When People Think We’re Aldi, 9th Edition

When People Think We're Aldi

The face we make when someone says, “I want you to contact me so this can be resolved.”

Since we created Aldi Reviewer, we’ve received a steady stream of emails and comments from people who think that we’re Aldi. We’re not, and we say so all over our site: on our about page, in our disclosure policy page, and at the bottom of each and every page on our site. We even have a checkbox in our contact page that people have to check acknowledging that they know we’re not Aldi.

Doesn’t matter. We still get emails and comments. So we collect them. And occasionally, we publish them.

Here are the links to previous editions:

Once more, we showcase some of the messages and comments we have received. As always, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every single typo.

From an American via email:

Subject: Aldi did not deliver my groceries

Message: Aldi did not deliver my groceries

From a comment on our Nature’s Nectar 100% Apple Cider review: 

Love y’all Apples Cider

From a comment on our liveGfree Gluten Free Chicken Breast Bites review: 

I recently bought a bag of liveGfree GLUTEN FREE CHICKEN BREAST BITES and I’m 1000% disappointed about this product. Out of the whole bag, I got 7 nice pieces of chicken and the rest was no bigger than my thumb nail. I want someone to contact me and give me a phone number (since there’s nothing on the package to use) so this can be resolved.
Thank You, [full name]

From a comment on our post about the 10 worst Aldi products we’ve ever seen: 

Please bring back the tikka masala and the other Indian sauces!! I bought them all the time!
also bring back and keep your simply natural and Fit& active soups. I purposely stocked up on them instead of buying the campbells etc in other stores. I will not buy or pay for Campbells soups, they are much more expensive, too much salt and really not as good.
Please don’t make yourself another box store with their high priced items

From a comment on our liveGfree Gluten Free English Muffins review: 

Your English muffins are so delicious. Not having them available for Celiac people is very disappointing. Putting them out there for a short time is disheartening. Please reconsider their availability. Thank you

From a comment on our post about Who Owns Trader Joe’s: Are Aldi and Trader Joe’s the Same Company?: 

I wish that you would build an Aldi’s in Roberts WI. Yes we have Aldi’s surrounding our town but they are all 10 miles away and we could use a grocery store in our town. I am on the village board and would love to help our town out with some type of grocery store here. Please help

From a comment on our Appetitos Everything Franks in a Blanket review: 

Bought a box of these said of minimum of 12 there’s only 10 in the box. Someone could get you for false advertisement for that perhaps you shouldn’t put the count on the box if it goes by weight.

From an all-caps shouter on our Simply Nature Organic Gluten-Free French Fried Onions review: 


From a comment on our post about the Ambiano 4-Quart Air Fryer: 

when are you going to have coffie pot back i got one last years the pot was not in box

From a British commenter on our Source Beauty Bar soap review: 

Why doesn’t your Aldi shop in Cirencester sell the white bar of soap and the other is aloe vera it is a green soap it’s so lovely why don’t you sell it. I can’t use any of the dove soap because I am allergic to the dove soap

From a comment on our Appleton Farms Hickory Smoked Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham review: 

I bought a double glazed brown sugar ham (Appleton farms ) bone in for Easter Sunday 4-08-23.It was the worst ham ever,I was totally disappointed with this grissley fat infested piece of meat. I had to throw most of it in the trash.You should not be selling this kind of product.

From a comment on our Benner Lemon Iced Tea Mix review: 

Its been discontinued at Aldis and its been our family’s favorite for years. Why remove it from your shelves??

From a comment on our post about the Ambiano 8-Quart Digital Air Fryer: 

I am waiting for your air fryers to return

From a comment on our post about the 12-Drawer Rolling Cart: 

Piece of junk!
Cost 50$ took 3 HR to assemble and 4 drawers broke, cracked beyond even with duck tape!!!!!
Please be honorable and replace drawers 2 large and 2 small

From a comment on our Deutsche Küche Bavarian Sweet Mustard review: 

Please let me know if i can do a direct order of the Bavarian Sweet Mustard when it becomes available. I regret that it is not available in your Aldi stores in the area (Asheville, Brevard, Hendersonville-all in North Carolina).
Why is it not regularly stocked “in season,” since it is an “in demand” item?

From a comment on our Berryhill Lemon Curd review: 

wish you had the lemon curd all the time.

From an email with the subject line “Blossom maxi pads”:

I have been using these pads for 3 years. Now the quality has changed and the lining is not the same and the top lining is non absorbing go back to the original.Thank you.

From a comment on our Specially Selected Tomato Parmesan Bisque Gourmet Soup review: 

I am instrested in finding the Simplicity Tomato Parmesan Bisque I have been to several stores, you have the Tomato Sweet Basil which I do not like at all. Could you please bring back the Tomato Parmesan Bisque.

From a comment on our Breakfast Best Oatmeal Bites review: 

Absolutely love these! I got four packages, went back for more and the there sold out. Seems not one else makes them. Really hoping you bring that back as a staple! Awesome product!!!!

And finally, some poor soul commented on our sister site, A Well Advised Life, which has nothing to do with Aldi: 

I would rally like to buy the Cheddar Soup product. If they are not in the Aldi stores–can i order from You—actually I have tried the other 3 but can’t find them now,

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