Lacura Five Blade Razor with Wide Moisture Bar + Razor Blade Replacement Pack (Women)

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I like to browse in the personal care aisle at Aldi. The selection is small — and some of our writers feel like this aisle is one of the weakest links in Aldi inventory — but I have found some products here that are real gems. I use Aldi facial night cream regularly. My family also uses Aldi baby wipes for cleaning up small messes or when we go on camping trips. In addition, my newest favorite products in the discount grocer’s personal care aisle are oatmeal-based body wash and body lotion.

Another Aldi product I use is razors. I buy Aldi razors for shaving legs and armpits, and all the females in my household use them. They’re disposable razors with no replacement blades, so once the blade gets rusty or dull, you have to toss out the entire thing, which contributes to plastic waste in landfills.

Recently, I discovered some new razor options at Aldi. I found a traditional handheld razor that comes with one replacement blade (for a total of two). Alongside this razor set, I found a pack that contains four replacement blade cartridges. That means you can keep the plastic handle indefinitely and only throw away the small blade cartridges when they wear out. It feels like a more environmentally friendly option. These razors are available in men’s or women’s options, and I bought the women’s razor and the replacement blades to put to the test at home.

Lacura Five Blade Razor with Wide Moisture Bar

The Lacura Five Blade Razor with Wide Moisture Bar (with two blade cartridges) costs $5.49 at the time of publication, while the replacement blade pack with four cartridges costs $6.65. So for a little over $12 total, you can buy a razor and six blades. That $6.65 replacement pack comes out to about $1.66 per cartridge.

That looks like a competitive price compared to similar razors with blade refills that Amazon sells. Depending on what brand you buy and how fancy of a handle you want, you can find cheaper options, but you can also find razor sets that cost a lot more.

The Aldi razor and blades appear to be Regular Buys, so you should be able to find them at Aldi all year. It looks like — at least in my local stores — that Aldi has stopped stocking its other ladies’ disposable razors, so these are now the only razor options specifically for women.

Lacura Five Blade Razor with Wide Moisture Bar

The backs of the boxes. (Click to enlarge.)

These razors feature aloe vera, argan oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E. Each razor has five blades. The razor head is flexible so it “hugs your curves for a comfortable shave.” The rubber-covered handle is also ergonomically designed to offer “control from any angle.”

The blades are made in South Korea, while the handle is made in Vietnam. Besides the fact that this razor handle is reusable when you swap out the blades as they get old, I also appreciate that the packaging for these is made of cardboard. That’s a change from the other razors Aldi sold that featured plastic and cardboard packaging.

Fellow Aldi Reviewer writer Joshua tried out the men’s version of these razors, and he noticed that the men’s razor handle says “pace.” The women’s handle doesn’t have this word, but a little internet sleuthing revealed that both the men’s and women’s razors at Aldi are manufactured by DORCO USA. DORCO produces private label shaving products, which can also be found at Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Kroger.

Lacura Five Blade Razor with Wide Moisture Bar

What’s inside each box.

So how well do these work?

So far, I really like these razors. They’re easy to use, and the blade with its wide moisture bar feels less likely to cut or nick my skin compared to smaller razor blades. The handle is comfortable. It’s also easy to swap out the blades when one wears out. These are winners in my book.

The Verdict:

The Lacura Five Blade Razor with Wide Moisture Bar and Lacura razor cartridge replacement pack is easy to use, seems less likely to accidentally cut your skin, and is more eco-friendly with its replacement blades. Even the packaging, which contains no plastic, is better for the environment. I like using these and will continue to buy them.

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