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Last Updated on October 26, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: See our update toward the end of this post on how these masks held up over time. 

With school either already back in session or about to resume for the 2021-2022 school year, and with COVID-19 continuing to be of concern especially among children who are too young to be vaccinated, we’ve noticed masks seem to be experiencing an uptick in sales in a lot of places. We’ve seen it at our local Aldi stores. Aldi had a robust selection of masks — both reusable cloth and disposable, for both kids and adults — on their shelves near the Aldi Finds for much of the past year, but in recent weeks that selection has dwindled as people have purchased masks as part of their back-to-school shopping.

One type of mask that still seems to be in decent supply at our local Aldi is a children’s mask made by Ty, Inc. Ty, Inc. is a company headquartered in the Chicago suburbs that is known for making the popular plush stuffed animals called Beanie Babies. I recently picked up two Ty Beanie Masks for my older elementary schooler.

Ty Beanie Mask

Ty Beanie Masks cost $2.99 at Aldi at the time of publication. That’s the same price Beanie masks go for on Ty’s website, which says it offers free shipping at the time of writing. You can also find Ty Beanie Masks on Amazon, but you’ll pay a lot more.

Ty Beanie Mask

(Click to enlarge.)

These Beanie masks have been in Aldi stores for several months, so I’m assuming they might be what’s called a Seasonal Favorite at Aldi. Seasonal Favorites are in stores for longer than Aldi Finds, but Aldi does not restock them indefinitely. How long Aldi stocks these masks probably depends on what demand looks like in the coming months.

The masks’ features include:

  • Reusable and washable
  • Metal nose bridge for a custom fit
  • Adjustable ear loops for comfort
  • Claims one size fits all (note: these are made to fit children; they’re too small for adults)
  • 100% polyester outer layer
  • 80% polyester, 20% cotton inner layer
  • Made in China

The care label states to machine wash in cold water with like colors. (I always wash masks in hot water.) Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low heat. (I always hang masks up to dry.) Do not iron.

These masks are cute, featuring colorful animals with names, such as Dangler the Brown Sloth, Slush the Grey Husky, Dottie the Leopard, Owen the Owl, Fantasia the Unicorn, and more. Each animal has a birthday listed on the package, along with a short poem about the animal. I bought the brown sloth and grey husky masks. The husky mask is one of several that includes three-dimensional ears, which are made of a very soft fleece or fleece-like material.

Ty Beanie Mask

Slush the grey husky.

I appreciate these masks’ flexible metal nose bridges, which help to create a custom fit, and the ear loops are adjustable with soft plastic pieces that allow them to be tightened for a good fit. The outer edges of the masks are sewn in a way that makes the mask slightly bowl-shaped or cup-shaped. I don’t know for sure, but that shape may help to create a better seal against the face.

Ty Beanie Masks

These masks are bowl shaped.

These Ty masks don’t have as much cheek or side coverage as some other kids’ masks we own, such as Wild Republic children’s masks, so keep that in mind if you’re buying for an older or bigger child. For reference, the child in the photo below is almost 10.

Ty Beanie Mask

These masks have two layers of material. They feel about mid-range in terms of thickness, certainly thicker than some Aldi house brand masks I’ve purchased this past year. There is no filter pocket, which I don’t mind.

The Ty Beanie Masks are a good option if you’re looking for cloth masks for children, and the cute designs and animals make wearing them fun and stylish, which is an important factor for kids.

UPDATE (10/26/2021) — These masks get worn weekly, and today the metal nose bridge inside one of the masks broke in half. The mask is still usable, but we can no longer snug the nose piece for a custom fit.

The Verdict:

Ty Beanie Masks fit children and feature cute animal faces. They’re made with an outer layer of 100% polyester and an inner layer of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. They include a metal nose bridge (ours broke after several months of moderate use, but the mask is still usable) and adjustable ear straps for a custom fit. They’re not exclusive to Aldi and can also be purchased for the same price (with free shipping at the time of publication) from Ty, Inc.’s website. If you need inexpensive cloth masks for kids, these might be worth considering.

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