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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2023. 

Although Aldi is a small inventory grocery store, in recent years it has shown a willingness to go big. That’s how we’ve seen the likes of futons, mattresses, lawn mowers, and even table tennis tables. Aldi is still picky about how many big things it will stock at any one time, but few things seem out of bounds anymore. If it exists, it seems like, at some point, Aldi will sell it.

The grocer has a pretty solid annual offering of patio furniture. We’ve owned both a glider and a swing for years, and we’ve seen patio furniture and other décor in the store as well. Most of it has been under the Gardenline house brand. That seems to be changing, though, as Aldi has recently started selling outdoor furniture under the Belavi label.

What We Know:

Belavi Gazebo with NettingThe Belavi Gazebo with Netting (Product Code: 7884) is an Aldi Find, which means its only in stores for a limited time. Aldi will not be restocking it until next year at least, so if you want it, you’ll want to get it as soon as it hits stores. Remember Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials either, so if it’s sold out at your local store, that’s it.

This cost $169.99 in May of 2023, which is the same price it sold for in April of 2021. It’s one of the more expensive products Aldi sells, although the price is on the lower end compared to other gazebos out there.

The 2023 gazebo comes with a three-year warranty. In previous years, the gazebo was backed by a one-year warranty.

According to Aldi, the gazebo’s features include:

  • a two-tier roof that allows for air flow
  • sliding netted curtains that keep out unwanted pests
  • a heavy-duty steel frame with powder-coated finish
  • a water-repellent gray canopy with detachable black netting

Fully assembled, the gazebo is 10 feet wide and deep, and 9 feet tall.

What We Don’t Know

We haven’t tested this gazebo, so we haven’t been able to see how well it assembles or holds up over time. We’d love to hear from people who have, though. Our goal with open thread posts like this is to offer a place for people to share about their experiences with a product.

Do you have experience with this gazebo? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. We have three Aldi’s in Lancaster, PA. Two of the three have not gotten the gazebo in and do not know when and if they will be getting. My mom checked at the Aldi in Dickson CIty, PA and they had the same response. They must be stuck in the Suez Canal. My back yard faces the South. It’s almost impossible to be out there mid-day. I’d love to get my hand on something like this because of the price point and hopefully the shade it can provide.

    • Maureen Felletter

      Our high volume Stroudsburg store got 1!

    • Check today! Just bought one in Delaware! Shocked to and thrilled to find it

      • Should of come Back to review in may,
        gazebo was not sturdy when I went to put it back up this year and the canopy ripped as I was putting that on, of course after all the hard work of putting the gazebo itself togther.
        I returned it and they replaced it with another since it was less then a year old.
        I have not reinstalled it yet, as I have not had the time or energy to do it again, but plan to this week.
        This year it’s selling for 199.99$

    • When we went to our Aldi’s in Alabaster, Alabama store the cashier said they didn’t have the gazebo but I went to the manager. He show me the gazebo was in a big box at the front of the store. If it had been a snake it would have bitten me. My husband has not put it up yet. But I did buy some gray curtains on Amazon today. Hope to get it put up soon!! Ann

    • Just saw shipment arrive at one of our ALDIs today. Seems like a terrific deal

    • They have multiple in Harrisburg on Allentown Blvd

    • We have an over abundance iof them in our stores in Nebraska. Box didn’t have measurements so no one was buying them. Also, would love to get for $169. Ours is $199 and that is with a markdown because they weren’t selling.

    • Absolutely loved this gazebo. We have a sizeable backyard with no trees and haven’t done anything with it until this summer. I bought the set, put it together and have enjoyed it tremendously. Very, very unfortunately, an unsuspected rainstorm came through and knocked it down ripping the cover and bending the frame. I’m so sad about it. I want to repurchase, but I’ll have to wait a whole year.

  2. I just purchased the Belavi patio canopy today at Aldis, I’m interested in replacement canopies for this unit. I’ve had a canopy almost identical to it for over -15-years and have found the fabric canopy as they a subjected to tremendous beatings from sun & weather tend to weaken and develop tears over time. If anyone knows about canopies please let me know. I’d be looking for two. I’d settle for contact info on Belavi or if Aldis will carry the replacement canopies…..Thanks In Advance- Mike B.

  3. I bought one today. Once we set it up, I’ll post my review.

    • Heather Gomezdelatorre

      I got mine yesterday and my husband is already complaining about having to put together lol I really hope it’s not difficult to assemble. I’m so excited to finally get one of these.

      • Just Be Sure To Anchor It Down Good…..Wind Will Put It In Neighbors Yard….!!!!

