Aldi Debuts $10 Crofton Stovetop Espresso Maker

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Espresso is great for those times when you really want — or need — a jolt of caffeine to perk you up. This concentrated coffee is brewed using high water pressure and special roasted finely ground beans. While you can drink espresso on its own, it’s also a popular component of drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. I’ve even seen espresso as a component of one of my favorite tea flavors.

Our favorite discount grocery store sometimes sells espresso makers. Aldi sold the Ambiano Espresso Maker in the fall of 2020, and they sold an Ambiano Single-Serve Espresso Machine during the winter of 2022.

Now, in the fall of 2023, Aldi is introducing a new espresso maker. This one is a stovetop model.

What We Know:

Crofton Stovetop Espresso Maker

The Crofton Stovetop Espresso Maker in black.

The Crofton Stovetop Espresso Maker (Product Code: 709891) is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and after that sells out, it’s gone unless Aldi decides to bring it back at some later time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products not in stock at your local store.

This espresso maker is scheduled to arrive in stores on either October 22nd or October 25th of 2023, depending on whether the weekly ad at your local store goes into effect on Sundays or Wednesdays.

The Crofton Stovetop Espresso Maker cost $9.99 in October of 2023. That’s cheaper than just about every other stovetop espresso maker I could find.

Here’s more information about the espresso maker, according to Aldi:

  • Available in Silver or Black
  • Makes up to 6 cups of espresso
  • Features a 33.8-oz. capacity

This is sold under the Crofton label. Crofton is not a separate company. Instead, it’s the private label Aldi uses for various kitchen products it sells.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t purchased this stovetop espresso maker, so we don’t know how well it works or how it holds up to regular use. We write open threads to provide readers with a place to discuss Aldi products.

Did you purchase the Crofton Stovetop Espresso Maker? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below. 

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  1. Hello. I just purchased this pot and cannot find what it’s made from? Any ideas? There were metal flakes in my coffee after and not sure if this is fully metal or coated. Thanks

  2. There’s nothing on the label that says what the material is.
    I bought two of these and it always seems to leak between the top and bottom half when I pour coffee, so I have to pour over the sink! I’d also like to know how we can supposedly make up to 6 cups if it only holds about 10oz of water. Reusing the coffee grinds for a second cup makes bitter coffee.

  3. I bought one. Junk. Didn’t work right immediately. Waste of money.

  4. I bought the espresso maker and love it. Makes great coffee.

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