Calling All Crafters: Aldi is Selling an Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Aldi has sold a few different sewing machines over the years. Most of them have been offered under the Aldi Easy Home private label, including the Easy Home 12-Stitch Sewing Machine and the Easy Home Mini Sewing Machine. Aldi also sold a name-brand Singer 32-Stitch Sewing Machine a couple of years ago.

Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine

The Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine.

In September of 2021, Aldi introduced another sewing machine model under its Easy Home brand: the Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine.

What We Know:

Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine 2

The Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine cost $59.99 in the fall of 2021. That’s on the lower end of prices for a product like this one. While Aldi has sold other similar sewing machine models, this is the first time we can recall seeing them sell a 19-stitch machine.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time, so don’t delay if this is a product you’re interested in. (And no, Aldi won’t ship it to you once it sells out at your local store.)

Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine 2

Features include:

  • Nineteen built-in stitches
  • A four-step auto-size buttonhole
  • A free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves
  • A right built-in LED light
  • Includes spoon pin, spool cap, 2 thread spools, 2 bobbins, 2 needles, 1 threader, buttonhole presser foot, foot pedal, and AC wall outlet adapter

This sewing machine comes with a three-year warranty that is serviced by Wuensche USA Inc, with U.S. offices in Forest Park, Illinois.

Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine 2

Accessories that come with the Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried this sewing machine, so we can’t speak to how well it works or how durable it is. Our goal with open thread posts like this is to offer a space for readers to share about their experiences with a product.

Have you used the Easy Home 19-Stitch Sewing Machine? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. Catherine A. McClarey

    The “sponsored ads” at the bottom of this post showed a 17-stitch Brother sewing machine @$89.95 (comparable to what one might pay at Walmart, although the model on Amazon was apparently “Renewed”). Several years ago, I purchased a low-end Janome sewing machine from a local quilting shop, and paid approx. $200 for it. (The Janome sewing machine had fewer features than the Easy Home machine that Aldi is selling; however, even that was too much machine for my overestimated level of interest in sewing, so I resold it on eBay.)

  2. Is it self-threading?

  3. Not from what I read in the manual

  4. Please someone make a YouTube video of threading the machine and winding the bobbin. It says only use parts by it’s manufacturer, but I don’t see where I can order a walking foot for knits.

  5. Diana Reinhardt

    My granddaughter received easy home 19 stitch for Christmas. She didn’t take it out of box. She was waiting for me to help her set it up. Because of some health issues I could not help her until now. When I removed the machine from the box most assessors were missing. I have tried getting help with the phone #s on box, but no one can help me. Could you help me to get these assessories.

      • Tambra Nicole Kendall

        I was wondering who the manufacturer is of the machine. I’ve been been looking but haven’t found anything yet.

        I’ve had the machine for over a year but am just now setting it up. The machine is delicate, not sturdy like my Singer or Brother machine.
        I purchased this for paper crafts/junk journaling. Just from looking at the machine photo I could tell this wasn’t something you could use to sew anything more than cotton fabrics on. I hope this information helps.

  6. Tambra Nicole Kendall

    I forgot to add that this machine does not have anything to adjust the tension of the bobbin. I wasted ab afternoon trying to get this machine to sew correctly.

    I wasted $60. Not happy with this purchase at all.

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