        • Heather Gomezdelatorre

          Was it hard to put together? I figured I would have to anchor it down the wind here is crazy

          • A tip for anchoring, if you haven’t already is to place 16″x16″ concrete pavers under each corner (around $6 each at HD ) and anchor with TapCon or Red Head sleeve anchors. I assembled mine by myself in a couple of hours on April 25, and unfortunately I’ve noticed rust already at the welded points. Other than that, it seems to be reasonably well made for the price, and provides good shade. The holes in the canopy are there in case of a heavy downpour, which we’ve had a few in Florida since April.

      • Just curious the area you live in? It seems that most Aldi’s across the country haven’t received theirs.

      • Hubby set mine up yesterday. It took him about 3 hours but it was well worth the time. I’m loving it.

    • Can we get a review Kelly? I just bought one wondering if it’s worth putting up!

  4. I have French doors. I need to know, how wide is the half of the leg-that would be next to the wall.

  5. Indy….!!!

  6. I just purchases mine in Ft. Myers, FL on Wednesday. We are setting it up this weekend. I’ll post again to let you know how it went.

    • Joy Thompson- Hutter

      Hi Patty, I bought one about a month ago, also here in Fort Myers, FL. I had 2 friends put it together, (neither were very mechanically inclined, and both have been fired as my handymen) I’m going to work on its stability more myself today. The canopy is holding water already, they tore several of the Velcro fasteners off during their mishandling if it, and it’s not even anchored down to anything! See my dilemma? I rent a townhouse, with a mostly concrete patio, where I have it, so I’m trying to research the best way to temporarily but securely do such. I also have to find a way to fasten the canopy tightly back down into the framework. If you, or anyone you know has any insight or true knowledge in this matter, I’m open to ideas &/or answers.
      By the way, how did your installation go?

      • Hi Joy, We bought these really heavy patio bricks from home depot that have a cross section at the bottom. The grooves on the bricks fit perfectly over the metal part of the canopy at each corner. I thought the bricks would look ugly and out of place but, I spray painted them black and never notice they are there. If you don’t secure the gazebo, the first heavy wind or storm will destroy it. We once paid $600 for a gazebo that was broke in two week because of an storm. It’s very frustrating

        • Hi I am hoping to get a gazebo this summer. Can you post a photo of or a link to the “patio bricks from home depot that have a cross section at the bottom” that you used? Thank you much!

      • We have had the ALDI Gardenline brand gazebo on our patio for many years, and my daughter did the same thing with the ALDI Belavi brand gazebo she recently purchased. We secured the corners of the gazebo with 4 large plastic planters filled with hostas. Before filling, we drilled two holes on each side of the planter near the top edge and used zip ties to attach the pot to the frame. We remove the canopy from the gazebo before the snow flies, but the frame and planters stay out all winter. Being close to Lake Erie in NW PA, surprisingly the hostas have grown back each year!

  7. It is hot or miss which one has it. They all getting them at different times. I went to 4 differing locations in the Charlotte Nic area over the last 3 days and finally found one. The location just got it and had multiple.

  8. Heather Gomezdelatorre

    Can anyone tell me if it’s hard to put together need to gear up for tomorrow lol

    • I actually put it together in about 2 hours. It may have been faster if I had a 2nd person to help, but the family loves it. I’m just trying to figure out the purpose of the 8 holes on the top of the canopy, I’m guessing something with rain.

      I was trying to post a picture but I can’t figure it out

  9. We purchased one yesterday. We will put it together this weekend.

  10. Mary D Goszkowicz

    My Aldi in Wauwatosa had 2. I purchased 1 of them! Setting up today. I will post updates.

    • Mary D Goszkowicz

      Finally put mine up. I had some missing screws, so needed to head to the hardware store. Also, one of the two-timer ribs was broken, and another was drilled incorrectly so is on an angle. We made it work. It looks nice. I put some pavers in the corners for extra security. I will post again end of season on how it’s holding up. I am not hanging the screen, but will put a few shower curtains liners up to shield the sun when it’s on an angle. They will be pulled back for the most part.

  11. Bill Schwartz- If you find a matching canopy please drop me a note here as I have the same concerns as you and would like to get a couple of spares…..Thanks in advance ….Mike Black- Indy

    • I’d like a replacement and a spare, as setting it up here in Wesley Chapel, FL one of the inner seams ripped a little already, so to those setting it up, be a little careful.

