Savoritz Club House Crackers

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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When I was a kid, I loved crackers with cheese. Sometimes I would put pieces of cheese on the crackers, while other times I would use cheese out of a can. Still other times, my mom would get one of those little plastic packages with the crackers and cheese dip right in them, right down to the little red stick you could use to spread the cheese.

I may be older now, but I haven’t lost that love of cheese and crackers. Better yet, because I’m older, I have the means to get them if and when I feel like it.

My favorite kind of cracker is a butter cracker, like the Kellogg’s Club Cracker. Light, flaky, salty, and buttery, these crackers are great not only with cheese but also in things like chicken noodle soup. Helpfully, Aldi sells an imitation of the Club Cracker under its Savoritz private label.

Savoritz Club House Crackers

Savoritz Club House Crackers are an Aldi Regular Buy, which means you can find them in stores all the time. At the time of this post, the crackers cost $1.85 for a 13.7-ounce box. That’s 13.5 cents an ounce, which is a lot less than the 21.8 cents an ounce I’d pay for the name brand.

The Aldi crackers, which are shamelessly packaged to look like their name brand counterpart, come with three separate plastic sleeves of crackers. The sleeves are easy enough to open, and just as easy to pull crackers out of. The sleeves can be folded closed but aren’t resealable, so if you’re going to have them around for a while after opening them, putting them in a sealable bag or container might not be a bad idea.

The best thing I can say about these crackers is that they taste just like the name brand. They’re light and tasty, with the butter and salt flavors I’m used to. They pair well with cheese or whatever else I want to pair them with.

Say Cheese!

Crackers with cheese.

Nutritionally, they’ve got some salt, fat, and carbs, and since a serving is only 4 crackers, those numbers can add up fast. The package also notes allergen warnings about wheat and soy.

Savoritz Club House Crackers

The Verdict:

Savoritz Club House Crackers are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a rectangular butter cracker. They taste like the name brand, and at a cheaper price.

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  1. Hi Joshua I know kellogg bought keebler. I have a best friend who is 89
    and very set in his ways. He absolutely loves Keebler buttery crackers and absolutely hates Kellogg. He swears it’s a different recipe since Kellogg took over the Keebler company. Do you think the ALDI club cracker is similar to the original Keebler club cracker recipe?
    I would love to make this guy happy. He’s really a creature of habit!

    • Just my opinion, but these definitely taste close to what I remembered growing up. If he likes club crackers, these are probably at least worth a try. No promises, but worth a try.

    • They are ABSOLUTELY every bit as Good I Am the Same RARELY Stray frm my normal/routine brands But for Multiple reasons needing to Save Every cent currently I started shopping Aldi’s I never use Any other than the Club Crackers I grew up on Have to say I was SHOCKED to find them So Good HIGHLY Recommend 🙂

  2. Thanks Joshua for your quick reply!
    I’m going to Aldi’s in the morning and will pick up a Box and take to my Dear friend. I’ll keep you posted on his response 😉

  3. Joshua
    I went to 2 different Aldi’s near me on Wednesday and BOTH were out of the SAVORITZ CLUB HOUSE CRACKERS. WOW!! I guess either every Club cracker lover has discovered these to replace Keebler…or Aldi just has some shipping issues like other grocery stores. I’m not giving up. My 89 year old best friend loves these crackers & I want to know if these will replace his Beloved Keebler club cracker. Will let you know if I ever find them.

  4. They may taste good, but I would like to see them get rid of the corn syrup and TBHQ. TBHQ, a preservative, can cause your immune system to deteriorate. Surprisingly their Baked Cheese Crackers do not contain either of these ingredients.

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