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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Easy Home Spin Mop

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi has redesigned this spin mop system so it now has two nesting buckets and keeps dirty water separate from clean water. Read our full review of the new spin mop here

Every January, Aldi starts stocking shelves with cleaning and organizing products to help us get our houses in shape after the busy holidays. Enter the Easy Home Spin Mop, which Aldi sells as an Aldi Find (Special Buy), which means that it’s only in stores for a few weeks, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. I bought a Clorox mop at a big box store last year, and I’ve been somewhat disappointed in its performance, so I decided to try my luck with Aldi’s mop.

Easy Home Spin Mop

(Click to enlarge.)

The Easy Home Spin Mop sold for $19.99 at the time of publication, and it is suitable for all hard surfaces and comes with a mop, two mop heads, and a special bucket. (EDITOR’S NOTE: As of 2022, the mop is now $24.99.) This product is made in China.

The microfiber mop heads are machine washable, and the bucket has a foot pedal that controls water release. Tapping the foot pedal two times gives you a “damp mop.” Tapping the pedal five times gives you a “drier mop.” Tapping it 10 times gives you a “very dry mop.”

The design allows for hands-free wringing without having to bend over, and a splash guard on the bucket controls water spray. The mop has a pivoting head that cleans under furniture and reaches into corners.

So how does the mop work? And will it get your floors clean?

Assembly and Maintenance:

When I opened the box, I found the bucket with the spin feature already in place and requiring no assembly. The mop handle comes in three sections that screw together, and then I simply had to pop one of the two washable mop heads onto the mop handle.

Easy Home Spin Mop

Top view looking down on the bucket and wringer. (Click to enlarge.)

Easy Home Spin Mop

The foot pedal on the side of the bucket controls the spin feature. (Click to enlarge.)

Easy Home Spin Mop

The upper side of the mop head, which attaches to the disc in the background. (Click to enlarge.)

I got the mop head fastened on with no trouble, but I wasn’t sure how to remove the mop head to wash it later. I gently pried it with my fingers, but it stayed put, and I didn’t want to pull too hard and break it. There was no instruction sheet or manual inside the box, and I was confused for a minute until I noticed that assembly instructions, maintenance tips, and usage instructions were printed on two inner flaps on the box. Then everything made more sense.

Easy Home Spin Mop

Assembly and maintenance instructions. (Click to enlarge.)

Easy Home Spin Mop

Usage instructions. (Click to enlarge.)

To remove the mop head, you step on the mop head and pull the handle up. Then the mop head pops off. The instructions also say to attach the mop head by aligning the mop head with the base, and then you step down on the mop head base until it snaps securely into place.

The mop heads can be machine washed or hand washed in warm water and laid flat to dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Store the accompanying bucket in dry conditions and do not expose to excessive sunlight.

How to Use:

To use the mop, fill the bucket with water to the marked “max line” on the inside of the bucket. I filled my bucket by using my sink’s spray attachment. The bucket is large enough that my sink’s faucet gets in the way a bit. If I’m only filling the bucket a little, I use the kitchen sink. If I want a full bucket, it’s easier to fill it in the bathtub. The bucket is decent-sized, although I’m not sure how many gallons it takes to get to the fill line, but it seems like plenty of water for household cleaning.

Easy Home Spin Mop

What the bucket looks like in my kitchen sink. It fits, but I have to tip the bucket to get it in and out around the faucet. Instead I opted to fill the bucket using my sink’s sprayer attachment. (Click to enlarge.)

Next, place the mop inside the larger deep part of the bucket to get it wet. Then place the wet mop inside the wringer — a gray basket mounted on one side of the bucket. The instructions say to loosely hold the mop handle vertically to allow the mop to spin. However, I cannot get my mop handle to go completely vertical. The straightest and highest I can get it is about a 45-degree angle, which works fine when I’m actually mopping my floors.

Through some trial and error, I discovered the key to getting the mop head to spin in the wringer is to make sure all the mop’s cloth stringy bits are tucked into the wringer basket, and then position the disc the mop head is attached to so that it sits level in the wringer. The mop won’t spin as well if it’s angled in the wringer.

Once the mop head is positioned in the wringer, step on the foot pedal outside the bucket a few times — causing the wringer to spin — to reach the desired mop moisture level.

I noticed this mop is great at cleaning the hard-to-reach space under my kitchen island, which is technically portable because it sits on wheels but is really too heavy and large to move frequently. The mop handle can tilt so it is flat and parallel with the floor, allowing it to reach under many low items.

Easy Home Spin Mop

It fits under my kitchen island! (Click to enlarge.)

The mop has a circular plastic piece under the head, and I’m a bit concerned about it scraping against my floors. The top of the mop head also brushes against my floors if the cloth mop head strings get pushed a certain way. It seems like the mop would benefit from being a little more cushy to avoid the plastic parts coming so close to the floor. Generally, though, this mops okay for me, and the plastic parts don’t scrape against my floors too much, and when they do they don’t cause damage such as scratches.

Easy Home Spin Mop

I’m concerned that this circular plastic piece on the bottom of the mop may scrape my floors. (Click to enlarge.)

UPDATE (February 2023): The mop has held up well through regular use. It has become our go-to mop for cleaning up our kitchen floor, especially if there is a large spill. We also wring it out well and use it to clean our hardwood floors. We like how easy it is to use and how effectively it has kept our floors clean. It’s also easy to toss the mop heads in the washing machine, and the original mop heads from four years ago still clean up well in the wash and work great.

