Valentine’s Day at Aldi: Non-Food Items

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In the weeks leading to Valentine’s Day, Aldi brings in an array of limited-time, limited-availability treats, sweets, flowers, and gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a significant other, a child, or even a pet, Aldi has you covered for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the store’s non-food Valentine’s Day offerings. Check out our other post detailing Aldi’s Valentine’s Day food at this link. Note that quantities are limited and availability may vary by store.

5" Easy Orchid

Cut Flowers:

  • Premium Valentine’s Day Bouquet, $14.99.
  • Valentine’s Day 12-Stem Rose Bouquet, $9.99.
  • Perfect Petal Valentine’s Day Dozen Rose Bouquet, $12.89. These come in assorted colors, and the vase is not included.
  • Valentine’s Day 10-Stem Tulip Bouquet, $4.89, although the price may vary depending on where your store is located. These come in assorted colors.

Potted Plants:

  • 5″ Easy Orchid, $9.99. Assorted colors are available. Read our Ode to Aldi House Plants here.
  • Valentine’s Day Kalanchoe, $3.99. Assorted colors are available.
  • 5″ Anthurium, $7.99. Assorted colors are available.


  • Bee Happy Large Valentine Plush, $14.99. Choices include a unicorn and hedgehog.
  • Bee Happy Valentine Plush, $3.99. Choices include a sloth, llama, and hamster.
  • Bee Happy 5″ Valentine Mini Plush, $0.99. Choices include an elephant and unicorn.


  • Pembrook Valentine’s Day Cards, $0.99 each
  • Pembrook Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Cards, $1.99.
  • Kids’ Valentines Stickers or Tattoos, $1.99. Ideal for class parties and exchanges. Each box contains 32 Valentine’s cards. Character choices include Minions and Frozen 2.
  • Licensed Create Your Own Valentine’s Day Mailbox, $3.99. Character choices include Avengers and Frozen 2.


  • Serra Ladies’ Fleece-Lined Leggings, $7.99 each. Several varieties available, including a heart pattern.
  • Serra Ladies’ 2-Pack Cozy Footie Socks, $3.99. Featuring hearts and Valentine’s Day colors.
  • Lily & Dan Girls’ Fleece-Lined Leggings, $3.99 each. Featuring a heart pattern.

Other Valentine’s Day Items:

  • Huntington Home Winter Coir Mat, $6.99. Mats feature heart designs.
  • Huntington Home Valentine’s Day Pillow and Throw, $8.99 per set. Choose a llama theme or hugs and kisses.
  • Crofton Valentine’s Silicone Bakeware, $4.99. (Up $1 from 2019.)
  • I Love You… Book Assortment, $4.99. Board books for children, with titles including I Love You This Much and I Will Always Love You.
  • Bendon Valentine’s Day Mini Play Packs, $4.99 each. Contains 10 mini packs each with a coloring book, two mini crayons, and a sticker. Character choices include Frozen 2 and Avengers.

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