Ambiano Juice Extractor and Ambiano Cold Press Juicer Coming to Aldi

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2023. 

With the New Year almost here, people are likely to be looking for ways to be healthier, especially after all the dietary indulgences that come with the winter holidays. That means people may be ready to throw down money for exercise equipment such as stationary bikes, kettle bells, or fitness mats. Or people may be seeking ways to eat healthier, perhaps by making more home-cooked meals, adding more veggies to their diet, or even making their own fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

If you’re in the mood for fresh juice, Aldi is selling a couple of options this year. The first is a juice extractor, and the second is a cold press juicer.

Both the juice extractor and the cold press juicer are sold under the Ambiano brand, which is not its own company. Instead, it’s the private label Aldi uses for various kitchen gadgets and accessories. Other products Aldi has recently sold under the Ambiano label include a single-serve espresso machine, mini waffle makers, and an electric salt and pepper mill set.

What We Know:

Ambiano Juice Extractor

The 2022 Ambiano Juice Extractor.

The Ambiano Juice Extractor and the Ambiano Cold Press Juicer (Product Code: 707989) each cost $34.99 in December of 2023. That’s $5 less than the $39.99 each that they cost in December of 2022. That’s also less than any other juice extractor or cold press juicer I found on Amazon. Other juicers are most likely going to cost significantly more than these Aldi versions.

These are Aldi Finds, so they’re only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and after they sell out, they’re gone unless Aldi decides to bring them back at some point. If they aren’t in stock at your local store, you can’t order them online.

 Ambiano Cold Press Juicer

The 2023 Ambiano Cold Press Juicer.

Here’s more information, according to Aldi.

Cold Press Juicer:

  • Adjustable between “on” and “reverse” for complete juicing
  • Features nonslip feet
  • Two cups and cleaning brush included

Juice Extractor:

  • Contains extra-large chute to process whole fruits and vegetables
  • Features two speeds
  • Includes 1-liter juice cup

The 2022 cold press juicer and juice extractor appear to have come with three-year warranties serviced by Protel, a common Aldi warranty service provider. Aldi has not yet published information about whether the 2023 models come with warranties.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t yet tested either of these products, so we don’t know how well they work or how durable they are. We write open threads so readers can share about their experiences with Aldi products.

Have you purchased this juice extractor or cold press juicer? Tell us what you think of them in the comments below. 

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  1. I got the cold press juicer right after Christmas and have used it four times so far by New Year’s day. I did some quick google research in the store and chose the cold press juicer over the juice extractor because it’s said to preserve more nutrients due to the juicing method.
    So far, I love it! I’ve been hesitant to invest in a costly juicer because I wasn’t sure if I’d use it at home enough to make it worthwhile. I stocked up on produce at ALDI when I got this juicer, however, and have put it to the test this week. Included instructions help with assembly and use for someone who’s not used a cold press juicer before. It’s quick and easy to chop up fruits and veggies and make a juice that will even keep in the fridge for a few days if needed!

    Pros: Disassembles well for easy cleaning
    Juice is pulp-free
    Comes with cleaning brush
    3 year warranty
    Compact to fit on the counter easily
    No clogs so far

    Con: Have to chop up whatever you put in to fit the chute
    The metal sieve and the plastic casing allow for minimal build-up, but it will be impossible to clean that part out

    • I’ve purchased both juicers but only have used the cold press juicer and I love it, the only complaint I have is that I have to prep produce in small pieces in order to juice. The machine is compact, quiet and easy to clean. I found a YouTube video on the juice extractor and the cleanup looks like it might take too much time and it was a bit loud so I’ll be returning it.

  2. I have both juicers . I find the small cold press juicer extracts more juice , therefor less waste and more nutrients . The bigger one is quick . And can handle large fruits like whole oranges and apples . But I find the pulp that comes out if much more wet than the cold press one . They are both not crazy loud , but still are not quiet . The small one does well with all of the tough fruits and veggies . Although it struggles pushing out celery pulp. Both are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble . As well as an easy clean . I prefer the smaller one for now . But with making big batches you have use smaller amounts over time or you’ll fry the motor , you will smell it when it’s had enough use. If you’re looking for a large batch juicer the larger juice extracter will get the job done if you’re on a budget . But I’d rather buy a better one to waste less and get more juice .

  3. I just bought aldi ambiano cold press juicer. I used it for 2 minutes trying to juice apples and it just stopped working. I’ve changed outlets, cleaned it out, everything I can think of and it still won’t turn back on.. what else can I do?

    • Contact customer support. They will probably just send you a new one.

    • That’s more than mine did. I’m returning it tomorrow. Tried plugging it in different outlets, even not turned on it tripped the breaker each time. That’s clearly unsafe as well as not useable.

  4. Any chance the lid and bowl are not fully locking into place? That was what happened to me when it wasn’t working.

  5. We bought the larger juicer and used it today. It works great. More powerful than the Breville. Can’t beat the price and the warranty (3 year)

    • I just bought the cold press juicer mostly for my kids. It’s super user friendly, easy to clean it juiced jicama with great yield. Only thing is u have to chop very small but great for a simple fast 2 cup quick juice. Come with a giant toothbrush looking cleaning tool.

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