Open Thread: Bauhn Relaxation Clock

Aldi rotates a range of bedside or desktop clocks through its stores at different times of year. We’ve tried several of them, and some are better than others.

For instance, we thought Aldi’s Bauhn Alarm Clock with USB Charging was decent, but the Bauhn Accessories Radio Alarm Clock had settings that were so counter-intuitive to navigate — and the alarm kept going off at random times in middle of the night — that we stopped using it not long after we bought it. Aldi also sold a Bauhn Mood Light Alarm Clock last year that had mixed reviews.

One of the latest Aldi clocks to come down the pipeline is the Bauhn Relaxation Clock.

What We Know:

Bauhn Relaxation Clock

The Bauhn Relaxation Clock (product code 701885) cost $12.99 in September of 2020. This appears to be the first time Aldi has sold a relaxation clock.

This clock has all the functions of a regular alarm clock radio, plus it makes nature sounds if you want some ambient noise or you don’t want to wake up to a traditional blaring alarm. Hence, the “relaxation” part. This cube-shaped clock is also unique because it has a wood-look facade, perhaps in keeping with that natural theme.

Features include:

  • Soothing nature sounds, including: ocean waves, rain, birds, and white noise
  • White LED digital display
  • FM digital radio with 10-station memory
  • Dual alarm with snooze
  • Sleep or wake to radio or nature sounds
  • Battery backup

Remember: this is an Aldi Find (Special Buy), which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Once it sells out, it’s gone, maybe until next year or possibly forever.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried this clock yet, so we don’t know how well it works. We also don’t know who makes this clock or if it comes with any kind of a warranty.

Do you have experience with the Bauhn Relaxation Clock? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. Hello. I was wondering if the backup battery feature really works. i called both numbers listed on the package insert under “After Hours Support”. Neither number connects to Costumer Support.

    • Yes it does I unplugged it then plugged it back into the power cord and the time was still correct and the preset stations were still there

  2. I can’t get the clock to set the time. Hold the ‘time’ button for 3 seconds to a very long time it never starts flashing

  3. bought this for my husband. was looking for a clock with a sound machine. love the cube shape and seemed to be great sounds/radio, etc. But then we went to sleep– AH! the light emitted from the clock lit up the room. Difficult to sleep. I do not see a setting to change the brightness of the display. Sorry to say, I am taking this cube back to the store. Back to the drawing board…

    • There is no way to dim the light for the LCD clock you could try putting a strip of see through tape like a blue color see through tape or a see through red color tape over the numbers on the clock that might work

    • I just found out about this myself. Never had a digital radio clock you couldn’t turn the light down. So now what!

  4. I have this. The sound quality isn’t great, and I can’t get radio stations pulled in, but then again it’s been an ongoing problem with most radio stations, so I just stream or use the car. The relaxation sounds, while not crisp, do work. I mainly use it as white noise to block out sounds elsewhere in the house, such as conversation or loud gaming. Within 10 minutes I’m asleep, so to me it’s worth the 12.99 I paid.

  5. How do you set alarm?

  6. Use clear red or blue tape over the LCD numbers will dim the light from the numbers. Also the clock radio has a wire antenna you can use to get radio signals

  7. Clock was okay for a couple of weeks then husband unplugged it to move furniture, when replugged was completely black, no lights came on, no numbers could be seen, nothing could be done to restart it. Model number is 71042NSA/ PLU# is 701885 would appreciate knowing what I can do to correct the problem…

  8. I bought this for my son for Christmas. There was no power adapter in the box (not even a place for it) NOR was there one sold separately. I assumed it was total battery operated, but it is not. Any ideas as to where to find an adapter?

  9. Alice Thompson

    Can you find the instructions on how to set the alarm, change the volume etc?

    I like the ocean sounds but cannot figure out how to turn off the alarm – to NO ALARM


  10. I found the warranty info, it’s 1 year from 9/23/2020. No manual on the Aldi warranty and manuals page. you have to search for Bauhn Relaxation Clock.

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