Crofton Taco Holders

I love eating hard-shell, crunchy tacos, but it can be challenging to load them with my favorite fillings and toppings because they tip over and I end up with cheese, salsa, and tomatoes spilling out. Sometimes I feel like I need a third hand.

During a recent shopping trip, while looking around in the Aldi Find aisle, I discovered these taco holders. Once again, Aldi convinces me to buy things I didn’t even know I needed.

Crofton Taco Holders

Crofton Taco Holders cost $3.49 for a set of four at the time of publication. Each taco holder is shaped like a cactus, perfect for Mexican or Tex-Mex night.

These are Aldi Finds (Special Buys), which means they’re only in stores for a short time.

These were sold during a week when Aldi offered a range of taco night accessories, including paella pans, taco plates, avocado slicers, lemon juicers, and avocado storage containers.

Crofton Taco Holders

One of the taco holders up close. (Click to enlarge.)

These taco holders are dishwasher safe and BPA free. They were made in China.

Crofton Taco Holders

I haven’t yet had the chance to put them through the full paces during a family taco night, but at first glance when I put some empty taco shells in them, they look promising. I’ll be scheduling a taco night soon. Stay tuned.

The Verdict:

Crofton Taco Holders are just what I need to keep my tacos from spilling and falling over. These come in a four pack and are dishwasher safe, and they promise to make taco night more fun.

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  1. pro tip: take some flour or corn tortillas, drape them over 2 adjacent wires in your oven rack, and bake until crispy. You’ll have nice wide flat-bottom taco shells, easy to fill, no holder needed!

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