it will be our last.

From a comment on our Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer post:

I would really love for you do get in more of the Earth Organic Traditional Falafel. They are the best I’ve ever had. Please get them back to the Finger Lakes area Aldi’s 🙂

From a comment on our L’Oven Fresh Hot Dog Buns post:

I really like your buns , I cater for Bingo on Saturdays, the last 3 weeks my buns are a mess , not cut , one side cut to thin , not cut at all , or cut completely in half . I’ve lost several packs a week ending up being short on my buns verse hot dogs

From a commenter on our post titled Can You Order Aldi Products Online?

Do you all still have those lawn mower in stock

Looking to see if you still have some more lawn mower

From a comment on the blog:

Please, do you have any Mattresses left still available ? I forgot to buy one in April or May i think, the came out. I’m sure you still have some in store. My bed is run down, i have a back and neck pain, i can’t take it anymore. Please contact me and let me know the store, where i can go collect one.

Kind regards,


From a comment on our post titled When is German Week at Aldi?

When is the next Aldi week and will you have Bavarian specialties

From a comment on our post about Clancy’s Roasted Sweet Corn Flavored Popcorn:

I would like to order a case of the roasted sweet corn popcorn as i checked all aldi and jewel stores and none of them have it so please tell me where i can order a case of the popcorn thank you [NAME]

From a comment on our Gardenline Mini Drop Over Greenhouse post:

I have a 4.5x 4.5 drop in greenhouse from Aldi and lost the instruction and called the store help twice asking for help, first person said she would email it by 5 , I called later and she hung up on me, I called back that evening and second woman was not nice. Your service needs a lot of improving.

From an email with the subject line “Hydroponics” (we’re guessing they’re asking about the Aldi Ambiano Smart Indoor Garden, but we’re not totally sure):

When will you have them again?  Can I order them online?

From an email (and while we aren’t sure this guy thinks we’re Aldi, he does seem to think we have special insider knowledge):

I bought 2 Belavi Stacking Rockers in 2020.
We found them very comfortable and like them vey much.
My problem is that on one of them (my wife’s) the fabric is tearing apart at the seam. I would like to buy new fabric and fix it myself. Could you help me get the fabric and knowledge to repair it?
I also have the double swing and the fabric is getting loose.
Do you have any reconditions on this project.
I am of the old school and would rather fix it that throw it away.

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Rachael is the Co-founder of Aldi Reviewer. When she isn't busy shopping at Aldi, she enjoys cooking, gardening, writing gothic romance, and collecting more houseplants than she probably should. You can learn more about her at rachaelsjohnston.com.


  1. I enjoyed each of the emails you received! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Well, they are 100% right about the pizzas!

  3. Some of the emails are hilarious! Laughed out loud, thank you!

  4. I can tell you from other experience people DO NOT READ. I sell on Facebook Marketplace and include every possible detail in my ads but people don’t read them and send me messages asking questions that are answered in the ads. Grrrr…

    The gift card one is hilarious. Why does that person even want to buy one! LOL!

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