The Verdict:

The Aldi Find (Special Buy) limited-time Easy Home Spin Mop works well for household cleaning, and we’ve had ours for several years now. The foot-pedal spin feature means you can customize the mop’s moisture level depending on your cleaning needs, without having to bend down or get your hands wet. The handle also bends down so the mop can reach under furniture, and the mop heads are washable. There are a few plastic parts that sometimes bump against my floors a bit, but my floors aren’t any worse for the wear because of that.

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  1. Where do I find mop refill

    • The mop heads are intended to be washed and reused, so I’m not sure there are replacements or refills available anywhere.

      • I ordered mine off TV with several replacement heads. Looks to me like these may be universal. Also, saw a set of wheels to sit it on at Walmart and could kick myself for not picking them up. An answer to a prayer.

      • Refills available at Aldi’s last time I was there.

    • I bought package of 2 refill when I bought my mop. All came from Aldi’s. I plan to use my mop today. I hope I have a positive experience.

    • I found mines at Aldi’s they have them 2 in a pack, but not all locations sell them

    • If you still have this mop. I discovered last night that the o cedar replacements actually fit
      Yes they are triangular but they fit and stay put

  2. Can you post the warranty number given in box please. My mop broke within 4 days of purchasing and within 2 uses.

    • Lissett: I’m not sure the spin mop came with a warranty. If you purchased it recently, you should be able to return it to Aldi for a full refund.

  3. my mop broke where the handle meets the mop, absolutely usless., no way to fix it. Are there spare parts available.

  4. I just bought the mop and used just water to try it.
    Looked good.

    This mop works well under low furniture.
    Do you have any recommendations on what type of floor cleaner to use?
    I then used my Mrs Meyers and The mop seem to leave streaks as opposed to my swiffer.

  5. I too had one, but where the mop connects to the handle snapped off. A waste of money as replacement parts don’t seem to be available. I find
    the best cleaner is methylated spirits

  6. I bought one of these about 3 months ago at Aldi. I’m a 77 year old widower and need all the help I can get cleaning the house. I love this mopping system. Makes life a lot easier. I like how the handle folds down to get under things.The spinner works great too. Believe it or not, I don’t mind mopping now! Thanks a bunch!

  7. marie jacqueline wallace

    I do not seem to be able to position the handle in a completely upright position. This make the spin features useless. I am afraid to force the handle into position. Cn anyone help?

    • If you step on the base with your foot then you only need a small amount of force to make it snap in upright.

    • Yes l agree
      I’ve used my aldi spin mop purchased Feb 2020
      I’m with you here.
      The mop is difficult to get in an upright position to spin.
      Without touching it with your hands or foot.
      Not hygienic.
      The pad doesn’t sit in the spin section easily.
      When rotating is throws water everywhere.
      The foot pump pedal jumps the cogs by the sounds.
      Used twice now, who tested this mop , prior to Aldi putting out for sale.
      If l find my receipt l will be returning it for a refund.

    • You stand on the plastic circle and push the handle up straight. It clicks into place. Repeat to get it angled for use.

    • Force it upright, you may have to put your foot on mop head or hold it with your hand when you snap the pole into the upright position.

    • I have the same problem as well…..HELP is greatly appreciated

    • I stumped me too and I was afraid I’d break it. It is a little resistant, but don’t be afraid to use a little force. Sit the mop head flat on the floor and hold it with your foot so it won’t slide away. Then push the handle upright until you feel it snap into place. Then do that process backwards when you need it flat again to go under furniture.

  8. Had one for about three weeks and the gear system to spin the mop is now broken. A waste of money made out of really cheap plastic parts.

  9. I found out to go sideways in and do not force it down. Then it spins perfect. Love my mop. Had to figure it out and first. . Only issue is the thing that makes the handle longer I can not get to tighten right.

  10. I have had my mop for a couple years now and I absolutely love it. I feel like it gets my floors cleaner than any other mop I have tried.

  11. Mine came without the blue disc to attach the microfiber cloth to the handle and it only had one of the microfiber mops, Not Two as printed on the box. How can I get the missing parts? The mop is useless without the blue disk.

  12. All went well until I couldn’t connect last handle part to mop. Seems something is missing. I now have a short-handle mop? disappointed.

  13. Hi Rachel,

    Im missing the 2 grey piece that allows the mop to stand straight. Fhe mop is ineffective without the gray pieces, how can i get some shipped to me?

  14. I love my mop from Aldis!! I have used the mop heads to death and need replacement heads. I guess I will try some other ones to see if they are universal.

  15. I used the mop for the first time today. I liked it, but cannot get the dirty head off in order to wash it. I tried to stand on it, but can’t seem to get enough “grip”. Help!

  16. Since no one has commented on the price increase, I will. Editor wrote: “The Easy Home Spin Mop sold for $19.99 at the time of publication, and it is suitable for all hard surfaces and comes with a mop, two mop heads, and a special bucket. (EDITOR’S NOTE: As of 2022, the mop is now $24.99.) ”
    That is a 25% increase! Aldi should be ashamed for raising the price more than the rate of inflation and for selling this cheap piece of Chinese junk.

  17. Just tried mine. Useless. I’m 73 and bending over enough to mold spinner while I pump it invites a fall. I have to pop the head out of the holder to put it in spinner, then it doesn’ty spin fast enough to do a good job.

  18. Just assembled the Easy Hone spin mop set from Aldi. We also could not understand how to get the mop to go straight. Only to a 45 degree angle. Did you find a solution?

  19. The spring popped out. How do I get it back in where it belongs?

  20. Thank you for this!!

  21. I just bought the Easy Home mop and I watched your video of how to remove the mop head and mine will not come off. I am so aggravated. Help should I take it back?

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