Open Thread: Medion Gaming Headset, Keyboard, or Mouse With XL Mousepad

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

Medion Gaming Headset + Keyboard + Mouse

When you think of electronics, you probably don’t immediately think of a German grocery store. That’s especially true if you add the word “gaming” to the term. Aldi, after all, isn’t Best Buy. It’s not even Circuit City.

Aldi does sometimes sell electronics, though. In fact, in years past Aldi US sold desktops, laptops, and even tablets, although in recent years the company has scaled back on those particular products. (Aldi Australia, meanwhile, still sells TVs from time to time.)

Nevertheless, Aldi occasionally dabbles in tech, as they’ve done this holiday season.

What We Know:

In the winter of 2020, Aldi sold three different gaming accessories under the Medion brand label. Unlike many Aldi brands, Medion is actually a separate company, based out of Germany and owned by the Chinese electronics giant Lenovo. Medion sells a range of of electronics products.

The three accessories (Product Code 703267) are:

  • Medion Gaming Headset
  • Medion Gaming Keyboard
  • Medion Gaming Mouse and XL Mousepad

They’re each sold separately, retailing for $29.99 apiece. They’re also Aldi Finds, which means once they’re gone, they’re gone. All three are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Medion Gaming Headset

As best as I can tell, the gaming headset appears to be this model. If that is the case, this is a 2.0 stereo headset that connects to devices with a 3.5 mm cable. 3.5 mm is the standard for most devices (Apple products being a notable exception) so this will work on PCs as well as most gaming consoles. It comes with both headphones and a microphone, so you can listen as well as talk. The Medion listing indicates that there are volume controls built into the headset.

Medion Gaming Keyboard

I don’t know much about this keyboard because I can’t find the same model on Medion’s website. The keyboard appears to be USB rather than wireless, and it has ergonomic handrests. It also has macro keys at the top, which can be useful for both gaming and non-gaming purposes, and has RBG background lighting with 8 different lighting modes.

Medion Gaming Mouse and XL Mousepad

As with the keyboard, I can’t find an exact match to the gaming mouse or the mousepad. According to Aldi, this mouse has seven programmable buttons and has RBG lighting on both the mouse and the mousepad. The mouse appears to be USB. The mousepad appears to use a standard plug.

What We Don’t Know:

I can’t find any record of these being sold at Aldi before, so they appear to be first-time buys. Time will tell how the build quality, functionality, and durability hold up.

Have experience with these accessories? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I plan to be there 9 am on Wednesday for this!

  2. I got the keyboard. The manual says it is a P81035. However, the software and link to the manual have a different model number. Here is the link to the manual:
    The keyboard seems nice so far, but the software for remapping keys seems to leave a lot to be desired. For example, you can setup a macro on the special macro keys without the software, but not with it. However, the software can be used to remap all of the normal keys (in a rather clunky way). That said, so far I am pleased with it. The keys all seem to work, and it looks cool. I will just have to get used to something other than a low profile keyboard.

    • I forgot to mention: You were correct, Joshua, it is a wired USB keyboard, not wireless.
      Thank you for the article!

    • Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    • I purchased the keyboard erazer MD85031 with a date on the back of 12/2020. I was hoping to use the programmable buttons (G1 to G5 on the left side) for macros. But this is a fail in two ways: 1) each macro is limited to 30 bytes according to the manual, which in my testing is only 19 characters. 2) I am a reasonably fast typist, and the macro recorder cannot record at my normal typing speed. It records keys out of sequence, which I know I am typing correctly. If I slow down and type about 5 characters per second, the macro records correctly, but still limited to 19 characters.

  3. 1. How to extend the light now is only a quick flash how does this show the keys without a lamp? Is there a way to Increase the brightness?
    2. Is the pad only a ‘cool thing” or does it have an another function?
    3. WASD?
    Is there a better manual or do I have to go to Lenova website? I tried the reference here. Not any better than print.
    Maybe for a version “for dummies” level?
    lenova is CCP not good security on purpose.

  4. Does the keyboard work with Xbox?

  5. where can i downloads the software because i can not find it anywhere?

  6. The mouse software, according to the manual, can be downloaded at

  7. I bought both on sale for $14.99 each, they are both great so far. getting the software was the hardest part

  8. where can i get the software for my medion erazer illminating keyboard p81035

  9. For some reason I much volume controls on the keyboard don’t work. When I press Fn key and F3 which is to increase the volume, it doesn’t work.. Anyone have a similar problem?

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