Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Go to any appetizer tray or charcuterie board, and you’re liable to find certain things. Meats. Cheeses. Possibly fruits or vegetables. Maybe spreads or dips.

And often crackers. I think crackers are at the core of a good appetizer collection. Once on your plate, they can serve any number of roles, like a makeshift utensil or mini-plate for your meats and cheeses. Crackers also bring a salty taste and crispy texture to complement the many other flavors on the board.

Round crackers have been around (no pun intended) for a long time. They come in all kinds of tastes and textures, from thin flat crispy crackers to thicker buttery crackers. Grocers regularly sell many of these, both as name brands and under generic private labels.

Aldi sells a few round crackers. You can get Ritz-style butter crackers. You can also get the flatter, thinner “entertainment” crackers. And you can get these crackers that are somewhere in between.

Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers

Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers are an Aldi Regular Buy. That means you can find them in stores all the time. They come in a mixed case that also includes Savoritz Roasted Vegetable Round Crackers. Both are currently $2.09. The round wheat variety comes in a 12.9-ounce box (16.2 cents an ounce) while the roasted vegetable comes in a 13.3-ounce box (15.7 cents an ounce).

Savoritz is an Aldi house brand, not a separate company. I can’t tell from the box who makes these.

The crackers are packaged in a paper box that contains four plastic sleeves of crackers. The sleeves are helpful because they can help preserve the freshness of the crackers you don’t need yet. The plastic does take a little work to open, but the sleeves work well enough.

Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers

The crackers taste like their appearance might suggest. They have the flaky texture similar to a Ritz cracker, but with a saltier, wheatier flavor. They’re distinct that way. I’m sure a charcuterie aficionado could think up all kinds of things to pair these crackers with.

Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers

Nutritionally, these are what you also might expect. Each 5-cracker serving has 70 calories, 3g of fat, 120mg of sodium, and 10g of carbs, including 1g of added sugars. In terms of potential allergens, they also contain wheat and soy.

Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers

Nutrition and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

The Verdict:

Savoritz Round Wheat Crackers are what the box says they are. They’re not butter crackers, but they’re not those flat entertainment crackers either. If you need wheat round crackers like these for your spread or for just a snack, they’ll fit the bill.

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  1. I like to have these on hand. As a household of one, I don’t buy bread often because I can’t use up a whole loaf. I have other options, and one of them is to make tuna or egg salad and eat it with these crackers if I don’t have bread for sandwiches.

  2. The wheat is very good. I have purchased it many times. The vegetable is a tad better.

  3. I absolutely love the Original Wheat crackers…BUT the last box I bought, the crackers were overcooked and had a burnt taste. Not the first time either. I eat them anyway but with more stuff on them to cover up the burnt taste. Wish we could open the box to see if they are burnt. The edges are definitely burnt. Oh well.

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