Open Thread: Belavi Outdoor Gas Fire Table

In the Aldi world, summer is shaping up to be a showcase for Belavi. Aldi introduced the house brand in the spring of 2021, and since then has been launching product after product under the label. Many of them repeats of products formerly sold under Gardenline.

Sure enough, in 2019 Aldi sold a Gardenline Outdoor Gas Fire Table. (Aldi has also sold a fire column.) In 2021, Aldi is once again selling a fire table, this time under … well, you know.

What We Know:

Belavi Outdoor Gas Fire Table 1

The Belavi Outdoor Gas Fire Table (Product Code: 52531) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials, so once this sells out at your local store, it’s gone. At the time of this post, the table runs $129.99.

Aldi’s site notes that the table is backed by a 2-year warranty. The warranty is serviced by Bond Manufacturing, a company that makes outdoor equipment, including plenty of fire tables. A few of those tables look a lot like the Aldi version.

Measuring 28″ x 28″ x 24″, the table comes with a burner lid, lava rocks, and a protective cover. It’s fueled by a standard 20-lb. propane tank, which is not included.

Belavi Outdoor Gas Fire Table 2

According to Aldi, other features for the table include:

  • a control panel with pulse ignition and flame adjustment
  • a “durable steel” tabletop
  • an included matching lid that converts the unit into a side table
  • 50,000 BTU heat output to deliver a “clean, smokeless fire”

Belavi Outdoor Gas Fire Table 3What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried out this table, so we can’t speak to the ease of setup, how well it works, or how long it lasts. We’d love to hear what others think, though. Our goal with open thread posts like this one is to offer a space for people to share about their experiences with the product.

Do you have experience with this table? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. My sister & her husband just assembled theirs in under an hour. I picked this up for her( because she works & can never get the “deals”.) I do feel bad for people that can’t get there by 9:10, cause that’s when they were gone! All the good stuff is gone in 10 min. (I felt guilty buying 2, had to keep justifying it was for my sister! 😳She said it’s nice & gives off good heat!
    I’ll add our 2 cents tomorrow after we build ours!

    I don’t think you can put pic on here or I would!

  2. Easy assembly even for me not being mechanically inclined. Table is sturdy and fairly attractive. Heat is controlled quite easily. Not being a huge fan of just the lava rock I splurged on fire glass to make it at least appear a bit higher end. Unless you have a spare propane tank the cost for the table and tank will approach $200, add in another $75 for the fire glass and you have an investment for your patio. It’s still cheaper than the $400 plus ones. The cover fits well and so far I’m very happy with it.

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