Aldi Offers These Services … But Not In the United States

Aldi Services

We’re generally happy with a lot of what Aldi US offers, from its low prices to its ever rotating stock of ALDI Finds (Special Buys). We’re even glad to see Aldi tiptoe into home grocery delivery.

But Aldi US is part of a larger division of Aldi Süd, one of the two Aldi companies internationally. While Aldi Süd’s operations in various countries do have some things in common, like some common products, there are differences, too, especially when it comes to services. Here are a few examples of services you can get from Aldi in Europe, Asia, or Australia, but not in the United States.

Europe: Travel Booking Services

Did you ever wish Aldi offered you the chance to book all-inclusive trips all over the world? No? Well, Aldi shoppers in Europe must have, because some Aldi subsidiaries in Europe — including Aldi Hungary, Aldi Germany, and Aldi Switzerland — offer just such a service. (Aldi Germany’s service is a joint venture of the two Aldi companies, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd.) Whether you want a cruise in Europe or even an excursion to the United States, they can do that.

United Kingdom and China: Online Ordering and Postal Shipping

Aldi isn’t Amazon, but Aldi in the United Kingdom does a pretty good impersonation. A number of products, particularly in the Specialbuy category (Aldi UK’s version of ALDI Finds), are not only available online, but some of them are online exclusives. In most cases, UK shoppers qualify for free standard shipping if they spend at least £25, or about $25 U.S. dollars by current exchange rates. One exception: wine, which currently offers free standard delivery on any purchase.

Aldi China takes online shopping a step further: for the most part, the store is online only. There are only two Aldi stores in China — they just opened in June — so for the most part, if you live in China and want Aldi, you have to order in the mail.

Germany: Online Lottery Ticket Purchasing

You’re not likely to see lottery tickets in your local U.S. Aldi, much less on its website. But Aldi in Germany lets customers order lottery tickets online, 24/7. There’s even an Aldi Lotto app for Android and Apple smartphones.

Europe and Australia: Prepaid Mobile Services

If you ever wished you had the ability to buy a cell phone plan from your friendly neighborhood Aldi … well, there are some Aldi answers for that, including Aldi Australia, Aldi in Germany, and Aldi Switzerland. In Australia, for example, the mobile plan is known as ALDIMobile and is administered by Lenovo subsidiary Medion, which occasionally brings (non-cellular) technology to the United States. Australian plans start at $15 Australian dollars (a little more than $10 in U.S. dollars) at the bottom, and a 37GB plan with rollover options at the top.

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  1. I just wish they had the bakery in the wall like they do in Germany, Just push a button and get fresh baked goods, we need that here.

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