Aldi Washable Children’s Face Masks

Last Updated on October 25, 2020

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We’ve written previously about how Aldi has sold disposable face masks for adults. In the late summer of 2020, Aldi also sold washable, reusable face masks for children, and the masks feature colorful cartoon characters and other personalities.

Aldi Reusable Children's Face Mask

Aldi Washable Children’s Face Masks cost $2.99 for a single mask at the time of publication. The masks carry the Nickelodeon brand name, and they are available in a variety of character choices and designs, including several Paw Patrol designs, along with SpongeBob, Wonder Woman, JoJo Siwa, and Superman.

They are an Aldi Find (Special Buy), so once they’re sold out, they’re gone.

It’s recommended that a mask have at least two layers of fabric, and these masks do have two layers. The front of the mask is 92% polyester and 8% Spandex, and the back is 100% cotton. This mask also has a filter pocket, although you can wear the mask without an added filter.

Aldi Reusable Children's Face Mask

The masks are made by Handcraft Manufacturing Corp. and were manufactured in Bangladesh. Handcraft Manufacturing has U.S. offices in New York City, and the company makes children’s underwear and has a very basic website with no substantial information I could find about their products, where they’re located, or how to contact them.

Aldi Reusable Children's Face Mask

The back of the package says: “Nickelodeon will donate 100% of its proceeds from Handcraft’s sale of this product to support Save the Children’s COVID-19 U.S. and global response.”

Save the Children assists in providing education, health care, protection, and emergency responses to children around the world. According to their website, they are providing hygiene supplies to children around the world, and they are offering aid in the form of meal preparation and deliveries for children in the U.S. who may not be able to receive meals through their schools that are closed.

Save the Children has a four-out-of-four-stars rating on the charity overview site Charity Navigator.

This mask should be washed before first use, using cold water and the gentle cycle. Do not bleach or dry clean. The masks can be tumbled dry on low heat (although I prefer to hang my masks to dry so they don’t shrink in the dryer).

The package states this “mask is not a medical device or a substitute for medical grade or approved protective equipment.” It also “is not for surgical or industrial use. It is not intended for use in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation is high.” Also, it’s not intended for children younger than 2 years of age.

Aldi Reusable Children's Face Mask

The Aldi mask on an almost-9-year-old.

My almost-9-year-old picked out a pink Paw Patrol mask. She says the “texture of it” is different than her 100% cotton masks and she says it “feels like a swimsuit,” but I don’t think she’s bothered by that.

Aldi Reusable Children's Face Mask

It fits her well and is more on the snug side than the loose side, with no large gaps, but it’s definitely not too tight. It also seems to stay in place well.

Aldi Reusable Children's Face Mask

I think this mask would work well for kids who are younger than my daughter and for kids who are a little older, but with less margin for older kids. My 12-year-old daughter also tried on the mask just to see how a child’s size fit, and it was clearly too snug, so this mask is probably ideal for kids around age 10 and younger, although it depends on your individual child’s size.

The Verdict:

The Washable Children’s Face Masks at Aldi are inexpensive and seem to fit well and comfortably, and they are made with two layers of fabric and have a filter pocket. As a bonus, they come in a variety of fun character designs.

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