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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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When the COVID pandemic hit in early 2020, face masks (along with toilet paper) became one of the most valuable resources out there. The problem was that any sort of face mask became impossible to find, including high-grade N95 masks and surgical masks.

In time, a new industry of mask-making emerged, including a growing cottage business of cloth masks on Etsy and elsewhere. Big business wanted in, too, though, and if you go into many stores right now you’ll see some sort of disposable face mask on the shelves.

At the time of this post, Aldi sells a few different face masks, including cloth ones and a Welby-branded disposable mask. In addition, our Aldi store carries disposable masks under the label My Beauty Spot.

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

My Beauty Spot is a trademark of Best Accessory Group, a New York-based provider of “bath, body, and cosmetics.” The company has also sold hand sanitizer in Aldi stores.

My Beauty Spot Disposable Masks are technically an Aldi Find, which means they’re only supposed to be in stores for a limited time. However, we’ve seen these around enough that we’re not sure if stores are getting repeat shipments or not. They’re not everyday Regular Buys, either — and Aldi may not want to call them Seasonal Favorites — so for now let’s just say that they’re in stores until they’re not. They currently come in an adult size and a children’s size.

Each box costs $6.99 and contains 50 masks. That comes out to around 14 cents a mask. The going rate on Amazon for disposable masks is between 15 and 30 cents per mask, so these My Beauty Spot masks are cheaper than most Amazon masks.

According to the boxes, both the adult and children’s masks are manufactured by Xiamen Fei Fei Bag Manufacturing out of China. The masks claim to have three layers of protection, and they are made of 67% non-woven fabric and 33% melt blown fabric.

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

Info on the adult-sized face masks. (Click to enlarge.)

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

More info on the adult-sized face masks. (Click to enlarge.)

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

Info on the children’s masks. (Click to enlarge.)

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

More info on the children’s masks. (Click to enlarge.)

These are not, technically speaking, surgical masks. In the United States, the FDA strictly regulates surgical masks, so companies can only use that term if their products pass certain tests. They do look like surgical masks, and their design is somewhat similar to a surgical mask, but I’m not sure if the materials — especially the middle layer — is exactly the same. In any event, the box indicates that these are “not intended for use as a surgical mask or to provide liquid protection.”

The masks come in a large bag inside of a box. I found the bag annoying to use, as the masks were packed in such a way that it’s tricky to pull individual ones out.

The adult ones are blue on the outside and have a nose wire at the top, making it easy to figure out how to orient the mask. The children’s masks, oddly, are white on both sides, so you have to make sure the loop straps are on the inside. Beyond that, the masks themselves aren’t hard to pull on, and it’s helpful that they have nose wires at the top so you can conform the mask to your face.

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

Adult at top, child at bottom.

These masks are much like other disposable masks we’ve seen.

Aldi Disposable Mask

My Beauty Spot Disposable Adult Mask (top) compared to Welby Disposable Adult Mask (bottom)

Our testers thought the fit and feel of the masks were fine. They go on easily and wear like most other masks of this type. The adult size fit both a man and woman, and the child size offered a good fit for both an elementary- and middle school-aged tester. We’ll probably use them underneath a cloth mask as part of a double-mask arrangement.

My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask My Beauty Spot Disposable Face Mask

The Verdict:

My Beauty Spot Disposable Masks are one option if you need a non-medical disposable mask. They’re a hassle to get out of the bag, but they go on easily, thanks to a nose wire and (in the adult version) a blue outside.

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