Serra Ladies Wedge Sneakers

Whether you call them sneakers, trainers, athletic shoes, or, like my mom, tennies, casual, semi-athletic shoes are trendier than ever in recent years. I love casual, comfy shoes with a dash of athleticism, so this is a trend that I happily embrace. (Unlike, say, high-waisted pants, which I wish would just go back to the 90s already and stay there.)

Aldi recently offered its version of a current sneaker trend: wedge sneakers that are a cross between an athletic shoe and an ankle boot. I’ve seen name-brand shoes like this for well over $100 in my local shoe store, so I was curious to sample this trend at a much lower price point. At the time of publication, the Serra Ladies Wedge Sneakers were listed for $14.99. These are an Aldi Find, so they won’t be in stores forever, and Aldi does not offer shipping.

Serra Ladies Wedge Sneakers


The shoes advertise a functional zipper, elastic gore for extra stretch, a Velcro strap, a durable outsole, and a wedge height of 2.5”. I should have paid more attention to that last detail, but more on that later. The shoes are made in China, and the materials are listed as “PU upper” and “textile lining.” No other information is given about the material, so I looked up “PU” and discovered that it is a type of vegan imitation leather.

The pair I bought look and feel like suede, so the imitation leather is very convincing and should be durable. The inside has a cushioned footbed that feels like it has a little memory foam in it for comfort.


I’m a size 8 medium in shoes, although Aldi’s shoes have been known to run small on me. These fit true to size and had plenty of room in the toes, unlike many wedge or high-heeled shoes. They come in sizes 7-10, and I didn’t see any half sizes available.


Serra Ladies Wedge Sneakers

The shoes come in gray, tan, or black. I bought mine in tan, which I thought would look nice for spring. The tan and gray have a sueded upper while the black is smooth and looks like treated leather. All three styles have white soles, which adds to their “athletic” style. They are very cute and look like they cost much more than $14.99.


Now here’s the bad news: they may look like sneakers, but they fit like high heels. I used to wear heels regularly, but I gave them up a few years ago when I got tired of sore feet and twisted ankles. These have ankle support, which is nice, but they don’t provide enough arch support for my high arches, and the angle of the shoe is steep, forcing my feet into that “Barbie tiptoe” that is both uncomfortable and unhealthy for my feet, legs, and back. If you’re used to that type of fit, or if you just really want to be over 2 inches taller than usual, you might not mind. I do mind, so I’m returning mine to Aldi.

The Verdict:

These shoes are very cute, trendy, and appear to be well-made. I wish they were comfortable, too. These wedge sneakers aren’t for me, but if you don’t mind the look of a casual shoe with the feel of a dress shoe, then you might like them. At $14.99 a pair, it’s not a big risk.

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  1. Catherine A. McClarey

    I have extra-wide feet, so I usually have to pass on trendy shoes which only come in medium width. I haven’t worn high heels in years, either, so it looks like this is one trendy item I won’t mind skipping.

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