  12. Hey I got one from my mom. She brought for me as a gift for mothers day. (Early Gift). They sell the same one at Big Lots, so if any of you need one they are at those stores as well. I live in Florida, my main concern is that we experience lots of hurricanes so im not sure this will hold. Im thinking of taking down before hurricane season. So the only thing that I’m not so happy about is that I would have to remove and remount. And ideas? Or suggests for me please? Thank yoi

  13. I bought the gazebo last year and had it bolted to my deck. It was great. But I neglected to take the canopy off in winter and the snow caused the top to cave in so I just need to replace all the hardware and canopy. Anyone familiar with last years Gardenline gazebo know if this new company’s canopy are made the same? I don’t want to have to unbolt the sides of the on I have if I can just replace all of the top.

    • Same thing happened to me. I live in Michigan and I would usually take my canopy down by December but we had unseasonable warm weather last year so, I left it up. Got really bad snow the beginning of January and it messed up the connecter piece for the canopy. I was hoping to find another on amazon but I don’t think they have one that fits my canopy.

  14. Hello…I just got mine, as well. I love Aldi’s products. This is a big purchase, soI have a couple of questions, I guess, for those who have gotten it already. The first one is about the guarantee, which I know is for a year, but what happens if something happens to it.. I read some comments about ripping, for example. If they are limited, Aldi would not be able to replace it.. is that correct or is there an alternative. The second question is about UV protection. I didn’t see anything about it on the box. Does it indicate something about it in the information inside? If it doesn’t have any protection against UV rays, does someone know if there is something to put to the fabric for that matter? Thank you in advance for your input =)

  15. Are there holes in the legs so it can be bolted to a deck?

    • Mine has a metal cross member at 45 degrees between each two leg sections. I think there is a hole in it, but over the cross member I put two heavy paver stones on each to avoid permanent bolting. For a predicted high-wind store I took the top off. No problems. Careful…find and file any sharp edge or burrs right away. It WILL rip the fabric while assembling or after!

      • Ooops…correction…
        I just checked. No cross member but each leg section does have holes.
        I used rectangular pavers laid at 45 degrees onto the two leg sections.

  16. Julie Karneboge

    My boys put mine up this weekend but when I was reading the User Manual it says, “The canopy is not waterproof and not intended for use in the rain. The water will sit easily on top of the canopy fabric and severely damage the gazebo. Do not use or set up in rainy, windy or stormy conditions.” BUT in the product description above…it says “waterproof”???????

  17. We purchased a Gardenline gazebo from Aldi’s last May & was surprised to find the exact same model 7884 by Belavi in our Venice FL store yesterday. (They had 2.) Our canopy lasted less than 6 months and we have been waiting for a replacement since. Had to jump through hoops to contact vendor TDC who says they have none but we are on the list. We treated it once with UV protectant but it wasn’t enough. TREAT FREQUENTLY. Also treat amy rust that appears on frame regularly.

  18. Hi. I bought the Belavi in April and just tried putting it together today. The box has one “A” panel and seven “B” panels. Smh. I’m hopeful they will send me the correct panels. 😒

  19. I bought one to replace the rusted out one that I had for over ten years. During assembly I found unaligned and misfitting parts . I filed a claim and am told parts will be sent in June sometime. Manual states not to anchor permanently and only made for shade. This is a bad purchase, spend the extra money and get one that is better built.

  20. We bought ours in Ocala Florida on april 21, tooka haha day to set up with a third person required. We attached the guy lines to steady it
    It would be hours of work to take off the canopy which we did not do on a breezy day. And a 15-20 mph gust of wind p grabbed it ripping out the staked lines, rolling and not only bending but breaking that supposed steel frame.

    If you live where there’s any winds at all, maybe consider a pop-up gazebo.

  21. To all those with wind issues. We live in Wesley Chapel, FL and have had the gazebo purchased and set up for about a month, month and a half now. Initially we also had wind issues, but we had started by placing weights on the frame corners. My wife that same day found the following…
    (sorry for the link to amazon…if not legal please remove.) that and two bags of play sand (50 lb bags) would fill all four of those bags that arrive and placed on all four corners of the gazebo. Work very well so far.

  22. Vincent Goodwin

    We bought 2. Follow the instructions. Stake down after netting is installed. Remove the main top when strong wind is expected. It has holes in the top to drain excessive water. it is not all season(as with all cloth roof canopy’s) but looks good. we bought weighted bags to help these stakes and used them instead

  23. I just purchased mine today in NJ. I am unsure how to anchor it to my deck though. Is there any holes on the bottom of the legs to attach screws?

  24. Two Deck Screws Per Arm, Should Be Holes, If Not Drill Some. You’ll Be Fine……

    • We are trying to put ours up today… there was no where that said the dimensions on the manual or box. So we googled and found this blog. There is only 1 “A” and “B” panel. The rest of the panels are unmarked…my husband who is a great handy man is saying he has his doubts of even putting it together.

