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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated with a progress report and price update for 2022.

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In most parts of the United States, the end of May heralds the beginning of not just warm, but genuinely hot weather. In my part of the country, daytime highs start trending into the 80s, and by the end of June, 90+ degree days are not uncommon. Eventually, things get bad enough that we close up the windows and let the air conditioner do its work.

Not everyone has an air conditioner, and even if you do, you might not want to run it as temperatures get warm, or you may only want to run it at certain times of the day. It may be because of cost, or the state of your air conditioner, or just because you prefer some outside air.

Still, no one wants to feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, one way to keep cool without actual cool air is through air flow produced by fans. Fans don’t technically cool the air, but they do help move air over our skin, which aids in the process our bodies use to cool ourselves down. We sometimes use box fans in our home, and in fact we may even use them when the windows are closed and the air conditioning is on.

Aldi sells a few different kinds of fans throughout the warm months. One of the more interesting is a two-fan model designed for the window.

The Easy Home Twin Window Fan (Product Code 800227) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. In 2020, it retailed for $29.99, while in 2022 it retailed for $34.99. Even at the higher price point, it is still much cheaper than any other twin window fan I can find that has this fan’s features. Most other fans in this price range are manual fans that lack all the features this one has.

The fan comes with:

  • The fan unit, including built-in accordion panels
  • Feet and mounting screws
  • Remote control
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Warranty cards in English and Spanish
  • A manual

Contents of the box. (Click to enlarge.)

The fan’s features include:

  • The ability to be used in a window both horizontally and vertically
  • The ability to mount the fan on a floor or tabletop using the included feet
  • Three speeds: low, medium, and high
  • Three modes: cool, exhaust, and circulate
  • A unit measuring 23.62 inches wide x 4.41 inches deep x 12.6 inches tall
  • Twin fans, each measuring about 9 inches
  • A 2-prong polarized plug measuring 60.2 inches (about 5 feet); the plug contains a fuse
  • Locking accordion expanders that adjust from 23.62 inches up to 37 inches
  • A 1-year warranty, backed up by Tempo USA (Customer Care USA)

Setting It Up

The fan isn’t hard to set up, although it’s a little more work than your garden variety box fan. Setting it up for table or floor use simply involves attaching the feet and then screwing them in

Most people who buy this fan, though, are probably intending to use it as a window fan. To use it that way, you won’t be using the feet. Instead, you’ll need to open the lower sash of the window–the one that is lowest when the window is closed–and then situate the fan in the window. This will take a little work, as you’ll need to unclip the accordion panels, stretch them to the right length, and then lock them into that length by pushing the clips back in. After that, you’ll need to lower the window down so the slot in the window slips into the tab on the top of the window fan and locks it into place. I gave the fan a gentle tug to make sure the fan was both secured on the bottom and properly secured on the top.

One thing I realized is that my living room window is too wide for the fan’s specifications. The fan says up to 37 inches, and my window is several inches larger than that. In fact, of all the windows in my (modest) house, only one of them is the preferred dimensions, and that is in a bedroom. However, I think the fan still mostly works even if it’s too small for the window: mine feels secure enough, even on the high fan setting, and since I have a screen, bugs aren’t an issue.

In my window. It was a little small. (Click to enlarge.)

Also, keep in mind that your window design might impact how this fan fits even with the right dimensions. My particular window is designed in a way that there is a gap between the accordion panel and the window sash, so, for me, this fan wouldn’t necessarily keep insects out even if my window had been slimmer. Your situation may be different.

With my particular window, there was a bit of gap along the top of the accordion partition. (Click to enlarge.)

One more note: the 5-foot cord feels a little short. If you don’t have a socket within a foot or two of your window, you’ll need an extension cord.

Testing it Out

We tested the fan with both the panel controls and the remote. Both are responsive enough. I did notice that the fan’s settings reset each time you turn it off, so if you want it, say, circulating on high, you’ll have to push a couple of buttons more than once each to get there.

There are three buttons on both the panel and the remote. One is to turn it on and off. The second, meanwhile, is for speed: low, medium, and high.

The third button, the mode, is what makes this fan different than a box fan. The first mode, cool, simply blows both fans into the house, pulling from outside air. The second mode, exhaust, does just the opposite, pulling air from inside the home. The third is circulate, and this mode has the left fan blowing in and the right fan pulling air out. All three modes have their uses, so you can experiment with them to see what works best for you depending on the room and your situation.

I like the fact that the fan seems to put out a good amount of airflow, especially on the medium and high settings. It’s not the air tunnel of a big box fan or one of those metal velocity fans, but I feel like it does a good job of moving the air around the room. I was impressed at how nicely it circulated air in my living room.

UPDATE (May 2022): After two years, the fan continues to operate fine with occasional use. We haven’t used it a lot, so more frequent use might yield different results. But it’s held up fine for our purposes.

The Verdict:

If you need a window fan, this one has some things going for it. It has some nice features, especially for the price, and it does a pretty good job with air circulation. Keep in mind, though, that every window is different, so how well this fits in your window will depend on its design.

Also keep in mind that it’s only designed for windows up to 37 inches, although it seems to work okay in our wider window. Just like before, your mileage my vary.

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  1. I bought this over a week ago!! 7/23/22 just in time for the heat!! I love it 🥰, I live inland in San Diego
    1.cool’s down my bedroom and
    2. I can see easily see the lights to determine what setting it is on,
    3. I love 💕 the small remote as i keep it my bed,
    4. I use all the setting at various times through the day and as the temperature change inside and outside, my house gets hot 🥵 and I have hot flashes. Love 💕 the 3 speeds and 3 modes
    5. I do like the white water sounds as to keep people outside from hearing when the window is open( great privacy)
    6. It easily sit in my window , ( I have black out curtains I mold around area fan does not cover) It easily just fits in front of the screen and I put on the bed when I leave and close the window ( I have a screen so no bugs)
    7. I use the exhaust to cool my room down and it really does work, ( I do have a tower fan by my bed I use as well in combination as needed)
    8. The cool night air is wonderful!! I used to put a fan on my bed to draw the cool air in , not remote and it would tip over , and I had to get up to turn it around to use as an exhaust !!
    This is exactly what I needed as I can adjust the air flow to the temperature condition of my room!!
    I use all modes, speeds and the remote all night long as the room conditions change ,

  2. I got this a month or so ago and I’m pissed. I loved it up until this past week. The power button and off button are cracked so you can see the inside. The remote needs to be pointed at the fan just right. And now it changes speed all by itself. Sometimes it’ll do it once others it constantly cycles through for over a min. Yesterday I couldn’t turn it off I had to actually unplug it.

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