Aldi Blossom Brand Now Includes Generic Depend Underwear and Poise Bladder Control Pads

Last Updated on March 13, 2022

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Aldi has sold feminine hygiene products under its Blossom private label for years. You can find everything for that time of the month at the discount grocer, including pads, tampons, and panty liners. For as long as I’ve shopped at Aldi, the Blossom line has included only feminine hygiene products and nothing else. That recently changed. Now, the Blossom lineup also includes urinary incontinence products.

The new Blossom products feature a Confident Care sublabel, and these Blossom Confident Care products include both bladder control pads and women’s underwear. These new products are advertised as comparable to name-brand Depend underwear or Poise pads. Both of these new Blossom products are Regular Buys or core range products, which means you can buy them at Aldi any time of year.

No one in my household has experience using these products, so I’m not sure how they compare to name brands, but you can read more information about the underwear and pads below. The goal with open thread posts such as this one is to offer readers a space to share about their experiences with a product.

Blossom Confident Care Women’s Underwear

Blossom Confident Care Women's Underwear

This bladder control underwear comes in a small/medium size with 20 pairs in a package, or you can buy 18 pairs in large, for $7.79 per package. That comes out to about 39 cents per pair for the small/medium, or 43 cents per pair for the large. That’s less than what you’d pay for Depend brand women’s underwear from Walmart, where prices start around 57 cents per pair and go up from there, depending on what size you need.

Blossom Confident Care Women's Underwear

Fine print on the back of the Blossom Confident Care Women’s Underwear package. (Click to enlarge.)

As indicated above, this Aldi Blossom underwear comes in two sizes:

  • Small/medium fits women who are 115-190 pounds, with a waist of 28-40 inches and hips 34-45 inches.
  • Large fits women who are 170-260 pounds, with a waist of 38-50 inches and hips 44-54 inches.

The Blossom Confident Care Women’s underwear package states it compares to Depend. It advertises “maximum absorbency” and includes “ODOR GUARD for discreet bladder protection.”

Blossom Confident Care Bladder Control Pads

Blossom Confident Care Bladder Control Pads

Blossom Confident Care Bladder Control Pads are sold in a 20-pack for moderate coverage, or a 30-pack with light coverage. These are “regular length” and claim to offer up to 12 hours of protection. The packages state these compare to Poise Light Regular or Poise Moderate Regular bladder control pads.

Blossom Confident Care Bladder Control Pads

Fine print on the back of the Blossom Confident Care Bladder Control Pads packages. (Click to enlarge.)

The bladder control pads cost $2.99 for a package of 30 light pads or 20 moderate pads, making the light pads about 10 cents each and the moderate pads about 15 cents each. That price is less than what you’d purchase name-brand Poise pads for at Walmart, which range from approximately 16 cents to 44 cents a piece at the time of publication.

Do you have experience with the Aldi Blossom Confident Care women’s underwear or bladder control pads? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. After having a 10 lb 8 oz kid, this is the #1 thing I have been wishing Aldi carry for the last 6 years! I’ll be first in line to try a pack of the pads in Moderate as soon as I see them. Anything to lessen the cost of my 6 year’s old damage. J/k, seriously, I love him. 😉

  2. Catherine McClarey

    I’ll have to look for the Moderate pads next time I’m at Aldi, too! I like the Poise pads, but always look for store-brand versions to get a better price.

  3. I get these for someone who is a colon cancer survivor and who can’t always get to the facilities quick enough. These really help manage that problem

  4. I think the large size disposable underwear 18 in package for under $10.00 is GREAT but the store I shop in Ellisville Missouri hasn’t had any for last 4 weeks. Can you tell me how to order this product? This brand works for me and I need help finding it

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