Does Aldi Do Price Adjustments?

Maybe this has happened to you: you buy something at Aldi and, just a few days later, you notice your local store has reduced the price on the item you bought.

This can happen with big-ticket items such as a gazebo, a coffee maker, a child’s step stool, or another limited-time Aldi Find. It can also happen with smaller limited-edition products such as coffee pod organizers or food storage sets. You’re happy with your purchase, but then a few days later, you notice your local Aldi store has lowered the price on that same product.

You wonder if you have any recourse. Can you get the store to credit you the difference between the full price you paid and the discounted price now listed for the product?

Does Aldi Do Price Adjustments?

If you buy something at Aldi and soon see that the price has gone down on that item, you can get money back. According to the FAQs section on the Aldi website, Aldi will give a price adjustment if it is within 14 days of your original purchase. You must take your receipt to the same store where you purchased the product, and Aldi’s website states that a manager will make the adjustment for you.

The key thing to know here is that you must act fairly quickly if you see the price has gone down on an item you bought at Aldi. You have two weeks to bring your receipt back in to get the adjustment.

This is one of those instances where keeping receipts for a little while can be helpful. Consider storing them in a file folder, a shoe box, a drawer, or somewhere else where you can easily find them.

Are There Exclusions to Aldi Price Adjustments?

According to Aldi, price adjustments are only made on Aldi Finds. Seasonal items and Regular Buy products that are available all the time do not qualify for price adjustments.

Aldi Finds are products that stores get only one shipment of, and after they sell out, they’re gone and you can’t get them again unless Aldi brings them back next year. Examples of Aldi Finds include cookware, clothing, and furniture.

In contrast, seasonal items are foods that not sold all year but are restocked a few times. Examples include certain foods Aldi carries during the winter holiday season such as stollen or specialty stuffing mixes, or foods stocked during the summer such has potato salad or macaroni salad. Regular Buys are products that Aldi stocks all the time, all year, such as milk, eggs, and bread.

Concluding Thoughts:

Aldi does offer price adjustments on Aldi Finds if you bring your receipt back to the store where you purchased the item within 14 days. Aldi states that if you have your receipt and it’s within two weeks of your purchase date, a manager will make a price adjustment. Keep in mind that price adjustments are not available for seasonal items or Regular Buy items.

Have you ever gotten a price adjustment at Aldi? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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