Aldi Announces 2023 Advent Calendar Lineup

Last Updated on December 11, 2023

Aldi Advent Calendars

A few of the 2023 Aldi Advent calendars. Photo via Aldi.

November is almost here, and that means it’s almost time for National Advent Calendar Day. Aldi invented National Advent Calendar Day in 2020 to celebrate the annual release of its ever-popular Christmas countdown calendars, including calendars that feature chocolate, cheese, wine, and beer.

Since its inception, National Advent Calendar Day always falls on the first Wednesday of November. In 2023, that is November 1st.

Aldi recently unveiled its full Advent calendar lineup for the 2023 season. We’ve spotted some old favorites such as the wine, cheese, beer, chocolate, and coffee calendars. Also returning at the hot sauce and candle Advent calendars, along with a variety of LEGO calendars and various toy calendars. In addition, the dog treat Advent calendar is coming back, although we don’t see the cat treat Advent calendar listed for this year. (Both pet treat Advent calendars were reformulated in 2022 after being recalled in 2021 over choking concerns.)

Keep in mind that these are all limited-time Aldi Finds. Each store gets one shipment, and after that sells out, they’re most likely gone until next year. Many of these calendars are expected to sell out quickly. Purchase limits may be imposed on some popular items to ensure there are more products to go around.

Also remember that Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not in stock at your local store, and they do not offer rain checks. Stores also cannot hold or reserve products for customers, and Aldi states that they cannot provide customers with inventory counts by location. In other words, if you try to call Aldi to find out how many calendars are left, they won’t be able to give you an answer.

The Aldi website states that Advent calendars will be available for curbside pickup and delivery beginning November 2nd, thus giving priority to in-person shoppers on November 1st.

Also, sometimes for the more popular items such as the Wine Advent Calendar, Aldi may hand out line tickets to people waiting outside the store before it opens on November 1st.

Without further ado, here are the 2023 Aldi Advent calendars. (The Aldi website notes that additional calendars will roll out in November and early December.)

Alcohol Calendars:

(Not available at all locations.)

Beer Advent Calendar

The Beer Advent Calendar.

  • Beer Advent Calendar, see price in store. Contains twenty-four 12-ounce cans. Includes one of each of the following: American Pilsner – 5.5%; Belgian Blonde Ale – 6%; Belgian White Ale – 5%; Blonde Ale – 4.5%; Cherry Kolsch – 4.4%; Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – 6%; Chocolate Stout – 6%; Double Hazy IPA – 6%; Dry Hopped IPA – 6%; East Coast Style IPA – 6%; German Pilsner – 4.5%; Grapefruit IPA – 6%; Hazy IPA – 6%; Hefeweizen – 5%; Holiday Lager – 5.6%; Hoppy Lager – 4.5%; Irish Style Red Ale – 4.5%; Italian Style Pilsner – 5.5%; Mexican Style Lager – 6%; Oatmeal Stout – 6%; Pale Ale – 5.6%; Scottish Style Ale – 6%; Session IPA – 5%; West Coast Style IPA – 6%. Country of Origin: USA. Read our review of the 2020 beer Advent calendar here.
Make It Sparkle Sparling Wine Pack

The Make It Sparkle Sparling Wine Pack.

  • Make It Sparkle Sparkling Wine Variety Pack, see price in store. Contains six 200-mL bottles. Contains one each of Blanc de Blancs Brut – 11.5% ABV; Brut Rosé – 11.5% ABV; Demi-Sec – 11.5% ABV; Brut – 11.5% ABV; Peach Flavored Sparkling Wine – 10.5% ABV; and Grapefruit Flavored Sparkling Wine – 10.5% ABV. Country of origin: France.
Wicked Grove 12 Days of Cider

Wicked Grove 12 Days of Cider.

  • Wicked Grove 12 Days of Cider, $18.99. Includes twelve 12-ounce bottles. Flavors include Crisp Apple, Green Apple, Cinnamon, Pear, Caramel Apple, Spiced Plum, Cranberry, Blueberry, Berry Ginger, Raspberry, Pineapple, and Rose.
Wine Advent Calendar

The Wine Advent Calendar.

  • Wine Advent Calendar, see price in store. Contains contains twenty-four 187-ml bottles. Contains one of each of the following: Ortuga Cabernet Sauvignon – 12.5% – Portugal; Citrio Chardonnay – 11.5% – Italy; Birdsong Merlot – 13.5% – France; Paper Dreams White Blend – 12% – Hungary; Sturdy Foundation Syrah – 13.5% – Spain; Divided Divided Cabernet Sauvignon – 14% – Bulgaria; Madison Meadows Sauvignon Blanc – 13.5% – Romania; Story Begins Cabernet Sauvignon – 13.5% – France; Sunset Peak Fernao Pires – 11.5% – Portugal; Campo Roja Tempranillo – 13% – Spain; Lovebug Hug Rose – 12.5% – France; Meridia White Blend – 10.5% – Spain; Big Bright Idea Merlot – 12% – Italy; Perregrine Ridge Muscat – 12% – Hungary; Rolling History Red Blend – 11% – Italy; Majestad Garnacha – 14% – Spain; Life’s Too Short to Drink Boring White Blend – 13.5% – Romania; Lumen Gate Sangiovese – 11.5% – Italy; Copper Corner Vineyards – 11.5% – Portugal; Stelvio Red Blend – 11.5% – Italy; Sola Airen – 10.5% – Spain Oui Tu Peux Red Blend – 12% – France; Sembra Una Vespa White Blend – 11% – Italy; and Hidden Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon – 14% – Spain. Read about previous year’s wine Advent calendars here.

