Ambiano 4 Quart Stand Mixer

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Aldi’s Ambiano stand mixer is a cheaper alternative to name-brand mixers. My husband and I do a lot of cooking, and this mixer works fine for average home cooks and bakers. We use it for the occasional mashed potatoes, quick bread batter, and cookie dough. However, if you are a hardcore baker who makes a lot of homemade rolls and bread, you’ll probably want to fork over the money for a high-end KitchenAid.

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The Ambiano 4 Quart Stand Mixer has 5 speed settings with a turbo boost feature that increases speed by 15% when you push the button. The mixer comes with 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a whisk that attach to the mixer, plus a 4-quart metal mixing bowl. The mixer detaches from the stand and can be used as a hand mixer. It also includes a small plastic knife, presumably to be used like a spatula to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl, although the manual isn’t clear on its purpose.

The stand itself is lightweight, doesn’t take up too much space, and attaches to your counter with suction cup feet. The bowl does not turn automatically, but a shallow lip around the edge of the stand keeps the bowl from sliding off and allows you to easily turn it manually.

The Pros:

This mixer is easy to use, and I like the turbo boost feature that temporarily increases the speed. I mixed up some pumpkin bread batter and it didn’t seem to splatter ingredients out of the bowl as much as my old Cuisinart hand mixer.

I also like how the stand is lightweight but stays in place with suction cups. It stays put regardless of how full the bowl is or whether it’s being used as a stand mixer or if the mixer is detached to finish things up.

One other pro: the mixer is backed by a 2-year warranty, so if things go wrong you do have some options. Just be sure to hold on to your receipt.

The Cons:

The 4-quart mixing bowl is larger than it appears to be, but it has been a little small for some of our cooking projects. It was too small when I made pumpkin bread, but to be fair, my recipe makes 3 loaves at a time. I solved the problem by detaching the mixer from the stand and using a different, larger bowl.

On the other hand, my husband made mashed potatoes using the mixer on the stand and put all the potatoes (7 large Russets) in the bowl that comes with the mixer. They fit, although not by a lot; because the bowl was so full, some of the potatoes got stuck up the sides of the bowl, and he had to take the mixer off the stand to mash all the potatoes.

In addition, our time with the bowl also revealed another drawback. After my husband finished mixing the potatoes, we noticed the beaters left some scuff marks on the bottom of the metal bowl. The scuffs seemed to mostly come from when he was using it on the stand, although some of them along the edges also came from after he’d detached it. Regardless, this is not a bowl that seems made for a lot of punishment … at least, not without showing it.

The beaters don’t seem to attach to the mixer as securely as they should, but so far we haven’t had problems with the beaters falling out. I also noticed the power switch with the 5 speed settings also serves as the ejector button for the beaters, depending on how you manipulate the button/switch. It’s a little creepy, but again, no problems so far.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Ambiano 4 Quart Stand Mixer is not the same as a high-end KitchenAid mixer. The stand is lightweight (although secured well enough by suction cups), the bowl is easily scuffed, and the whole apparatus doesn’t feel as substantial as name-brand options. That said, you’ll have a hard time finding a set cheaper than this one, and it is backed by a 2-year warranty. If you do a lot of mixing, you’ll probably want to look at something more high end, but if you only need a mixer every once in a while, this is worth a look.


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  1. How do I insert the mixing utensils?

    • Denise: On my model, I simply plug them into the holes in the mixer. They don’t make a snapping or popping noise to let you know they’re fully in. They also don’t feel the most secure when they are inserted. They work, though.

  2. I purchased an Ambiano Stand Mixer with bowl and onw of the beater’s welds broke immediately broke before I’d even mix the batter. Don’t know if they will take it back but I am gonna try.

    • I have found that Aldi’s is very good about returns. I used the same mixer for Turkey Day, it worked well. I think you, unfortunately, got 1 that shouldn’t have passed quality control.

  3. I bought this as a little present to myself and love it. The suction feet make everthing secure and stable my work bench is marble. I really like the bowl cover it stops cream etc from spraying whn beating. My best advice is read the instruction booklet.

  4. Where can you buy parts? I had to put the metal bowl over hot water for an icing and didn’t realize part of the mixer that the bowl attaches to was attached to the bowl when I put it over the steaming water and it warped the disc part that attaches the bowl to the mixer.

  5. For after sales support you can call 1-866-235-5029 or go to

  6. How do you reliece the beaters?

    • The beater release button (eject button) is the big grey button in front of the speed selector switch. It’s on top of the main unit.

    • I am having the same problem. The eject button is almost impossible to push after the mixing tools are inserted. I have to remove the main unit from the rest of the mixer, then push with all my strength causing the beaters to shoot out from the main unit, landing a distance from me. What a mess this would make with dough, etc. flying from the beaters wherever they land. I’m wondering if this is a common problem with the Model CY-6085 Stand Mixer? (The eject button works fine when the mixing tools are not inserted.)

    • my ambiano mixer, I can not release the bowl from the mixer

  7. Do you know if any other attachments would be compatible with this mixer?

  8. Where can I purchase the grinder attachment to fit on the front of the mixer?

  9. I used my mixer 3 times and the dough hook broke. Snapped in two. So I called the customer service department and they don’t have replacement parts. Anyone wanna sell dough hooks to me?

  10. Broke within a year

  11. Hi Does the mixing bowl rotate when in us? mine does not but manually if i use my hands i can rotate.

  12. I used my mixer for the first time making peanut butter cookies. I used the beaters and within 5 minutes of mixing the batter, the beaters broke. Just came apart and flung around in the bowl.

  13. Can I use this mixer to mix flour from for bread baking

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