Aldi Debuts a Redesigned Play Bee Happy Aldi Food Market for Kids

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Back in 2022, Aldi introduced a child-sized, miniature Aldi grocery market playset. It proudly displayed the Aldi logo and featured a toy cash register with a working calculator. It also came with an array of pretend fresh produce, two food boxes sporting Aldi brands, and some play money. Aldi brought the same play market back in 2023.

This year, in 2024, Aldi is debuting a brand new, redesigned play Aldi market. The new play market looks substantially different from the old market. It still features the Aldi logo, but the market is not as brightly colored as the old market, and it has a more low-key, cleaner look overall. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the new market might be somewhat larger than the previous model.

The new market looks like it may be made of particle board rather than plastic, like the old play market. In addition, the 2024 model features a moveable conveyor belt to put pretend groceries on. It also has a chalkboard so kids can write down the weekly specials. This year’s play Aldi market doesn’t come with lots of pretend produce, but it does come with eight boxes of pretend Aldi-branded foods, and it still includes some play money.

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What We Know:

Bee Happy Aldi Food Market

Front side.

The Bee Happy Aldi Food Market (Product Code: 710881) is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and after that sells out, it’s gone unless Aldi decides to bring it back later. Aldi does not offer online ordering if this is sold out at your local store.

This is scheduled to arrive in stores on February 14th, 2024.

The Bee Happy Aldi Food Market cost $39.99 at the time of publication. That’s less than what other play grocery markets cost on Amazon, and you won’t find other play markets bearing the Aldi logo.

Bee Happy Aldi Food Market

Back side.

Here’s more information:

  • Great role play toy for children
  • Encourage communication and imaginations
  • Features a moveable conveyor belt
  • Store the money in the drawer
  • Includes 3 chalk pieces, 9 coins, 1 credit card, 1 credit card machine, 8 food boxes, 1 food market, 12 pieces of paper money, 1 product divider, and 1 wooden scanner

This is sold under the Bee Happy brand, which is not a company. Instead, it’s the private label Aldi uses for various toys it sells.

Aldi is selling the food market alongside some other Aldi-specific accessories, including an Aldi-branded shopping cart complete with a “quarter slot” as well as some Aldi food playsets with pretend foods that display familiar Aldi brands. These items are all sold separately, and they all are scheduled to arrive in Aldi stores on the same day: February 14th, 2024.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t purchased this market, so we don’t know its dimensions or how sturdy it is. We also don’t know how easy it is to assemble. We write open threads to give readers a place to talk about Aldi products.

Did you buy the Bee Happy Aldi Food Market? Share your questions and comments below. 

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