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Last Updated on February 22, 2024

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold this spin mop set again in February of 2024 for the same price of $24.99. 

Four years ago, I bought a Huntington Home Spin Mop from Aldi that featured a large single-tank bucket, a mop, and two mop heads. It’s worked well for me over the last few years. The spinning mechanism is efficient and getting water out of the mop head, and the mop heads are easy to throw in the washing machine.

The only downside to my old Aldi spin mop set is that the single-bucket system means the water gets dirty quickly, and I have to frequently change the water so I’m not just smearing dirty water over my floors. It’s such a large bucket that I feel like I waste a lot of water doing so many water changes.

Aldi sells its spin mop system at least once or twice a year, and this year, I noticed the design was different. It now features a two-bucket system to keep clean and dirty water separate. I was intrigued, so I bought it when it showed up at my local store. Some people online have talked about this being comparable to an O’Cedar spin mop, although I’m not sure it’s exactly alike.

While my previous mop was sold under the Huntington Home brand, this new mop is sold under the Easy Home brand. Neither Huntington Home nor Easy Home are companies. Instead, they’re private labels Aldi uses for assorted home goods.

Easy Home Spin Mop Set

The Easy Home Spin Mop Set (Product Code: 821231) cost $24.99 at the time of publication. That’s $5 more than what we paid for a previous model in 2019. However, it’s also cheaper than most other spin mops on Amazon, and it’s less than any O’Cedar spin mop system on Amazon.

This is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and after that sells out, they’re gone until next time, whenever that might be. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not in stock at your area store.

Easy Home Spin Mop Set

The back of the mop box. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s more information about the spin mop set:

  • Available in gray or blue (I bought blue)
  • Offers hands-free wringing without bending
  • Pivoting head cleans under furniture and reaches into corners
  • Suitable for all hard surfaces
  • Features 2-in-1 mountable bucket that is detachable and nesting for easy storage
  • Detachable bucket has 1.7-gallon capacity
  • Includes additional mop head

The following items come inside the box: two nesting buckets (one of which has a spinning mechanism), a mop head attachment, four metal poles that screw together to form the handle, and two mop heads.

I’ve found the mop heads to last a long time, but if you want replacement mop heads, Aldi does occasionally sell them. (Keep in mind that you can’t order Aldi products online if they aren’t at your area store, so you’ll only be able to get new mop heads when they show up at Aldi stores.)

This mop set doesn’t come with a manual or instructions of any kind, and no warranty or after-sales service. That was also the case with the Aldi spin mop I bought four years ago. It’s not difficult to use this system, but Aldi does leave you to your own devices to figure it out.

Using the Mop:

Easy Home Spin Mop Set

The contents of the box.

Before you start mopping, you’ll need to assemble the mop and the bucket system.

The mop handle has a distinct top section, two middle sections that are identical to each other with white threaded pieces, and a bottom section with a gray threaded piece that goes into the hard plastic mop head. To attach the soft mop head, align it with the plastic section on the bottom of the mop handle, then step down on the plastic mop head piece to snap the soft mop head into place.

The two bucket pieces easily slide together with an attached series of plastic hooks. (When you’re done mopping, you can set the bucket with the spinner inside the regular bucket so they take up less space in storage.)

Easy Home Spin Mop Set

The mop set with the two bucket pieces put together.

To use the mop system, fill the open bucket with plenty of water and/or cleaning solution, dip your mop in, and place the mop head inside the spinner apparatus with the cotton threads tucked inside so they don’t spray water out of the bucket. Step down on the pedal on the side of the bucket a few times to get the mop head spinning. Naturally, the more you spin it, the drier the mop will get.

Mop a section of your floor, then place the mop head in the spinner again and spin thoroughly to get as much dirty water out as possible. Then dip in the clean water bucket and lightly spin before continuing to mop the floor.

As with the older spin mop, I have to position the mop on the floor in a certain way to avoid scraping the plastic part of the mop head on the floor. It’s not too hard, if a little annoying. I do like how these mops are hinged near the mop head so you can mop under furniture. I was able to clean under a TV stand, china cabinet and dry sink, hall tree, and more with this mop.

I used this mop system to clean the hardwood floors in my living room and dining and the vinyl floor in my kitchen. By the time I got to my kitchen — the last floor I cleaned — a lot of the clean water had been used up, and the dirty water bucket was full. I had to detach the dirty water bucket and empty it before continuing to mop my kitchen with the remaining clean water.

