Crofton Two Burner Griddle

Last Updated on May 19, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: We bought this griddle again in 2024, and you can read our full review of that updated griddle at this link

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Updated May 2019 and May 2020 with a progress report. Aldi sold this griddle again in May of 2023 and in May of 2024 for $14.99. 

I recently had cause to replace some of the cooking surfaces I use on the stovetop. In particular, my stock of skillets and griddles was finally showing wear and tear after several years of usage. I was able to solve the skillet problem thanks to Aldi’s Special Buy (ALDI Find) Crofton Skillets, but that still left me without a griddle surface. A skillet can do a lot of what a griddle does, but cooking things like bacon, French toast, and pancakes are a lot easier on a griddle surface.

Aldi decided to sell a product that made it doubly easier.

Crofton Two Burner Griddle

The Crofton Two Burner Griddle, an Aldi Special Buy (ALDI Find), retailed for $9.99 the year we purchased it. The packaging claims that it’s constructed of “heavy gauge aluminum” and it “delivers even and efficient heat distribution.” It measures 17.75 inches wide, 10.25 inches long, and 1.1 inches deep. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

The top surface boasts a Xylan Plus nonstick cooking surface, the brand name used by the Whitford Company for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). (Another formulation of PTFE is Teflon.) The packaging says it’s oven safe up to 325 degrees and is also dishwasher safe, although we tend to wash our stovetop cookware by hand and don’t use it in the oven.

The big sell of this griddle, of course, is the fact that it spans two burners. We were very curious to see how that played out. Our stovetop is an old-but-working gas stove.

Crofton Two Burner Griddle

Our first impression is that the griddle was a clean fit on our stove. The griddle sat nicely on our two burners, while also leaving enough room for the handles.

The next step, then, was to test out how good the surface area was. For that, we put it to work on breakfast.

Crofton Two Burner Griddle

As you can see, we were able to put five strips of bacon and two eggs on the griddle. There wasn’t room for much else, but we probably could have turned the bacon vertically, reduced the number of slices, and probably added an egg or two for our trouble. So the surface was certainly large enough to do a lot.

As for heat distribution? It was surprisingly good. Everything on the griddle cooked evenly, including the bacon, which stretched off into the space between burners. We weren’t sure how that would pan out, but, on the whole, the entire griddle was hot enough to cook, and cook evenly. It’s also worth noting that the nonstick surface was as nonstick as you would expect, although we don’t know how it will hold up over time. Not yet.

UPDATE (May 2019): After a year of use, I’m pleased to report that the griddle still works great. The non-stick appears to be holding up despite semi-regular use, and I find the ability to cook a lot on the griddle to be very convenient. The middle part of the griddle doesn’t get quite as hot as the outsides, but overall the heat distribution is pretty good.

UPDATE (May 2020): After two years, the griddle continues to hold up great. The nonstick is in good shape, and is great for cooking larger amounts of food, particularly bacon and french toast. As I mentioned in 2019, the middle part of the griddle isn’t as hot as the outside, but the heat distribution is good all things considered. This griddle is one of my favorite stovetop cooking surfaces, especially for breakfast.

The Verdict:

As cooking surfaces go, this one is promising. The size is nice, the cooking heat is even, and it does exactly what we wanted it to do, and at a great price. Not sure what the longevity is, but it does have a 2-year warranty.

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  1. Hi, regrading the dimensions of 17.75 inches, does it include the handles or just the cooking surface?

  2. Thanks

  3. can you tell me if the Crofton Two-Burner Griddle can be used on an induction top stove. Basically need to know if the bottom of the griddle is magnetic surface. If not, it will not work on my stovetop.

  4. Can you please tell me if I can use this on top of a gas grill?

    • Yes will be fine on a gas grill but don’t let it get super hot as non stick surfaces cannot cope with very high heat

  5. Barbara Andrews-Jenkins

    One of the best products I’ve used in quite a while. I’m the pancake grandma for my growing grands. I love this griddle because it allows me to make pancakes and cook breakfast meats on same pan. It’s easy to keep clean without any residue buildup. I love it! Tell me how yo order as gifts for family members.

  6. Can this be used on a glass top stove?

  7. I had another model of Crofton griddle pan (also from ALDIs) with wooden handles, after 7-8 years the handles have worn off, but the pan is great! I used on glass stove top.

  8. The Crofton Griddle was and is very well made and is very user friendly. We have had our Griddle w/handles for over 6 years and still in very good shape and functional. I don’t understand WHY?? they don’t make this Griddle anymore. It was a quality product. I would like to buy 3 or 4 more of they now. Would love to see Aldi start producing and selling them again and add other products for cooking.

    • Aldi sold the griddle in May of 2023 (see the editor’s note at the top of the post). Products like this often — but not always — are sold on a yearly cycle at Aldi, so it’s possible the griddle may be in stores again in the spring of 2024. Only Aldi knows for sure, though. Good luck!

  9. I’m really impressed. As soon as I saw it in the ad, I was there purchasing it. A great price, as id been shopping around for one over the past few months. This one covers everything I was looking for and a great price as griddles aren’t cheap, but these days what is? The label states it’s good to work on gas, electric, glass ceramic, and halogen stove burners as well as inside the oven. A non stick coating, an after sales support line and a two year warranty. That alone covers the $14.99. Dimensions are 17.7 x 10.2x 1.1 in (45x26x2.8cm). I’m super excited to start using this griddle and if it continues to live past the two year warranty, then it’s lived up to it’s advertising which is all I can ask if a product these days. And anything after, is a total bonus!! Best of luck!

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