Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter

I have grown house plants for years, and my collection continues to expand. From time to time, I need to buy new planters in which to grow my house plants. Plastic pots are inexpensive, with many costing just a few dollars each. On the other hand, ceramic or porcelain planters look stylish and add class to any room you put them in, but they tend to cost more, often averaging around at least $12 to $15 a piece. I own a mix of the two types of planters, and I’ve purchased many of them from big box stores or my local garden and hardware store.

Then a couple of planters caught my eye at Aldi this spring. These planters can be used indoors or outdoors, and at eight inches in diameter, they are about medium-sized for growing house plants in but are on the smaller side for outdoor use (which means if you use them outdoors you’ll have to water frequently). They fit on the plant ladder stand Aldi sold earlier this spring, or on the tiered plant shelf or other plant stands Aldi sold recently. They came in several colors and patterns, and I bought two.

Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter

The Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter cost $7.99 at the time of publication. I’ve purchased similarly sized ceramic planters from my local hardware store that cost around $15, and prices on Amazon often start around at least that much and go up significantly from there, so the Aldi planter is a great deal and I didn’t hesitate to get two.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials, so once this sells out at your local store, it’s gone.

Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter

Here’s more information about the planter:

  • Plants not included
  • Features a drainage hole to prevent over watering (and includes an attached, nonremovable saucer to collect drainage)
  • Crafted and painted by hand
  • Colors include white, olive green, and pink
  • Designs include Square, Stars or Ridges (I have an olive green planter with ridges and a white planter with stars)
  • Made in China
Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter

Thanksgiving cactus.

I repotted my rootbound Thanksgiving cactus (purchased from Aldi a few years ago) in the white star planter, and I repotted an African violet in the olive green planter with ridges. (I actually put the violet in a plastic planter and dropped it into the Aldi planter.)

Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter

An African violet. (One of several I own, all split off from a single plant my grandmother gave me a few years ago.)

The cactus is in my kitchen greenhouse window now.

Belavi 8 Inch Decorative PlanterAnd the violet is on my Aldi plant ladder stand.

Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter

If you use these planters outdoors and you live in a region that has cold winters, you’ll probably want to bring them indoors during the winter to reduce the risk of them cracking.

These are great little planters for the price. They’re pretty, and their construction looks solid. I highly recommend them if you are looking for ceramic-style planters but don’t want to spend a lot of money. I might even buy another one or two if they’re still in stock during my next Aldi run, just to have them on hand the next time I need to repot something.

The Verdict:

The Belavi 8 Inch Decorative Planter looks stylish and includes a drainage hole and attached saucer to collect water runoff. It comes in several colors and patterns and can be used indoors or outdoors. We think it’s just the right size for a variety of house plants, and the best part is that it’s about half the cost of many similar planters we’ve purchased at big box retailers or garden centers.

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  1. Beautiful planters but I wonder if you know if Aldi certifies or does any testing of their items, especially their pottery items, that come from China to make sure they are lead and/or cadmium free.

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