Huntington Home Shower Bag

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

My family goes camping just about every summer. We usually plan on pitching our tent at a state park at least once, if not several times, between June and September. Besides the usual supplies such as a tent, lawn chairs, and s’mores ingredients, we also need a way to carry toiletries to and from the shower houses.

I like for my personal items to touch as little as possible in public showers, so I prefer bags that can be hung from hooks on the shower door, or plastic caddies that can be set on a bench or on the floor and later be wiped clean. When it comes to carrying shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair combs, and such, I’ve used everything from hard plastic shower caddies (which are unforgiving when you’re packing camping gear in a vehicle and space is at a premium) to plastic Ziploc bags to reusable cloth or plastic shopping bags.

Huntington Home Shower Bag

Recently Aldi sold some shower bags among all their back-to-college gear such as lamps, tech, and bedding. These shower bags are soft and flexible, meaning they can easily be flattened or folded and packed away when not in use. They’re ideal for students living in dorms with community bathrooms, for kids going to youth camp, or for anyone using the facilities at a campground. I picked up two of the Aldi shower bags for my kids to use specifically on camping trips. The bags came in either a solid gray color or gray with white polka dots. I bought the bags with dots.

Huntington Home Shower Bag

The Huntington Home Shower Bag cost $3.99 in July of 2023. That’s less than what shower bags go for on Amazon, where prices at the time of publication ranged from $7 up to $20 or more depending on what style or brand you buy.

Huntington Home Shower Bag

Looking down inside the shower bag. The entire bottom is mesh for easy drainage.

Here’s more information about the bag, according to the packaging:

  • Helps keep your shower accessories organized
  • Features multiple pockets and compact style that allows you to tote your favorite products with ease
  • Mesh design makes for quick and easy drying
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ L x 9″ W x 6.5″ H
Huntington Home Shower Bag

The bag with a family-sized bottle of shampoo inside, and a regular-sized bottle of body wash in a side pocket.

This is a roomy shower bag with plenty of space for multiple full-sized bottles. It also features exterior pockets on every side that can hold additional bottles or containers, razors for shaving, or whatever else you need it to hold.

Huntington Home Shower Bag

I also like how the bottom of the bag is entirely made of mesh, so water will easily drain. The side pockets are also mesh.

Huntington Home Shower Bag

A handy plastic clip on the front.

One final nice touch is that there’s a small plastic clip on the front of the bag. This might be useful for clipping on a loofah on a rope.

The only thing that remains is for my family to thoroughly put these shower bags to the test to see how well they work in the shower and how they hold up to use. We’ll be taking these out on a camping trip before the summer is done, and I’ll update this review with any relevant new information.

The Verdict:

The Huntington Home Shower Bag costs less than any other shower bags I’ve seen on the market, and it has plenty of space inside the bag and in exterior pockets for all your toiletries. The mesh bag bottom and the mesh pockets are good for providing drainage, and the carrying handles allow you to conveniently hang the bag from hooks in the shower stall. If you need a way to tote supplies to a dorm shower or a campground bathhouse, these bags are worth a look.

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  1. These would make good brush bags for those of us with horses. Most of us try to keep one set of brushes per horse for hygiene purposes. Have you tried washing them?

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