Why are Aldi Customers Buying Snickers Bars for Cashiers?

Why are People Buying Snickers Bars for Aldi Workers

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I’ve noticed a trend during the last few months: Aldi customers who are members of various popular Aldi fan groups on Facebook are posting about buying Snickers candy bars and giving them to Aldi cashiers. Sometimes they even get a photo of their cashier and include that in their post. In recent weeks, posts about giving candy to Aldi employees seem to have reached a peak on social media. Everyone appears to be buzzing about this random act of kindness trend.

Why is Everyone Buying Snickers Bars for Aldi Cashiers

A screenshot of a customer’s recent post on the ALDI Insiders Facebook page, a social media fan page that Aldi manages.

If you’re wondering about this fad, read on.

When Did Customers Start Buying Snickers Bars for Aldi Cashiers?

As far as we can tell, people have been posting about giving Snickers bars to Aldi workers going back at least as early as the winter of 2021-2022, but it’s very likely that it’s been happening on a smaller scale since before that. We’re not sure who started it, but we began seeing more frequent posting during the spring of 2022 and through the summer of 2022. This trend definitely seems to have gotten more buy-in from Aldi fans during the last four to five months and is at a fever pitch now.

Why are People Buying Candy for Aldi Cashiers?

Why is Everyone Buying Snickers Bars for Aldi Cashiers

Another shopper’s post from the ALDI Insiders Facebook page. Some people buy their cashiers something other than a Snickers bar.

We think the reason for this trend is twofold. First, retail work is often difficult and thankless, so this is a way to give back a little. Second, Aldi has a cult following with an active online fan base that is no stranger to creating viral trends.

More on that first point: we all know that many retail workers and food service workers have had a rough time during the past couple of years. These jobs are not easy to work during the best of times, let alone during a pandemic that has disrupted global supply chains and led to ongoing shortages on store shelves. Grocery store employees dealt with potential health risks, busy stores and long lines, and long hours in 2020. Today, they deal with ongoing staff shortages and lingering supply chain issues. Even without all of these more recent challenges, working in a grocery store can be a thankless job, especially if unhappy customers come through your checkout line and take their troubles out on you.

It’s for reasons like these that some Aldi shoppers decided to do something small to bring encouragement and cheer to Aldi employees. It’s a simple thing to grab a Snickers bar off the rack at the checkout, pay for it, and hand it to your cashier. While it’s usually a Snickers bar, we’ve seen some social media posts where people gave their favorite package of cookies or other goodies to their Aldi cashier, but typically, it’s Snickers.

And while we’re talking about how this Snickers fad started, it’s worth noting that there is a unique culture around Aldi fans. Whether it’s buying the latest trending runner rug or patio table and posting about it on social media, or whether it’s asking fellow shoppers “Where’s the ranch?” or joking about shouting “caw caw” when they score a great Aldi Find in the middle aisle, Aldi shoppers have their own style and way of doing things. The Snickers fad seems to be the latest thing making the rounds among Aldi fans, many of whom love to post online about their Aldi shopping adventures.

Is it Actually a Good Idea to Buy Candy Bars for Aldi Cashiers?

Why is Everyone Buying Snickers Bars for Aldi Cashiers

Sometimes it doesn’t go exactly as planned. This Aldi fan shared their experience on the ALDI Insiders Facebook page.

Most Aldi employees are surprised and express gratitude when a customer buys them a candy bar. Some cashiers might be confused or flustered and ask, “Is this really for me?” Overall, from what we’ve seen on Facebook, it seems to be a positive experience, although some people say it may slow down the checkout line if a customer has to explain it all to the cashier. Other people with backgrounds in retail said they might feel awkward having customers buy products for them.

We’ve also seen some discussion about whether giving a grocery store employee candy can potentially cause problems for that employee, as some stores have strict policies about not accepting gifts or tips. We don’t know the official Aldi policy on this. Some people who’ve worked in retail expressed concern online that employees could get accused of theft if they have merchandise such as a candy bar in their possession, especially if they don’t have the receipt. One person on an Aldi fan group suggested buying the candy (or whatever you choose to gift your cashier) in a separate transaction and handing the cashier the receipt.

Several people on Facebook also pointed out that you don’t know whether your cashier has food allergies or other dietary requirements, or if they even like Snickers candy bars. Some suggest giving cashiers water, flowers, or a gift card instead if you really want to give them something.

So if you opt to treat your cashier, it might be a good idea to be understanding of some of these potential issues.

Choose Kindness No Matter What

Why is Everyone Buying Snickers Bars for Aldi Cashiers

One more screenshot from the ALDI Insiders Facebook page.

Most Aldi fans agree that no matter what you choose to do, and whether or not you buy candy or other gifts for your cashier, one of the best free gifts you can give is kindness. Retail employees work hard and often receive little to no thanks for their efforts, so a simple and polite “thank you” and a little patience during busy shopping times and long lines go a long way toward making the job easier.

Have you purchased anything for an Aldi cashier? Are you an Aldi employee who has experienced this? Share with us in the comments below. 

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  1. My very first thought was, how can the employee prove they didn’t take the chocolate bar!

    And yes allergies are a concern. Not just peanuts. My niece and nephew have a genetic condition that makes dairy products poisonous to them so they can’t eat milk chocolate. Then you’d just have to say it’s the thought that counts.

  2. Give them a dollar tip and they can buy whatever they want. Good deeds are great but not when you need to brag or pat yourself oin the back on Facebook.

    • Some stores (not sure about ALDI) don’t allow workers to accept cash tips.

    • A dollar can’t buy a candy bar anymore, due to inflation. What can you get with a dollar now?

      • I don’t think you can even get anything for a dollar at the dollar store right now! Didn’t everything at Dollar Tree go up to $1.25? 😂

        Anyway, I saw a lovely bumper sticker that said “I hope something good happens to you today.” There’s your answer – print up some business cards with that kind phrase on them, and hand those out instead. 😊

  3. In the last couple days I gave 3 candy bars to employees at my favorite Aldi. Two took it with a smile and a puzzled thanks, but I told them they work hard and they’re so nice they deserve it.. they thanked me again. The 3rd didn’t want to take it until I said Aldi people work harder than any other grocery store and you deserve it… She thanked me for realizing that and accepted it.

  4. If they don’t bring me my food, I don’t tip.

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