Other Food and Drink Advent Calendars:

Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar

The Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar.

  • Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar, $13.99. Features 100% Arabica coffee. Read our review of the 2021 coffee Advent calendar here.
Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

The Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar.

  • Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar, $14.99.
  • Choceur 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar, $8.99 for 11.11 oz. Aldi has not yet published a photo of this.
Choceur Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Choceur Chocolate Advent Calendar.

  • Choceur Chocolate Advent Calendar, $1.49 for 2.65 oz. Read our review here.

Emporium Selection
Cheese Advent Calendar

  • Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar, $16.99 for 12.7 oz. Sold refrigerated. Read our review of the 2020 cheese calendar here.
Moser RothLuxury Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Moser Roth Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar.

  • Moser Roth Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar, $15.99 for 10.93 oz. Read our review here.

Toy Advent Calendars:

Compound KingsSlime Advent Calendar

The Compound Kings
Slime Advent Calendar.

  • Compound Kings Slime Advent Calendar, $16.99. Includes 5 Butter slimes, 5 Neon slimes, 5 Fluffy Clouds slimes, 5 Glitzy slimes, and 5 Surprise slimes.
Lego Marvel Advent Calendar

The Lego Marvel Advent Calendar.

Lego Marvel Advent Calendar

The Lego Marvel Advent Calendar.

  • Lego Marvel or Star Wars Advent Calendar, $39.99. Read our review of the Marvel calendar here.
Lego City Advent Calendar

Lego City Advent Calendar.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar

Lego Friends Advent Calendar.

  • LEGO City or Friends Advent Calendar, $29.99. Features 24 gift doors to open. Ages 6+ for Friends Advent. Ages 5+ for City Advent. Piece count ranges from 349-370.
Moose Toys Bluey Advent Calendar

The Moose Toys Bluey Advent Calendar.

  • Moose Toys Bluey Advent Calendar, $19.99. Join the Heelers as they gather for a classic Aussie Christmas.. Bluey’s Family Christmas Surprise Pack has 24 surprises behind 24 different windows. There are Bluey and Bingo toy figures to find; they are both dressed in their favorite Christmas jumpers. There are 16 accessories to reveal and 6 stickers. Discover a mini Christmas Tree as well. Put it together and place all the gifts underneath it. Read our review here.
Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Advent Calendar.

  • Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Advent Calendar, $24.99.
Pokemon Advent Calendar

Pokemon Advent Calendar.

Cocomelon Advent Calendar

Cocomelon Advent Calendar.

  • Pokémon or Cocomelon Advent Calendar, $29.99. Pokémon Holiday Calendar features 34 pieces in total. Includes 16 two-inch Figures. Includes 7 accessories and 24 days of doors to open. For ages 4+. Cocomelon Holiday Calendar includes 9 figures and 15 accessories with 24 days of doors to open. For ages 3+.
Zuru Mini Brands Advent Calendar

Zuru Mini Brands Advent Calendar.

Zuru Toy Mini Brands

Zuru Toy Mini Brands Advent Calendar.

Zuru Disney Mini Brands

Zuru Disney Mini Brands Advent Calendar.

  • Zuru Mini Brands Advent Calendar, $26.99. Choose from several varieties. Mini Brands S5 24 Surprise Advent Calendar mega pack features 24 mini brands from multiple series, packaged into 24 surprise compartments, including 4 exclusive never-before-see minis that cannot be found anywhere else. Toy Mini Brands S3 Advent Calendar mega pack features 24 favorite Toy Mini Brands, packaged into 24 surprise compartments, including 4 exclusive Toys Minis not found anywhere else. Unbox fan favorites like Hello Kitty, Playdoh, Kinetic, etc. Disney S2 Advent Calendar includes 24 minis from the all-new Disney Store Mini Brands and exclusive minis that cannot be found anywhere else. Unbox 2 exclusive minis that only can only be found in the Advent calendar, unbox more Disney store mini brands capsules to find more minis, and check them off the collector’s guide. All of these calendars are for ages 3+.

Other Advent Calendars:

Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar

Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar.

  • Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar, $29.99. Comes with twenty-five 1.8-ounce candles. Scents include: Almond & Macaron, Amber & Winter Fir, Bergamot & Oud, Caramel & Ginger Cookie, Cashmere Snowflakes, Christmas Morning, Clove, Coconut Snowman, Eggnog, Eucalyptus, Freesia & Pear, Green Ivy, Festive Sugar Cookie, Myrrh & Nutmeg, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Pomegranate & Sandalwood, Smoke & Cedar, Snow Drops, Sparkling Fizz, Spiced Berries, Spiced Orange, Strawberry Icicles, Vanilla Woods, Winter Apples, and Winter Pine & Eucalyptus. Read our review here.
  • Merry Moments Advent Garland, $9.99. Includes 25 mini stockings to count down to Christmas. Measures 55 inches long with loops at each end for easy hanging. Great for filling with small gift or candy. Comes in 4 designs. Aldi has not yet published a photo of this calendar.
Merry Moments Mini Puzzle Advent Calendar

Merry Moments Mini Puzzle Advent Calendar.

  • Merry Moments Mini Puzzle Advent Calendar, $9.99. Each calendar offers 12 different designed puzzles. Each puzzle contains 80 pieces and measures 7 x 10″. For ages 6+. Read our review here.

Pet Advent Calendar:

Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar

Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar.

  • Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar, $7.99 for 4.2 oz. All natural with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. Limited ingredient treat. Grain-Free. Features 25 days of treats. Read our review here.

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