If you have a large house or a lot of floor area that needs cleaning, you’ll need to empty the dirty bucket several times and will probably need to refill the clean water bucket. Neither of these buckets are very large on their own, and they easily detach, so it’s not hard to empty and refill individual buckets.

The dirty water bucket with the spinning mechanism does not come apart completely. It has a plastic top cover piece that comes off if you pry at it, but the spin mechanism itself remains anchored to the bottom of the bucket, and taking off the small plastic cover doesn’t seem to serve any purpose, so I recommend leaving it on. The spinning mechanism blocks your view of the inside of the dirty water bucket, so it’s difficult to see when the bucket is getting full until you start to see water coming up through the plastic basket of the spinning mechanism. The spin mechanism does take up a good amount of space in the bucket, so you don’t have a lot of capacity for dirty water.

To see the spin mop in action, check out our demonstration video below:

When you’re done mopping, if you want to remove the mop head and wash it in the washing machine, you remove it by stepping on the soft part of the mop head. Then pull up firmly on the mop handle. You may have to pull really hard, and you may have to try a few times, but it should come off. I usually wash these mop heads on the regular cycle and then air dry them.

We show how to remove the mop head from the mop handle in the comprehensive demonstration video up above, but if you need just a quick tutorial, you can watch our video of how to remove a mop head on the older spin mop below. The mop head on the new mop model comes off the same way.

How Does the Two-Bucket Spin Mop Compare to the Single-Bucket Spin Mop?

Easy Home Spin Mop Set

The 2019 spin mop on the left, and the 2023 spin mop on the right.

I can see the benefits of using this new two-bucket spin mop. The clean water bucket still gets a bit dirty, but the water was cleaner than when I use my old single-bucket spin mop system. And even though I had to empty the dirty water bucket to finish mopping floors in three rooms, it still beats having to empty an entire large single-bucket system and refill it only for it to get dirty again right away.

Easy Home Spin Mop Set

The 2019 spin mop on the left, and the 2023 spin mop on the right.

The new mop bucket is a slightly thinner plastic than my older Aldi mop bucket, but it still feels sturdy enough. The buckets are somewhat different shapes and sizes (the old bucket is taller, but more rounded on the sides). There may be some difference in the amount of water the old bucket holds versus the new bucket, but just from looking at them it’s hard to tell if one is definitively bigger.

The spinning mechanism works the same on both the old and new versions.

One thing I like about the new mop is that the pole handle is not adjustable in length. With the old mop, if I pushed hard and scrubbed at spots on the floor, the handle would slide down into itself and get shorter. That’s not a problem with the new mop, which does not have adjustable length/height.

The Verdict:

The Easy Home Spin Mop Set features nesting buckets and a mop with two mop heads. A pedal on one of the buckets allows you to spin water out of the mop head so you don’t have to wring it out by hand. It’s pretty easy to use and is an upgrade over an older design that didn’t keep dirty water separate from clean water.

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  1. I bought a spin mop just like this at Boscov’s many years ago. I loved it, but sadly it broke after about 6 or 7 years. Could not find another one until Aldi’s. I love this moping system. Wish they would keep it permanently.

  2. I bought this at Aldi’s but haven’t used it as yet. Is there a warranty on this. it seems a little delicate. . I was hoping for more reviews on it before I decided to keep it.

  3. I bought the Easy Home Spin mop and bucket a few years ago from Aldi. I love the system and everything about it, except, recently my bucket has started leaking from the bottom!!! There isn’t a hole or anything it just seems to form a puddle under the bucket each time I spin the mop. Is there a “fix” for this or do I need to trash the whole thing and check out the O’Cedar brand?

    • I’ve never had that problem. Could there be a hairline crack that’s hard to see in the bucket? Or, since you say the water puddles on the floor when you spin the mop, could water be splashing out somehow when it’s spinning? For instance, are all the damp mop strings tucked into the spinner before you start spinning it so they don’t spray water?

    • I am highly disappointed in this product. The buckets are fine but the mop heads are highly absorbent so can only get a few rinses before all the water is gone out of the solution side. Also the mop wont stay locked so it is going around in circles so have to be careful not to change directions or anything. I wish I had not spent the money on it.

  4. How do we attach the mop head to the handle? Does it snap in, or some other trick? Bought the kit yesterday from Aldi’s but no instruction page. Thanks

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