Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Donuts

One of the first places I went on a date with my now-husband was at an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. It was a place known for its apple cider donuts, and to this day, when I eat an apple cider donut, I remember that orchard.

Orchards aren’t the only places to get apple cider donuts. They pop up in many grocery stores during the fall, including Trader Joe’s, which is Aldi’s cousin. Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to shop for fall-themed treats.

Trader Joe's Apple Cider Donuts

Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Donuts cost $3.99 at the time of publication for a 15.9-oz. box containing six donuts, which comes out to about 67 cents per donut.

I found these near the other baked goods not far from the produce section at Trader Joe’s.

These are described on the box as old-fashioned cake donuts made with apple cider and cinnamon sugar. They are kosher.

The first few ingredients are unbleached enriched flour, sugar, and palm oil. You can read the full list of ingredients in the photo below.

If you’re keeping an eye out for allergens, these contain milk, egg, soy, and wheat.

A one-donut serving has 320 calories, 16 grams of total fat (21% DV), 7 grams of saturated fat (35% DV), 310 mg of sodium (15% DV), 41 grams of total carbohydrates (15% DV), 21 grams of total sugars, and 20 grams of added sugars (40% DV).

Trader Joe's Apple Cider Donuts

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

In other words, these are not surprisingly loaded with calories, carbs, and sugar.

With that said, these taste great. They are soft and full of apple flavor, with a nice cinnamon and sugar outer coating. You can eat them at room temperature right out of the box, or I heated my donut in the microwave for about 12 seconds.

When I bought these donuts, the TJ’s employee at the checkout remarked, “Good choice!” He also encouraged me to eat them soon, because they are fresh baked. He said they can get a little hard if they sit around too long. I bought my donuts on a Friday, and they had a best-by date of Tuesday the following week. So keep in mind that these may not last forever in the pantry or on your kitchen counter.

The Verdict:

Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Donuts are the perfect fall treat. They have good apple flavor and a satisfying cinnamon and sugar coating. Eat them at room temperature, or microwave them for a few seconds to eat them warm.

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