Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are some of my favorite easy foods to pair with a salad for lunch. Or when crab cakes are served alongside other seafood or a steak, they make a good fancy dinner. Aldi sells several types of crab cakes from time to time. Some of them are sold refrigerated, but most are found in the limited-buy freezer aisle. I love Aldi Specially Selected Crab Cakes because they don’t skimp on meat, but I like other Aldi crab cakes, too. These oven ready crab cakes are a close second.

Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes

Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes cost $4.49 at the time of publication for a 17-ounce package with five crab cakes. When Aldi stocks them, they can be found in the Aldi Find freezer area.

These are an Aldi find, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. You can’t order them online if they aren’t in stock at your local store.

The package says these are “made with real and imitation crab meat and fish flakes.” (The fish is primarily pollock and/or whiting.) They’re wild caught and a product of the U.S. The crab was caught using pots in Major Fishing Area 77 in the Gulf of California, while the fish was caught using the trawl method in Major Fishing Area 67 in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re concerned about allergens, these contain crustacean shellfish (crab), fish (pollock, whiting, anchovy), wheat, egg, milk, and soy.

Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes

Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

One crab cake (3.4 ounces) has 170 calories, 6 grams of total fat (8% DV), 2 grams of saturated fat (10% DV), 30 mg of cholesterol (10% DV), 370 mg of sodium (16% DV), 21 grams of total carbohydrates (8% DV), 1 gram of dietary fiber (4% DV), 3 grams of total sugars, 1 gram of added sugar (2% DV), and 9 grams of protein.

The package has directions for baking these in the oven or deep frying them. You could probably air fry these, although I haven’t tried that yet.

To bake them, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place your desired number of crab cakes on an oven-safe tray and heat for 24-30 minutes. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

To deep fry, heat the oil to 350 degrees and fry the crab cakes for 4 1/2 to 5 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes

A cross section of a crab cake after baking.

These were piping hot inside and crispy on the outside after 30 minutes in my oven. The outer breading has a satisfying crunch, while the interior has small bits of crab and fish, a few pieces of diced bell peppers and onions, and a soft bready mixture. These don’t have as much meat as some other crab cakes Aldi sometimes sells, but they contain more shellfish and fish than the underwhelming lobster bites and shrimp bites Aldi has sold recently. They remind me of a meal I might get at a seafood restaurant where the food is served in a basket with a generous helping of fries, onion rings, or hush puppies on the side. Overall, these crab cakes are pretty good, and my kids like them, too.

The Verdict:

Fremont Fish Market Oven Ready Crab Cakes have a crispy outer breading and a soft interior accented with bits of crab and fish. While not as meaty as some other crab cakes Aldi has sold, they’re decent in their own right. I usually pick up a package or two of these when I spot them at Aldi.

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  1. I agree about these crabcakes. They are delicious and affordable. When I see them at Aldi’s, I grab 3 or 4 packages because they are not a regularly stocked item. They can go from freezer to air fryer quite well.

  2. But they have celery inside them

  3. These left me very underwhelmed. They are a total mash inside of a quutw soft, pasty, mushy material, with bits of red pepper. I didn’t see any discernable fish or crab. They don’t really have much taste either. The outside is crunchy, yes, but its thick. So when you push down to cut off a piece with your fork, the whole “crab” cake collapses as well. If I got these from a fast food restaurant I wouldn’t be mad, but from anywhere else I’d feel cheated. They’re certainly inexpensive, but not worth buying again in my opinion.

  4. My only concern is the high volume of sodium, 370mg. Isinglass this way too much per crab cake. Trying to protect my overall health.
    For sodium content please advise.

  5. We are usually very picky when it comes to Crab cakes, but also very frugal!!! This is a perfect balance and we are never disappointed! I just wish they were always an available item at Aldi, as we like to have these as a treat/meal once a week.

  6. My mom loves these, I hope they get them back again…they remind her of Mrs. Paul’s fish cakes 💜💜💜💜

  7. I just got these a week or so ago. Absolutely delicious! Went back to get more and Aldi didn’t have them. Very disappointed! They were so good.
    I’d love to be able to get them online.

  8. I like these but consider them to be fish cakes with a slight crab flavor. They’re a lot like the ones I used to buy at a neighborhood market where they just mixed cooked fish with mashed potatoes, patted them into cakes , govered them with ctumbs & fried them up. Nothing light or subtle about them but a nice filling meal- good with some tartar sauce & green beans.

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