What’s Up with Aldi Find Product Shipping Delays?

Aldi shipping delays

If you visit the official website for Aldi in the U.S. these days, you may notice something new, particularly if you click on the tab to check out current and upcoming weekly specials. Aldi now has a section on its website acknowledging that it is experiencing shipping delays, and as a result, some of its weekly specials may be slow arriving to local stores, or they simply may not be available in all locations.

The Aldi website states:

We are experiencing shipping delays and are working around the clock to fix it. We know it is frustrating and we are sorry for any and all inconveniences. These delays mean that the below ALDI Finds may not be in store on the advertised on sale date.


We are trying our best to limit these delays and we will make products available in store as soon as possible.


We know our customers go to great lengths and effort to get ALDI Finds that are important to them. We appreciate your loyalty and ask for your understanding and apologize in advance for any disappointment this might cause.

At the time of writing, specific Aldi Finds that might not be available included the Belavi Rattan Style Storage Table and the Adventuridge Pop-Up LED Lantern Set advertised to go on sale June 2nd (both of which we actually did spot in our local store on June 2nd), along with the Crane Men’s or Ladies’ Clogs and Belavi Grill Gazebo advertised to go on sale June 9th.

Aldi Grill Gazebo Delayed

Notes like this are showing up on some Aldi Finds.

To view the entire list of products that might be experiencing shipping delays, click on the Weekly Specials tab on Aldi’s site and then click on “ALDI Finds Product Delays.” This will lead you to the page that lists specific products that may not arrive on store shelves by their advertised dates or may not be available at all Aldi locations.

Why is Aldi experiencing shipping delays?

Delays and supply chain snarls have been nothing new this past year, and Aldi is in the same boat as every other retailer. We’re all familiar with the toilet paper shortage of the spring of 2020. There was also a brief Dr. Pepper shortage last year, and in 2021, we’re hearing of lumber shortages, pool chlorine shortages, and possibly a truck driver shortage. A truck driver shortage could make sense regarding the Aldi shipping delays, but it turns out it may be debatable whether we’re really experiencing a new shortage of drivers or whether truck driver retention is a years-old problem (in part because it’s a lonely, sedentary job).

The answer to the question of Aldi shipping delays is most likely multi-faceted and could be a result of some of the following:

  1. Many manufacturers and shipping companies stopped, slowed, or reduced production for health-related reasons during the past year. Many factories began operating at a lower capacity so employees could be socially distanced. As COVID-19 spread, it also slowed operations at shipping ports, delaying the unloading of goods made in Asia and transported via ships to the U.S. Likewise, it’s possible Aldi warehouses are operating with reduced staff for the same reasons.
  2. Manufacturers may be having trouble keeping up with demand, especially if demand has increased at the same time that production has slowed. We saw this with people wanting to buy deep freezers or remodel their homes during the pandemic, and it’s led to ongoing appliance and lumber shortages and inflated prices. Specifically related to Aldi, we saw last summer how high demand was for certain at-home fun products such as pools and sprinklers.
  3. Jobs in manufacturing or shipping may be harder to fill for health- or care-related reasons. Many people are staying home to care for children or the elderly (because many support systems such as schools and daycares closed or operated on unpredictable or nonconventional schedules this past year). Some people may feel a low-paying job is not worth risking contracting COVID-19, especially if they are at higher risk for severe illness or live with someone who is. As the pandemic continues to abate, it’s expected that these circumstances will change, but for now it may mean fewer workers in jobs that relate to the production and shipping of Aldi specials.


Because we’re not Aldi, we’re not sure exactly what’s causing the shipping delays. However, we’re confident that these delays are temporary and that, with time, everything will get sorted out. In the meantime, there are still plenty of other goodies to enjoy in the Aldi middle aisle.

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  1. Adelaida Menera

    Forget the Aldi Finds, none of the stores near me have the regular shelf items they used to have pre-pandemic. Still can’t find canned ravioli (only canned pasta) and their own brand of canned tomatoes and veggies is still lackluster.

  2. Not as interested in the Aldi Finds items as much as what is usually regular stocked items…haven’t had any precooked bacon or garlic toast in weeks and weeks…

  3. Our store was remodeled in 2021 and our canned vegetable section got much smaller, there are also quite a few other things that I used to buy that no longer show up in our store…

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