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There was a time, not all that long ago, when smartwatches were quite the statement. Certainly the tech has been around for a long time, but it was only in the 2010s that the technology started to catch steam from a consumer sense. The Apple Watch, released in 2015, was a major factor in pushing the tech, as was Fitbit smartwatch, which launched in 2017.

Today, smartwatches are common enough that they don’t garner the same level of attention. A lot of people have them, including kids (much to the chagrin of their teachers). We’ve also seen plenty of generic alternatives hit the market, including a number of budget models over at Amazon. Those budget models can be tempting, too, since the big brands can be quite pricey.

Aldi has sold budget fitness trackers and smartwatches over the years. Just in time for the New Year, Aldi is serving up another one.

What We Know:

EVO Smart Watch - Aldi


The iTECH 24/7 EVO Smart Watch (Product Code: 711141) is an Aldi Find. It’s only in stores for a short time, and once it’s sold out, you won’t be able to get it again until it comes back, whenever that might be. If you can’t find it in your local store, you’re out of luck.

At the time of this post, the watch costs $24.99. That’s on the bottom end of prices for smartwatches I can find on Amazon. In addition, this smartwatch is not an Aldi exclusive: iTECH is a separate company. I found the same smartwatch model at Walmart for $27.98 and QVC for $29.99. Aldi, then, is a hair cheaper than both.

According to Aldi, the smartwatch’s features include:

  • Android & iOS compatible
  • Splashproof 7 day battery life
  • Offers activity tracking, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, & heartrate
  • Notifications and multiple watchface options
  • Available in Black, Pink, Olive, and Gray

One of the core features of a smartwatch is its app, which can make or break the device itself. On that front, iTECH seems to have a respectable product: both the Google Play and Apple App Store apps boast ratings over 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried out this watch, so we don’t know how easy setup is, how long the battery lasts in real-world terms, how well the app works, or how durable the watch is. We’ve created this open thread for users to share their experiences.

Have you tried this iTECH smartwatch? Let us know about it in the comments.

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  1. Purchased the 24/7 EVO SmartWatch today from Aldi for both My wife and I so user ability long-term I cannot speak to. As far as unboxing and setup; it couldn’t have been more of a breeze. The watch itself does not feel “cheap”. The quality is good and we are very optimistic about long-term use of the watch.

  2. Have you found out if there is a monthly charge for using this watch? I saw somewhere after 5 days of trying this out for free there’s a monthly charge.

  3. I need help as I can’t seem to pair my watch successfully with my phone. My phone says it’s paired and the watch says it’s connected but I can’t access the device settings and every time I change the weather from F to C it reverts back to C all the time. I’m not tech savvy as you can guess but any help would be appreciated. I had another smart watch that I used regularly for years but it’s broken. I like these functions but my phone is not getting the data.

  4. The having trouble pairing this watch with a galaxy a03s. Downloaded rhe EVO app and created an account and logged in. When I hit pair with device in the app, I don’t see a camera icon as described in the pairing instructions, instead I see an “i” which I’m guessing is some kind of information, but there isn’t any actual info to determine the problem. Blue tooth is turned on, on the phone and the app has been given permissions to access the phone’s camera. Any ideas what the issue could be? Thanks for any help!

  5. Hi! I paired this relatively easily with my iPhone 7 yesterday. I’ve avoided smart watches before now, so have no comparable experiences to weigh it against. There are certainly some minor bugs, but it seems to function as it says. The issue I’m running into is that it says there is a firmware update needed, so I click to update. It starts to process the update and then will say update failed, and will disconnect the device from my phone, which will require me to go back to the menu and “Connect” again.
    Anyone have a solution? Their website doesn’t seem to have customer service contact options, nor does it have a way to ask additional questions beyond the few basic FAQ.

  6. Purchased this watch from ALDI. This watch has been through two accidental wash cycles in laundry and still surprisingly works. I’m not sure how accurate the step count is. Only problem is the closure came loose and I can’t get it to go back. The band that attaches to the watch itself has a very easy slide open/close. My option is to buy a new band I dont know what size to order. The band is approximately 3/4″ wide but most bands are sold in millimeters

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