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Most of the flooring in my house is some type of hard surface. I have mostly hardwood, but there’s also some sheet vinyl and ceramic tile. After going over the floors with a good vacuum to pick up hair, dust, and grit, I like to use a mopping system of some kind to get everything really clean. I’ve used various renditions of the Aldi spin mop system, including an older single-bucket spin mop and a newer double-bucket spin mop. I’ve also used various sponge or squeeze mops.

One mop that has always caught my attention but I didn’t get around to trying until now is the Aldi spray mop. This mopping system features a long handle with a spray trigger and a large mop pad, and positioned low on the handle is a bottle that holds water or whatever cleaning solution you want to use.

Easy Home Spray Mop

The Easy Home Spray Mop (Product Code: 709415) cost $14.99 at the time of publication.

This is comparable to some other spray mop systems on the market, including Bona, O’Cedar, or a Swiffer Wet Jet. (The Swiffer Wet Jet takes batteries, though, whereas Bona and O’Cedar don’t require batteries, and this Aldi mop does not need batteries.) In terms of price, you won’t find a cheaper spray mop than this Aldi one, which other spray mops on Amazon starting around $20 and going up into the $40s, depending on what brand you purchase.

The Easy Home Spray Mop is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store gets one shipment, and after that sells out, they’re gone until Aldi decides to bring them back, if or when that might be. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not in stock at your local store.

Here’s more information about the spray mop, according to Aldi:

  • Features soft grip handle for more comfortable cleaning
  • Includes reusable microfiber pad suitable for most hard floor types: wood, tile, vinyl, etc.
  • Comes with clear removable tank for easy measuring; add your choice of cleaner
  • Fine spray provides enough moisture to clean your floors without leaving water streaks
  • Easy to use; swivels 360 degrees
  • Includes a scrub pad for quick and easy spot cleaning
  • Includes an extra microfiber pad, for a total of two pads

This does not come with a warranty or any kind of after-sales service, but it’s a $15 mop, so I don’t expect much in that department.


Easy Home Spray Mop

The assembled mop.

The back of the box has assembly instructions:

  1. Connect the two pole pieces together.
  2. Buckle the whole pole onto the mop plate.
  3. If the microfiber pad is too dirty, replace with another pad.
Easy Home Spray Mop

A closer look at the attached spray bottle and the mop head.

Assembly was not hard. I did find that it was easiest to buckle the pole onto the mop plate when I put the mop plate on the floor and pushed the pole down into it, allowing my weight to click it into place.

Using the Mop:

Easy Home Spray Mop

One of the microfiber mop pads.

I used this spray mop to clean my vinyl kitchen floor and my hardwood floors in the living room and dining room. I sprayed my floors with special cleaners depending on the type of floor, and I filled the spray mop bottle with water and sprayed the water as I cleaned the floors. If you want, you could add cleaner or diluted cleaner directly to the spray bottle on the mop.

Easy Home Spray Mop

The microfiber mop pads attach to this surface on the bottom of the mop plate. It has plastic Velcro-like sections where the pad sticks.

This worked well getting my floors clean and wasn’t hard to push or to operate the spray trigger. One minor annoyance was that the mop plate sometimes flipped over when I was pulling the mop back toward me. Getting the mop really wet — by generously pulling the spray trigger as I worked my way across the floor — seemed to reduce that problem some. I filled the spray bottle about two thirds full, and it was plenty to do three rooms and still have water left over.

I haven’t used a name brand spray mop such as a Swiffer Wet Jet, Bona, or O’Cedar, so I don’t know how the Aldi mop compares. However, this is a nice mop for times when I don’t want to drag out my spin mop system with its buckets that need filling. It’s quick and relatively easy, and it’s nice if you want a more minimalist system for mopping instead of all the buckets. It works well for smaller spot cleaning jobs, but it’s also up to the task if you need to mop an entire room or multiple rooms.


Easy Home Spray Mop

The spray bottle pops out so you can fill it or clean it.

The box also offers maintenance instructions:

  1. Remove the microfiber pad by hand.
  2. Machine wash the pad and lay it flat to dry.
  3. Rinse the bottle to avoid blockage after using.

The microfiber pads were easy to toss in the washing machine and came out none the worse for wear. I laid them across a drying rack, and they were dry again overnight and ready to be used again. The mop pads seem durable and I expect them to last a long time, even with repeated washes.

I like how this comes with two mop pads, so one can be washing while the other is on the mop and ready to be used. Based on comments on a previous open thread about the Aldi spray mop, it looks like older models only came with one mop pad, so the fact that mine came with two is a great improvement.

Also on the subject of care and maintenance for this mop, the spray bottle takes a while to dry out after using, but I just set it in my dish drainer in my sink.

The Verdict:

The Easy Home Spray Mop is an Aldi take on a pricier name brand Bona, O’Cedar, or Swiffer Wet Jet spray mop. The mop features a spray bottle you can fill with water or your choice of floor cleaner. It operates with a hand trigger and requires no batteries. We had some minor problems with the mop plate sometimes flipping over while we were mopping, but otherwise this is a decent and inexpensive spray mop great for tackling an important household chore.

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  1. Thank you Rachel for such a through review. I seem to have the same issues as you do, not wanting to drag the spin mop and bucket ot to clean my floors. I like the fact that the Aldi mop has a refillable container and that there are 2 mop heads that can be washed.
    The swiffer does just ok, but, all the mop pads have to be disposed of and also the container has to be purchased and is at least recyclable, but these things cost more $$$. I just hope my Aldi has it!
    Thanks again!

    • Yes, I should add that I appreciate how the Aldi mop pads are reusable so I’m not throwing away pads all the time. Hope you find a mop at Aldi!

  2. Returned mine. Bottom piece didn’t fit correctly. Mop pad constantly flipping over.

  3. I just came across this mop at my Aldi for a whopping $3.69! It has the 2 mop pads and seems identical to the reviewed item. I’m so excited to try it! I think I got an amazing deal. My Swiffer Wet Jet seems to have died, and I was researching replacements when I came upon this Aldi mop so I had to try it. It’s cheaper than a single replacement pad for the O’Cedar!

  4. Thumbs down on this product. I could have washed the floor on my hands and knees faster since the mop head kept flipping over. You definitely get what you pay for on this mop.

  5. I clean a few businesses and tried this mop. I was very disappointed in it. While pressing down to mop the floor, it actually snapped in half. I will be returning it. I will go back to my Rubbermaid Reveal mop. It is very durable and you can wash the pads on this mop too.

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