  25. Just bought this spring. All the metal frame pieces are pretty thin, maybe about an inch in diameter. It will likely do the trick, but I’ll be attaching it to the side of the garage for support. Several small flaws (dents) in the metal supports. If I could go back in time, would look for a sturdier gazebo elsewhere.

  26. 7884 by Belavi

    If you have this gazebo, can you give me the dimensions?

    Thank you!

  27. I had a Gardenline Gazebo $99.00 that held up for years. When I sold my house it was in such good shape the new home owners wanted it. I left it and bought a Belavi $169.00. It held up for 9 days. First little breeze that came through destroyed it. Thought it was cheap but it is an Aldi product so I thought it would be ok. Never had a problem with Aldi quality before. The thin steel frame broke like it was toothpicks. Do not buy this product. I am so disappointed. It is supposed to be under warranty. We will see.

    • Exact same situation here…the Belavi ones seems to have much weaker material..especially for the canopy. Disappointed.

  28. I had no problem finding this at our local store. After assembly and a rain storm my prevailing thoughts are, flimsy, misaligned, should have spent another $200 for a sturdier one.

    When it rains the top funnels water to the edge and the canopy starts to cave in where it puddles, so far no leaks. Powder coating must be a myth because rust spots are popping up in many places. The plastic rings that hold the side screens don’t like to stay fastened. The corner shelves do not lie flat so are pretty useless. Not an item I will purchase from ALDI again.

  29. I bought a gazebo last year, loved it, but it got destroyed in Chicago winter heavy snow. My fault for leaving the canopy on. This year, got my new Aldi Belavi gazebo 2021and just love it. My son put it together in no time and we purchased the canopy lights and curtain lights which Aldi offered the following week. The new gazebo has a white top, so it feels taller and brighter. It has made my patio a fun place to relax and entertain. Will take canopy off this winter. Also have concrete blocks holding it down or it would fly off. How do I post picture? Love my Aldi!

  30. I got my beautiful Aldi Gazebo this year from my kids for Mother’s Day. My son and my daughter’s boyfriend put it together for me on that Sunday ( Mother’s Day_) It was fairly easy for them to put together in about 2 hours. It was so pretty. I loved it! I had one party for friends using it for all the food and beverages and everyone complimented how pretty it was. About a month later we had a horrible thunderstorm with strong winds and ruined it. It was blown over and landed on it’s side next to my privacy fence here in NC. I live about 30 minutes from many beaches so we see strong storms at times. I was so upset to lose it. I had planned to have many parties using it to keep the food away from flies and insects,…Two of the posts broke and one went through the canopy causing it to tear. I think the Canopy can be patched, but don’t know if I can get a replacement frame. Does anyone know? Can I buy a replacement frame?

  31. The wife brought this Gazebo home about 4 years ago now and she gets replacement netting from Aldi if and when we need it. I put this thing up myself and take it down myself for the past 4 years now and this thing is a true champ. The wife just loves it. The whole family uses it all season and it finally just blew over in a bad storm here in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. I have never anchored it down and it has never blown over until today. I guess I will be anchoring it down for now on. We have it sitting on top of our back concrete patio up against the house which is probably why it hasnt blown over yet. I guess if it was more out in the open depending on where you live you would want to anchor it down. I’ve looked and looked for the clips that hold the thing together but havent found any yet does anyone know where to get them. Here’s a picture of the clip on amazon.

    I will say this…there seems to be several versions of this same exact gazebo by different companies and I think we have the Sunnyglade Garden Gazebo 10′ x 10′ Patio Backyard Double Roof Vented Gazebo Canopy. The on in this thread above is almost like mine but just a bit different. Some of my clips have bent and I’ve bent them back over the years and they are in need of replacement now. Ahy help there would most appreciated.

  32. Richard Punchak

    Put this unit up on the deck and anchored it down with 31/2″ brass screws. All of the parts were included but one corner pole support hole was drilled about an inch and a half off. Drilled my own and everything worked out. Hope to get a season out of the cover as it seems a bit thin. In the manual it states not intended to be used in rain,wind,or thunderstorms???? Surely this doesnt mean its to taken down everytime it rains.

  33. Has anybody had any luck in finding replacement cover for the Aldi canopies sold in stores last year. If you have please share the info. It would be appreciated…..Thanks in advance……

    • Not sure exactly which one you have but if it is the Garden Winds you might check amazon. They have replacement canopys and netting.

