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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Imagine this scenario: it’s just after Christmas, and life is beginning to reorient back to normal after the winter holidays. Relatives have headed home, work is about to restart, and dwindling containers of leftovers sit in the middle of the fridge. You get up in the morning, maybe on one of your last days off, and pad into the bathroom. As you prepare to get ready for the day, you look down at the floor.

Your scale looks back at you.

Whether you get on the scale or not is an open question. Either way, most people will figure out one way or another that they have a problem, either via the scale or when clothing starts to protest.

Helpfully, many retailers pivot effortlessly in January from Christmas presents to New Year’s resolution fitness equipment. Aldi, legendary for its ever-rotating middle-aisle, doesn’t play around with this, dropping a steady diet (no pun intended) of workout gear through February. Whether it’s strength training or cardio, Aldi has something for almost everyone.

Aldi has sold a few stationary bikes over the years. In 2021, the grocer introduced a model it hadn’t sold before.

What We Know:

Pro-Form 505 SPX Indoor Cycle

The ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle (Product Code: 705815) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a limited time. Stores will only get a single shipment, and once that stock is gone, it’s gone. Aldi doesn’t ship it’s products online, so you won’t be able to get it that way.

ProForm is not an Aldi private label. It’s an established treadmill brand run by Utah-based exercise equipment company Icon Health and Fitness, formerly known as Weslo. (The Aldi product listing calls it “Pro-Form” but the company seems to use both “Pro-Form” and “ProForm” on its website.) Icon’s other brands include Gold’s Gym and NordicTrack. Icon was formerly known as Weslo, and some stores still carry Weslo-branded equipment. This is the second ProForm product we’ve seen at Aldi; in 2020, the grocer stocked the ProForm 205 CST Smart Treadmill.

The cycle currently retails at Aldi for $269.99. While this is one of the more expensive products Aldi sells, it’s on the cheaper end for an indoor bike with this set of features. In addition, the 505 SPX — which is not an Aldi exclusive — currently costs $399.99 on HSN and $499.99 at Sam’s Club, so as best as I can tell, the Aldi price is far and away the lowest for this specific model. I compared specs between the Aldi feature listing and the specs on HSN and Sam’s Club, and they appear identical, so I don’t think Aldi is getting a stripped-down version of this bike.

Pro-Form 505 SPX Indoor Cycle 2

According to Aldi, the bike’s features include:

  • A free 30-Day iFit Membership­. Follow personal trainers from iFit on your tablet while you work out. Unlimited streamed workouts with a variety of personal trainers.
  • An LCD window display (EDITOR’S NOTE: more on this below)
  • An upright frame with high-quality hollow tube construction
  • A 40-lb. inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • An easy adjustment knob with wool felt resistance system
  • A quick-stop braking system
  • A vertical and horizontal adjustable seat
  • Multi-position, adjustable handlebars
  • A cushioned seat
  • Pedals with toe clips and straps
  • Front-mounted transport wheels
  • Oversized leveling feet
  • A water bottle holder
  • A 250-lb. weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 21.25″ W x 45″ D x 50″ H

Pro-Form 505 SPX Indoor Cycle 3

A note about the LCD display: some of the pictures might make it look like there is a large TV-style screen on the bike. There isn’t. The bike has a holder for a tablet, and the product images show a tablet (not included with the bike, obviously) sitting on the holder showing an iFit exercise video. The LCD display that the listing refers to is, instead, a small multifunction display set in front of the tablet holder.

The Aldi listing doesn’t note a warranty. I can’t find one on the Aldi warranty page, either. I would assume there is a manufacturer’s warranty of some sort with this bike, but you’ll want to check the packaging to be sure.

One more thing: the bike comes with a free 30-day iFit membership. iFit is Icon’s answer to Peloton’s digital classes, with “on-demand workouts, trainer-led classes, and auto-adjusting personalized speed.” iFit currently costs $15 a month for an individual membership and $33 a month for a family membership of up to 5 people, so 30 days of iFit is worth $15. It’s a small extra, but it’s not as nice as the 6-month membership that came with the ProForm treadmill Aldi sold in 2020.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested this cycle, so we don’t know how easily it assembles, how well it performs, how easy it is to use, or how durable it is. We also don’t currently see a warranty listing. We’ve instead created this open thread for users to share their experiences.

Do you have experience with this indoor bike? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. My husband assembled this bike very quickly and easily. It is sturdy and seems to work as it should. The only drawback for me is the seat, as in many bikes, is so darn hard. We will have to work something out for this. I like it and hope I wear it out!!

  2. Felt resistance? Anyone have any details on how that compares to magnetic resistance? Thx!

  3. I just picked this up today and noted that assembly required 2 persons, I did on my own, very clear instructions and no pieces left behind. It feels very sturdy. Just did a 15 minute test ride and everything seems good, now I to sign up for the free month…by the way when I was cashing out the product code rang thru at $202.00…who am I to argue with digital pricing!!

  4. Did anyone else have trouble with inserting the handlebar stem down into the housing? It’s been fighting me and I’ve unscrewed and pulled out the knob as much as I can. I almost wonder if there’s something bent in the stem that it won’t go in. As I look at it right now, there are just about two holes visible in the stem, but it doesn’t seem installed at all. I’m used to using a lot of bikes like this in the gym, and something just doesn’t seem right. Thank you!

    • Ok, the handlebars are suddenly fitting in well! Just took a little more muscle than I had anticipated.

      I guess my last query involves the tablet holder. The two M6 x 40mm screws seem way too short – I can’t get them to reach to pull the clamp together, either with or without the clamp bracket.

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