Aldi Blossom Tampons

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Blossom Tampons

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Ever have one of those moments when you’re strolling down the Aisle of Shame, pondering whether to buy a quesadilla maker or an ottoman, and you remember that the tampon box in your bathroom closet is almost empty? Don’t worry, because there’s no need to visit a different store to pick up your supplies for that time of the month. Aldi sells a variety of feminine hygiene products, including pads, panty liners, and even tampons. They’re all sold under the Aldi private label, Blossom, which encompasses only feminine hygiene products.

Today, I’m taking a closer look specifically at Aldi Blossom Tampons.

Blossom Tampons cost $3.59 for a box of 36, and you can choose a box of regular absorbency tampons or super absorbency tampons. That comes out to about 10 cents per tampon. Blossom Tampons are Regular Buys, which means Aldi sells them all year.

The Blossom package states both the regular and super tampons compare to Tampax Pearl tampons. At the time of writing, Tampax tampons cost about 19 cents per tampon at Walmart for both regular absorbency and super absorbency varieties, which means the Aldi tampons cost less by almost half.

Both Aldi tampon varieties are unscented and feature “premium plastic” with an “easy to use, smooth applicator, and anti-slip grip for ultimate control.” Both the regular and super tampons advertise up to 8 hours of protection, and both packages include an information/instruction sheet.

Blossom Tampons

Regular Blossom tampons on the left, super Blossom tampons on the right.

Ingredients for both the regular and super Blossom tampons are: rayon, polyethylene/polypropylene overwrap, and a cotton or cotton/polyester cord. The tampons are made with elemental chlorine-free bleached materials and are not tested on animals.

The boxes indicate that because the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome increases with higher absorbency tampons, you should use the lowest absorbency needed to control your menstrual flow. The boxes display a chart with industry-wide standardized absorbencies indicating that regular absorbency tampons hold 6 to 9 grams of fluid and super absorbency tampons hold 9 to 12 grams of fluid.

All of the women who use tampons in my household agree that there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the Aldi Blossom tampons and name-brand Tampax tampons. They’re equally easy to use and equally absorbent in our opinion, and you can’t beat the price.

The Verdict:

Blossom Tampons come in regular and super absorbencies and are comparable to name-brand Tampax Pearl tampons. They cost significantly less than name-brand tampons and work just as well, which makes them winners in our book.

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  1. Blossum tampons – can i order these online all the stores i have checked have none in stock ty

  2. ok thank you very much

  3. Does aldi Blossom contain PFAS FOREVER CHEMICALS?

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