  34. I had a Garden Winds gazebo from Aldi which I purchased a few years ago. We really liked it. I recently purchased this specific Belavi one to replace it as we liked the black/gray color combo and our older one was starting to get worn. I have to say I am disappointed in the quality of the top and netting. The fabric is noticeably thinner than my older one. Even though I spray treated it water seaps through and I have little faith it would stand up for very long. So…buyer beware

  35. I have mixed feelings re my recent purchase of this gazebo after reading these reviews. I plan to put this up & hoping I didn’t waste my money. Living in Cleve. OH I will be sure to take the canopy down for the winter & hoping the frame will hold up. The holes not aligning bothers me as I don’t own a drill. Maybe I con one of my male friends to help. Fingers crossed


      If you have somewhere sheltered from the wind, that would be your best bet. I’m in akron and our only lasted 2 days with no top on it.

    • I live in the Cleveland area too. They had these marked down to $99, so I bought two. I put together myself and I am a senior woman. There were no problems. I did have to have 15 mins of help and a ladder for the top canopy frame attachment.


    I purchased this and had high hopes. My husband set it up in a couple hours. We did not put the top on as it was supposed to be windy and rain the next day. Unfortunately when the storm hit it blew right over and was completely bent up. It was not anchored down, but even if it was, I’m sure the same thing would have happened. The metal is very thin and light. The problem is the structure is not heavy enough to withstand any high winds, AND you have to screw it together so you can’t take it down. This is a bad combo. I think even if it was screwed into our concrete, if would have bent at the screws. Also the day after the rain, it had already began to rust. You can see all the big spots where they welded it together. Luckily I got it on sale for 99 marked down from 199. But it is a complete loss as I have a cover and nothing to put it on. I would say save yourself the heartache and buy a pop up unless you can put this somewhere that it is completely protected from the wind. It’s certainly not made to be a permanent structure, but you definitely can’t take it down easily. I’ll keep looking.

    • It likely would have. Ours was anchored down and the metal twisted and in two places actually ripped/broke. We loved it while it lasted, but also noticed that the cover wasn’t as “snug” as it should have been and the “drain” holes needed to be better placed as it constantly would collect water along the edges.

  37. The Belavi Gazebo with Netting (Product Code: 7884)
    Me and my wife bought one and love it. However we just had a storm and the gazebo blew over and two of the top supporting arms broke. Does anyone have a email address or phone number to contact to get a replacement parts?

  38. I LOVE my Aldi Belavi Gazebo! We have had some high winds and rains here in Illinois, but mine is holding up. Yes, I take off my canopy in the winter. When attaching the canopy at the corners watch out for sharp edges – tape over with black duct tape, but be sure the canopy corners are well secured and each corner stand is straight or squared. I have it on my paver patio with 8x8x16″ dual hole cement blocks at each corner $2.27 ea from Home Depot. Some people even paint these black. I wish I could post a photo here to show you. It is my happy spot for morning coffee, evening dinner, or game night. Of course, I purchased the gazebo lights and have plants on the shelves, rug under my table, etc. I do love the lighter color canopy from Belavi. However, you can get the beige one still which is quite sturdy, costs $79. You can email them and they are very helpful. You can even send a photo of your current gazebo to them. Hope this helps!
    Why can’t we post photos of our favorite Aldi products here? Ugh! Would be fun to see what others have done.

  39. Let’s just say – luckily I got it for $99. Anchored it down with weight on each corner and tied three of the corners to deck posts. Also tied 3 of the corners of the roof cover as well to the deck. Storm ripped all three of the roof grommets off and two of the side poles cracked completely. Of course, I didn’t keep the receipt! Get what you pay for, I guess.

  40. Just bought 9 days ago put together less than 48 hours ago. The color was not the light cream but tan color. We had rain come through and it rusted at the welding spots plus there was a large tear in the netting. I did call the number for the warranty and they were great. They did say they only saw one color available for aldi so whats on box is not color you get, they had options to ship new or return to store with 60 days for return. I hope the new one is better and this was just a defective one.

  41. Dr. Jerome A. Rogers, Sr.

    I have this Gazebo (in fact I bought two). The Gazebo itself is fine. However, it won’t do well in moderate to high winds. It is easily moved, even with anchor weights. The wind broke every joint during a thunderstorm. I used metal mending plates and repaired it. It was much stronger in mild winds. However, another storm came in and stress areas broke again! Right were the mending lates stopped. I removed the canopy top thinking it would help, but NOPE! I have a new one in the box that I will only use if this one is completely irreparable. I am going to use more mending plates but this time I will use concrete in buckets to serve as anchor points. But the Gazebo is a good buy.

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