Aldi is Selling Snowman-Shaped Cheese

Last Updated on November 25, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: These holiday cheese varieties are back at Aldi for the 2020 holiday season. This year they cost $3.99 per cheese block. 

When it comes to specialty cheese, Aldi knows how to throw a party. We’ve seen the discount grocer sell Valentine’s Day-themed cheeses that came in heart shapes, Halloween- and fall-themed cheese packaged in pumpkin shapes and featuring pumpkin spice, and, of course, the popular cheese Advent calendar. Now, Aldi is rolling out a limited-time selection of winter-themed cheeses just in time for the holidays.

The Emporium Selection cheeses will hit stores December 4. They would pair well with a holiday party charcuterie board with an assortment of meats, crackers, and bread, or they might be just the thing to serve with your wine Advent calendar.

These cheeses are ALDI Finds (Special Buys), which means they will only be in stores for a short time, so get them while they last.

Cheese choices include:

Emporium Selection Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onion

Aldi snowman cheese

This 6-oz. cheese comes packaged in a cute snowman shape decked out with scarf and earmuffs. One serving nets you 110 calories.

Emporium Selection Cheddar Cheese with Port Wine

Aldi santa cheese

This 6 oz. cheese comes in a package that looks like Santa’s torso, with the classic red jacket and the black belt with gold buckle, with a hint of Santa’s white beard at the top. One serving of this cheese also contains 110 calories.

Emporium Selection Mature Cheddar

aldi star cheese

This final holiday-themed cheese is sold in a black 6-oz. package shaped like a star. Perfect for a Christmas party, or save it for New Year’s Eve.

If you aren’t sure how to break through the wax seal on these specialty cheeses, here’s a nifty how-to video.

Are you planning to purchase any of the holiday cheeses? Let us know in the comments.

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